Monday, May 18, 2015

Sophie Paris Lipsticks

I have tons of things to work on. It’s exhausting just thinking about it. One of the things I’m really bad at, committing myself with so many things all at once! It’s really draining to multi-task daily. But anyway, today, I’m giving myself a holiday. 

While I’m being stressed out, I try to calm myself with makeup. If you are reading this, I know you’re with me in here! My recent fave lipsticks to brighten up my face and hide all those stress away are both from Sophie Paris, the shades are: ICE PINK and V.I.Pink shade. Take my word, these are the most gorgeous pinks you'll ever have! The entire Sophie Paris Lipstick line is amazing!! I didn’t expect to enjoy these lipsticks as much as I do now! Sophie Paris has never failed to deliver good quality products at extremely affordable price. Do you remember my blog about Sophie Magic Cream few years ago? Hands down, it is still the best and the longest lasting liquid blush I have ever tried so far! If you ask, I like it better than Elf and Benefit. Anyway, for this post, I just want to share with you the swatches of the entire Sophie Paris Lipsticks! 


Sophie Paris Regular Line Lipsticks
Price: Php 85

Gorgeous? I know! I'm inlove with Pink shades and I can never get over them. This shade is a flexible shade, can be worn for daily and even for special occassion! 

Another pretty and very flattering shade for most skin tone. It's a pinkish peach shade that's great for daily wear! My friend Genzel of loves this! 

Obsessed with red shade? You might want to check this out! It's bright and beautiful. Fair-skinned ladies will surely love this!  

Ahhh! I've been wearing this alot, like seriously! This is my second favorite shade from the line, reminds me so much of Covergirl Lipstick in Heavenly. But I honestly think that this one is more gorgeous and best of all, it's super affordable!

The "perfect' peach pink shade. If you're into coral and pinks, this is the perfect mix!  

Surprise! Surprise! Did you notice how it brightens up my face? I really like it. I'm not a red-kind-of girl but I like this!

Looking for a plum-y red kind of lipstick? This one is for you! It's not like your typical red lipsticks. It's plum and red in one tube!

Daring for today? Why not! If you want to go Sizzling-hot, you better have this shade!

It's pink. Girly. Not so overwhelming kind of pink. Among the pink shades in this collection, this one is the best everyday kind of pink. 

If you're into nudes, you'll love velvet nude. It's a nude, coral pink that won't wash you out!

Save the best for last? THIS ONE IS THE GORGEOUS PINK ever! It's the best hot, carnation pink I've tried. Definitely a head-turner!

  • Affordable, for only Php 85!
  • 10 Beautiful shades: from nude to pink to reds to choose from
  • V.I.Pink is the most gorgeous pink ever. Ice Pink would be my second choice
  • Surprisingly, these are very long-lasting! 
  • Not drying on me
  • Glides smoothly
  • Pigmented

  • If you're not into lipsticks that stain your lips, this one will. 
  • Hard to remove
  • tends to transfer. not kiss-proof, I highly recommend blotting it with Gatsby Oil Powdered Paper 

Where to buy: Sophie Paris outlet near you. Or you can message me for orders.

Click HERE to visit my facebook page. 

What are your top pick Sophie Paris lipsticks?

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Sunday, May 10, 2015


Are you a kind of buyer who google for reviews first before buying things? Well, I am! Though, sometimes, impulse buying can be my thing (when I have extra-cash! Otherwise, I make sure to google it first!!). During the time I give in to impulsive buying, I either get tempted to try product because of its super cheap price tag or uber tempting packaging! But for most case, it’s because of the price.

Watsons could be the happiest place in the world next to Disneyland I suppose. *giggles*.  Recently, and surprisingly, I always see myself in its Bath/Body section.  The hot weather in the Philippines made me want to bath the entire day! Ugh. I know you can feel me!!! Anyway, one of the things that I got intrigued with was this product from “The Cream Factory.” I’m happy to have the chance to try these products!


The Cream Factory is the first and the only dessert for skin combines the creamy goodness of real Netherlands goat milk and 100% Active Botanical extracts sourced from around the world.

 Yes, you read it right! Real Netherlands goat milk.
Imagine yourself. A modern Cleopatra. Bathing in milk. But wait, what’s with milk that makes it so good for your skin?

