Sunday, July 20, 2014


Here’s a funny fact about me: I almost never brush my hair - yes, you read it right. If I would have to estimate how many times I brush my hair, I would say, maybe once or twice a month. They say, combing your hair is extremely important, it adds life, shine and volume to your hair. But, I never found the need to. I mean, my hair is perfectly fine with finger combing. 

If you’re wondering, I had my first ever hair-coloring last September (at Victor Ortega Salon) and had it rebonded 3-months after. And I’m so happy with how it turned out! I just loved it! Now, I’m planning to dye my hair again soon. I’m just saving money since my hair is quite long! Perhaps, hair salon sponsors? LOL 

Anyway, recently I found a really great product that works amazing with my hair! I rarely go to Salon for hair treatment because it’s quite pricey for my taste. If you’re like me, you might want to try this product. This product was personally purchased by my sister and not sponsored.


Watsons says,

"Enjoy a salon treatment for your hair at home! Watsons Beer Treatment Wax is formulated with Beer and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein. It deeply nourishes and adds volume to your hair, leaving it full of ounce and vitality after use”


One of my fave things about buying Watsons-branded product is the affordability of their items. Also, most of their items are in Buy 1 Take 1 promo! If I remember it correctly, my sister got this for Php 249 in buy 1 take 1 promo!!


The product came in this huge tub! It contains 500 ml of products --- huge amount for the cheap price tag, really! 


Okay, the consistency is quite cute and well, uhm, unique? It has a shiny pearl-y waxy texture, and it’s very thick. It doesn’t run down even turned upside down. 

The scent? I really suck at describing scent but it smells really light and florally. 


Apparently, beer is good for hair. It is said to make hair stronger, shinier and bouncy! Who wouldn’t want that? So next time your dad buys beer for him, steal some! Tipid na, nakatulong ka pang bawasan ang pag-inom ni Daddy! LOL. Just kidding!

Anyway, I have been using this for quite a while now and I love every bits of it!

It made my hair smooth, soft and shiny after every use! If I may borrow a shampoo’s tagline to describe the effect of this product, “Gandang parang pinasalon!” talaga. 

For the price and the result, I will definitely recommend this to all my readers! As for the volumizing or thickening effects, unfortunately, I haven’t seen any difference yet! But certainly, the smooth and soft result it gives my hair (plus the affordability) are enough reasons for me to repurchase it again.  
  • Affordable, Php 249 (with Buy1 Take1 promo)
  • Made my hair super soft, smooth and shiny after wash!
  • Has a nice floral scent

  • so far, no volumizing effects on my hair

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Friday, July 11, 2014


VIRGINIA OLSEN MINERALS is one of the most famous online mineral makeup brands to date. You probably have seen this used by several youtube gurus like Ana Victorino. It was first introduced to me by Glaminar Workshop’s owner Ms. Myla few years ago but I never had the chance to try it myself.

I’m so glad that Virginia Olsen contacted me to try out some of their high-raved mineral eyeshadows. They sent me 2 full-sized eyeshadows: Bronze and Earth and their very own Eye Primer.
Detailed review on these products will be posted soon. 

Virginia Olsen Minerals is pure and natural – containing nothing but minerals extracted and refined from the Earth. It’s free of harsh, chemicals, waxes, oils, preservatives and fillers. Virginia Olsen is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic, perfect if you have sensitive skin! 


The fun never stops at Virginia Olsen as we are unveiling yet another bunch of eye-catching, vibrant and fun mineral eyeshadows for our 2014 collection. Apply neutral shades such as Champagne (shimmer), Hazel Eyes (matte), Wine Matte (matte), and Darling (matte) for everyday makeup look. Party the night away with metallic colors like Straight Up (shimmer), Gun Metal (shimmer), and Cloud (shimmer). Make your eyes truly pop with color when you use Grape Vine (matte), Soda Pop (matte), and Mermaid (shimmer). Showstoppers Supernova and Magical will truly give a great addition to your Virginia Olsen Minerals collection. We’re also throwing in some shimmery highlighters Angelic (for fairer skin tone) and Innocence (for darker skin tone) to complete the range. (Hashtag: #VirginiaOlsen2014Collection)
Affordable at only Php 165 for each eyeshadow, and Php280 each for the highlighter. Oh, and don’t forget to use our new all-organic eye primer Virginia Olsen’s Eye Prime (Php499) to add vibrancy and intensity on your lids! These products will be available in the Philippines this July 2014 in,, and The Ramp Crossings, Shangrila Plaza.


Virginia Olsen also included some eyeshadows for YOU! Yes, for YOU my loves! 
They sent me five (5) pieces each of Midnight Glam, Forest and Spring sample sizes eyeshadows. 

Two (2) winners will win 2 set each, meaning 2 pcs each of Midnight Glam, Forest and Spring. The remaining set will be included in my next giveaway. Goodluck, my loves!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Thursday, July 10, 2014


I have met several people who tried starting online business but failed to succeed. While it is true that online selling is one of the most advisable place to market products especially for starters and young entrepreneurs, you still have to exert the same 100% commitment in your business especially if you think of online selling as your main source of income. 

Shirleen of Pretty Angel Shoppe is one of the few persons I considered to be an inspiration in running an online business. No, her shop isn’t as big as KIMSTORE just yet! But who knows, right? 

Just like everybody else, she started with few likes and followers on her facebook and instagram account. And guess what, currently, her store already has 3,400++ likes on her facebook fan page and 18,500+ followers on her instagram! Wow, just wow! 

So, if you’re looking for a great online opportunity, you might want to consider reselling products from Pretty Angel Shoppe. Feedbacks about her shop were all posted in her page -- rest assured, all are legit feedbacks. I have reviewed several products from her shop; you can check it out too!

With all these achievements, Shirleen would like to thank everyone for your support on her shop with a Bonggang Giveaway to all KikaySiMaria's readers! Isn’t she the most generous seller and friend, ever? 

And because she’s feeling too generous, she sent tons of products for you!! 




Naturactor Face Cover 
Click HERE
Milk Essence Whitening Beauty Series 
Click HERE 
Moonkini Brushes
Click HERE
Etude House Color My Brows
Click Here
Mistine Lip Tints
Click Here and Here
Brow Class
Click Here
Brush Guard
Click Here


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 Link HERE

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

IT'S PERSONAL - Personalized Gifts that look JUST LIKE YOU!!!

Hi, my loves! Long time no post, did you miss me? I hope you did! I have been busy lately with all my school commitments. I’m currently on my last semester and will be taking my board examination on January, so that explains why I've been MIA lately! Nevertheless, I have few giveaways for YOU – which hopefully, I can post in the next few weeks! Anyways, that’s just a quick update on my life.

Today’s blog post will not be a review about beauty stuff, but I’m really excited to share this store I recently discovered!

My boyfriend celebrated her 2*th birthday last June. He’s such a simple man who appreciates everything from me, regardless of the price tag! Yep, lucky girlfriend here.

If you want something that is meaningful and shows that you put a lot of thoughts on it, personalized gifts are the best way to go! But I must admit, not everyone is blessed with the gift of creativity, *I feel you!* So when I found out about this certain shop that sells personalized stuff, I didn't give it a second thought and immediately went to check it out! 


IT’S PERSONAL is a unique kiosk business which offer a wide range of ways to personalized your own items! 

My boyfriend loves drinking coffee, so I thought of giving him a mug (I also gave him a keychain and bottle opener)! I designed the mug through their ready-made characters! You can even insert text with no additional cost! 
So here’s my MUG! Oh yes, I ordered two mugs in similar design… it’s like our couple mug! *cheesy*
I have it in pink and the black one for him

Aside from Mugs, you can personalized other cool stuff too! They have:






- Location: 2/F Main Bldg. (Kiosk Type) Near Cinema 5, 6, 7, 8 and a Sky Garden Entrance.
- Tel. (632) 399.93.58