Goat milk is an extremely moisturizing stuff that contains a lot of fatty acids that soften, smoothen and condition our skin. Not only that, it also locks in moisture to keep your skin always hydrated. Other than that, it soothes skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties, has vitamins needed to repair damaged tissue and helps remove dead skin cells. 

My mom is seriously right when she said that milk is good for me!


The Cream Factory has two products to boost: the Bath Creams and Scrub-it-all. Both came into these so-adorable packaging! 
The Bath cream came in a milk-inspired bottle while Scrub-it-all in this huge tub.  


This product did live up to the hype – there I’m saying it! Aside from its attractive packaging, the formulations are just as amazing. 

The Bath cream, though it’s made of milk, doesn’t have the same consistency as milk. Have you tried Baylis and Harding milk bath? It reminds me so much of that. It has a semi-clear, quite thick consistency. 
Scrub-it-all, obviously, is like a cream with small bits (walnut) to exfoliate skin. 
Both products are available in wide variants. The variants I received are: Witch Hazel (bath creams) and Creamy Jojoba (scrub it all)
This Witch Hazel has a nice, clean soapy smell. *sniffing* Hmm, safeguard white? But a bit more refreshing in scent. I really like that it isn’t too overwhelming. But, I heard that other variants smell cremier and yummier! 

I’ve been really loving this product. Not just because it has great packaging, wide variants and delicious smells. These products really worked! My skin is quite complicated than normal, my face tends to be so oily but the rest (body and scalp) are so dry. Whenever I scratch my skin, it gives me those not-so-nice white patches. My sister recommends that I use lotion daily. BUT, with this kind of weather, I try to keep away from lotion as it gives me that sticky, icky, yucky feeling! 

To my surprise, while using this product, my skin doesn’t feel dry even without lotion! I don’t get that white patches anymore!! Yay!. 

Knowing that it’s not a lotion, and yet it keeps my skin well-moisturized, I’m really impressed.

Overall, I really like it. It’s expensive for reasons: it contains real goat milk and it works! 

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Sunday, May 3, 2015


No, I’m not broken hearted --- For almost 20 years of my existence, I have settled for the same hairstyle. A long, layered hair. And then, one day I woke up feeling a bit more adventurous. 

Unlike makeup, I’m not risky when it comes to my hair. This is the first time (in my life ever) that I wanted my hair to be short. Hence, I want a salon that will give me a “satisfaction guaranteed” service. With that, I found this hair salon called “Vivere Salon” which, based on reviews, was one of the best hair salons in the Metro.


Photo taken from
I was with my boyfriend when I arrived in the Salon. Thankfully, it wasn’t too crowded so he was able to grab a next seat beside me. 

The attendants were very accommodating, even making sure that my boyfriend will not get bored while waiting for me. They gave us magazine and something to drink. 

I feel bad for forgetting the name of the attendant, but anyway, he introduced me to my hair stylist. If I can remember it correctly (I’m really bad at remembering names!), the name of the senior stylist was Tom. He’s very nice and accommodating as well.

So, we had a little chitchat about my hair. The attendant suggested some hair treatments for my hair since it was so dull and lifeless. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough cash with me so I settled for hair cut and scalp treatment.

The scalp treatment, according to the attendant, will exfoliate my scalp to help get rid of the dandruff. After washing my hair, he applied a menthol cream on my scalp and gently massages it. While I wait for the cream to work on my hair, he gave me a really relaxing head and shoulder massage. 

After that, he rinses my hair and prepared everything I need for my haircut.

I asked Tom what I wanted my hair: a hair just above my shoulder length. I even showed him this picture of Selena Gomez inspired apple- cut look
or maybe this MarianRiver short-haired look


The result? It was gorgeous fresh out of salon. Just the way I like it! 
Tom also advised me on the things I should do to maintain my hair. And believe me, I did everything he said. I don’t know what in the world is wrong with how I do my hair but I can’t seem to style it like how it looks fresh out of the salon. It would go really volumized on half down my hair. I tried applying hair serum to tame it, but none seems to work! I’m kind of hopeless.
The left side of my hair looks really great. 
But I’m really disappointed on the right side. It went a bit curly and has too much volume.
I’m considering having it volume rebonded to tame the right side, but I’m still quite hesitant as I know how damaging Rebonding is. 