- Location: 1/F (Kiosk Type) Near Ice Skating Rink.
- Tel. (632) 994.90.19

- Location: Upper Ground (UG) Level (Booth Type) at the hallway in-between Levi's & Mendrez near an escalator, Prescripto & Car Perfume
- Tel. (632) 736.80.90

- Location: 1/F (Booth Type). Near National Book Store & Mary Grace Restaurant.
- Tel. (632) 736.88.90

5. Robinson's Place Manila
- Location: 2nd Level Main Mall, Center Atrium (Near Elevator)
- Tel. (632) 377.54.86

6. Greenhills Shopping Center
- Location: S-1023 G/F Shoppesville (near Le Ching Tea House)
- Tel. (632) 964.46.74

7. SM Iloilo
- Upper G/F (In Front of Goldilocks)
- Cellular: 0922.5724957

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Thursday, July 3, 2014


SM launches its latest and grandest offering with the Shop & Win Condo Promotion where for a minimum of P1,000 purchase along with an E-Plus, SM Advantage, Prestige or BDO Rewards card entitles shoppers to a raffle entry for a chance to win 1 of 10 condo units. Shown in photo are SM top executives during the press launch last June 24, 2014 at the SMDC Grand Showroom, MOA Complex, Pasay City.

L-R) Baldwin Golangco, President, SM Advantage Card; Jomari Banzon, Executive Vice President of  SM Development Corp.; Hans T. Sy, President, SM Prime Holdings, Inc.; Steven Tan, Senior Vice President, SM Supermalls; and Edgar Tejerero, President, SM Lifestyle Entertainment Inc. 
 Manila, Philippines, June 24, 2014 --- 10 lucky shoppers will get to experience star-life condo living as the country’s largest chain of malls, launches their biggest and grandest promotion, the SM Supermalls Shop and Win an SMDC Condo Promo. The country’s largest shopping mall operator teamed-up with SM Development Corporation (SMDC), the leading real estate company in the Philippines, to give away 10 fully-furnished condominium units in prime locations. 
To join, one need only to shop or dine for a minimum of P1, 000 single or accumulated purchase in any of SM Supermalls’ 56 mall locations nationwide including SMDC Jazz and Sun Mall. Shoppers simply present their receipt/s along with their E-Plus Loyalty card, SM Advantage card, SM Prestige card or BDO Rewards card for an e-raffle entry. Double e-raffle entries will be given with the use of the E-Plus Loyalty card. 

Every month, two condominium units from SMDC’sprime properties will be given away, strategically located in key areas across Metro Manila. These are Field Residences, M Place South Triangle, Light Residences, Sun Residences, Princeton Residences, Blue Residences, Grass Residences, Sea Residences and Jazz Residencesand an 80-square meter penthouse at Mezza Residences.

Steven Tan, Senior Vice President for Operations of SM Supermalls said during the recent Shop and Win Promo launch last June 24, 2014 at the SMDC Grand Showroom, “SM will continue to provide not only affordable luxury and family fun mall experience but also a chance to experience the SMDC star-life condo living!”

The SM Supermalls Shop and Win Promo starts from June 22 up to November 22, 2014. 

Visit for more details.Like and follow SM Supermalls on and on Twitter and Instagram (@smsupermalls) for regular updates.


• Who can join the promo? •

This promo is exclusive to the following cardholders:
- E-Plus Loyalty Card
- SM Advantage Card
- SM Prestige Card
- BDO Rewards Card

• How can I join this promo? •

Every P1000 single- or accumulated-receipt purchase from any establishment in any SM Mall entitles you to one e-raffle entry. You need to present any of the following in the designated Shop & Win booth in the mall:

To earn single raffle entries: 
Present receipt with any of the following cards: 
o SM Advantage Card
o SM Prestige Card
o BDO Rewards Card.

To get double e-raffle entries:
Present receipt with E-Plus Loyalty Card 

• What if I have more than one of the cards mentioned?•

You may only use one card to join, for every single or accumulated receipt. 

• What if I forgot to bring my card, can I use someone else’s card? •

You may use another person’s card, but the e-raffle entries will be credited to the card owner. The card owner’s name will be the one stated in the raffle entry.

• How can I apply for any of these cards?•

You may simply go the Customer Service area to inquire or visit E-Plus and SM Advantage websites for more details.

•  Where in the mall can I get an e-raffle entry? •

You can get an e-raffle entry at the Shop & Win Promo Booth found at designated areas in the mall. You may also go to Customer Service area to inquire.

• What time are the booths open to accept entries?•

We accept entries within mall hours

• What are the participating shops inside the SM malls?•

All establishments in the SM malls are part of the promo. These includes shops, restaurants, cinemas, SM Foodcourt, SM Ice Skating Rink, SM Bowling, services, booths, kiosks, exhibit spaces, etc.

• What are the valid receipts?•

All receipts from all establishments in SM malls, such as, but not limited to- shops, restaurants, cinemas, and services are valid except for receipts for the purchase of gift certificates and bills payment (mobile phone bills, telephone bills, credit card bills, utility bills such electricity, water, and the like).


Yes you can enter the promo with accumulated receipts as long as they are within the promo period. 


No, you can’t. This e-raffle promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other ongoing raffle promotions of SM Supermalls. 


The promo will run from June 22 until November 22, 2014.


No. Only receipts from June 22 up to November 22 will be accepted. 

• How many raffle draws will there be?•

There will be five raffle draws – four monthly raffle draws and one grand raffle draw. The schedule for the draws are as follows: 

Details Draw Date E-Raffle Entries Cut-Off
1st Monthly Raffle Draw July 28 2014, 4pm June 22 - July 22, 2014
2nd Monthly Raffle Draw Aug. 27, 2014, 4pm June 22 - Aug. 22, 2014
3rd Monthly Raffle Draw Sept. 29, 2014, 4pm June 22 - Sept. 22, 2014
4th Monthly Raffle Draw Oct. 27, 2014, 4pm June 22 - Oct. 22, 2014
Grand Raffle Draw Nov. 27, 2014, 4pm June 22 - Nov. 22, 2014

*All draws will be held at the Shopping Center Management Corp. head office in the presence of representatives from DTI, SCMC Marketing, and SMPHI IT.

• What are the prizes at stake?•

Ten (10) fully-furnished SMDC condo units up for grabs! There will be one winner per condo unit.

1st Monthly Raffle Draw - July 28 2014, 4pm
1. Field Residences (Sucat, Paranaque)
2. M Place South Triangle (Tomas Morato, Quezon City)

2nd Monthly Raffle Draw - Aug. 27, 2014, 4pm
3. Light Residences (Ortigas)  
4. Sun Residences (Rotonda, Espana, Manila)

3rd Monthly Raffle Draw - Sept. 29, 2014, 4pm
5. Princeton Residences (New Manila, Quezon City) 
6. Blue Residences (Katipunan Ave) 

4th Monthly Raffle Draw - Oct. 27, 2014, 4pm
7. Grass Residences (North EDSA) 
8. Sea Residences (Near Mall of Asia) 

Grand Raffle Draw - Nov. 27, 2014, 4pm
9. Mezza Residences (Aurora Blvd, Quezon City) 
10. Jazz Residences (Makati) 

• Will all non-winning entries from previous draws be included in the succeeding raffle draws?•

Yes. However, winners may win only once. She/he will automatically get the prize with higher value or his/her choice of prize should his/her name be drawn more than once in a draw. 

• How will winners be notified?•

Winners will be notified by registered mail. The list of winners will be also posted in designated areas in the malls.

• How can a winner claim the prize??•

To claim the prize, winner must present any two (2) of the following at Shopping Center Management Corporation (SCMC) Administration Office c/o the Marketing Department (at the branch they won) during office hours, from Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm:
a. Two (2) valid government IDs
b. Winner’s notification letter sent via registered mail
c. Printed copy of the winning e-raffle entry
d. E-Plus Loyalty Card, SM Advantage Card, SM Prestige Card, or BDO Rewards Card used for the acquisition of the e-raffle entry

• Are prizes convertible to cash?•

No. The prizes are not convertible to cash, but they are transferable.

• Shall the prize tax, property tax and capital gains be shouldered by the winner?•

Yes. Aside from these, other matters such as the transfer of ownership, registration, insurance and other related expenses will also be shouldered by the winner.

• Will unclaimed prizes be forfeited?•

Yes. Unclaimed prizes after 60 days of notification will be reported to the DTI and upon approval by DTI shall be forfeited in favor of Shopping Center Management Corporation.

• Are SM mall employees allowed to join this promo?•

No. Shopping Center Management Corporation, its affiliates, ad agencies, respective officers and employees and their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity are not qualified to join the promo.

Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 4877, Series of 2014

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Etude House Color My Brows - Singapore Authentic version

Few years ago  (2011), I wrote a review on my first ever eyebrow mascara from Etude House, it’s the Etude House Color my brows. You can check my full review HERE.

Recently Shirleen of Prettyangelshoppe sent me 3 Etude House Color my Brows products, though these are just Singapore authentics (as they call it) and not the original version. She also asked me if I could compare it with my authentic Etude House Color my Brows. 

Since 3 years have already passed I honestly cannot recall the product itself. I thought of repurchasing the product for the accuracy of this review but then, I realized I still have a bunch of brow mascara to finish. So instead of buying a new product, I will just rely on my previous review of Etude House  Color my brows and will compare these 3 Singapore authentic Etude House Color my brows with the rest of my current Eyebrow Mascara.

So, let’s get going!



The first thing I noticed with the Original Etude House version is the similarities of the packaging! Of course, everything is not exactly the same but unless you stare at each and every word, you won’t even notice it!
The tube is so freaking similar, too! Right, or right?
The only noticeable difference is the brush included in the packaging. The original color my brows has a nice quality tapered-shape brush while the Singapore authentic has circular shaped applicator. I find the tapered shaped brush easier to work with. 
With all the Singapore-authentic brow mascara I have used, I noticed that while their formulation works really well, the brush included in the packaging really sucks. So, as usual, to apply the product decently on my brows, I use a separate washable wand for Etude House Singapore authentic.


As for the formulation, the Singapore-authentic is quite liquidy, though not runny at all. It wasn’t as rich or creamy as my Fairy Girl or Mac brow set. 
Mac Beguile, Fairy Girl Milk Tea, Naris Up, Etude House 1,2,4
The formulation of these color my brows is closest to Naris Up Brow Mascara, the brow mascara my sister gave me when she went to Macau. Few months ago, someone messaged me asking where she could purchase Naris Up Brow Mascara since it’s her HG brow mascara. I think it’s not available locally. But here it is honey, a dupe for Naris Up Brow Mascara!

These Color my Brows are pigmented!
And these are amazingly long-lasting as well! I tested the staying power of these color my brows mascara by wiping wet wipes over the swatch and all these color my brows mascara stayed amazingly! Hands down, this has the longest-lasting brow mascara in my collection.


Back in 2011, the Etude House Color my Brows was only available in two shades here in the Philippines. Gladly, they came out with 3 more shades to suit Pinay’s hair and skin color. 
Shirleen sent me #1, #2 and #4.

This is the darkest available shade. This one is the perfect shade if you have black hair

This shade will compliment those with lighter hair color. It has semi-orange hues. They say this is the Etude House’s version of Mac Girl Boy.

This has got to be my favorite shade. It made my eyebrows appear softer. It goes perfectly with my Mac brow powder. I like to define the edges with Etude House drawing eyebrow pencil for a 3D looking brows

By the way, in my Kate Tokyo Entry, I used #1 Rich Brown for my brows!
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Link of my Entry HERE
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Overall, I recommend you to try this Etude House Color My Brows. Despite of the cheap price tag, the quality was definitely not compromised. 

  • affordable
  • Pigmented
  • Applies smoothly and evenly
  • Lasts all day
  • great alternative for Etude House Color My Brows and Naris Up Brow Mascara
  • Good quality

  • Not Authentic
  • Do not tame eyebrow hairs
  • Brush applicator is so so
  • can be purchased online

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