Anyway, I still think that my hair cut was quite decent. Though, it didn’t deliver the result as I expected. By the way, I paid Php 600 for the hair cut. 

Even the scalp treatment didn’t go well on me. The treatment supposed to last for atleast two weeks. However, the next day, my head starts itching again due to dandruff.  I guess, I really need to see dermatologist for this. I’m just sad that the Php 750 scalp treatment didn’t worked for me. 

OVERALL, I’m quite okay with my haircut. But sometimes, I get frustrated fixing it up. If you have any suggestion on how I can fix my hair or products you think might help me, please comment it down below. Until then, my loves! xoxo

How about you, what's your fave Salon? Have you tried having your hair done at Vivere Salon?

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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Summer is the perfect time to show off your skin. When you have it, flaunt it! But is yours ready for summer?

They say it takes a lot of effort and care to make your skin healthy and glowing unless you’re born with it.

But who says you cannot have healthy looking skin in a jiffy? Ladies, you’re born in a generation where impossible exists for a time only. 


Leg makeup? It’s not the first time I’ve heard of it. Sally Hansen is the famous “leg” makeup of all time. I haven’t tried it though because it’s quite pricey here in the Philippines.

If my memory serves me right, I have tried Leg foundation before. I think I got it from a local brand called “Ever Bilena” but I didn’t really like it. The shade is too pink, the foundation looks fake when worn and it transfer crazily. 

Air Stocking is supposed to work like your “panty hose.” Panty hose are close-fitting legwear, it is used to hide imperfections on your legs. Air stockings are basically foundation for your legs. It should give an airbrushed finish, meaning, while it covers imperfections, it shouldn’t look fake.

Air Stockings aren’t so popular yet in the Philippines. Though there are some Air stockings in malls, but they’re quite overpriced. Good thing, brought this product here in the Phillippines.

Castee Air Stocking is a Taiwan brand manufactured by Puro BioTechnology. 

Cast’ee Air Stocking Spray is a leg concealer makeup that  leaves the skin with a pinkish white glow, which is everybody dreams of, it’s perfect for those people who likes to wear super short shorts. This product also works on arms and back too. 

Product Features as below:

1. Formulated to properly color and even skin to make legs look flawless.
2. Hides spider veins, scars, stretch marks
3. Waterproof & Sweat proof & Smudge Proof.
4. Dries in only 30 seconds
5. Covers up uneven skin


To use it, you have to shake the bottle first to make sure that the product is distributed evenly. 

Spray it directly on your legs for approximately 20 cm distance. Use your hands to spread the product.

The product feels cool on skin. It’s watery which adds moist on my skin. Since it has watery consistency, spreading it is easy breezy. It’s a no-brainer product, you don’t need a blending skill to do it correctly.

The result is really natural-looking and somehow flawless. It gives my skin a nice glow.

Here are before and after comparison of my legs. No retouch. I didn’t photoshopped it,  swear.

Taken with Sony Cybershot

Taken with Iphone5
I cannot vouch on its longevity yet since I haven’t been wearing skirt or shorts these past few days. But when I do, I’ll update you on how long it will lasts on me.


It’s a good leg makeup to try. It brightens up my legs without making it look fake. At first I was quite sceptical that it will transfer but, thankfully, it didn’t. 

Where to buy: click HERE

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Saturday, April 18, 2015


To those who haven’t heard of Sample Room, it’s been around since ages! It’s not like those typical subscription box where you don’t know what products you’ll be getting but you are assured that it will be twice(or even higher) as much as the amount you paid for. 

Sample Room doesn’t work like that. You don’t need to pay for subscription fee to try out product. In fact, the moment you sign up, 100 pts will automatically be credited on your account to start “sampling the products”. 

OKAY, so I get to try the product for free by just signing up?? 

Too good to be true?

There’s a saying that goes like, “If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold”

So what’s the catch? Your reviews. You are oblige to make reviews. Of course, Sample Room had set certain rules to follow in writing your reviews, which aren’t really hard to follow, anyway. Without review, your points wouldn't be returned to you. Consequently, without points you cannot get any samples. 

Basically, that’s how Sample Room works! Are you ready to sign-up now? If you are still not convinced, you might want to read this post as I share with you my first sample room experience and how I pick the products that will give the best value for my money.


I signed up for Sample Room. After few minutes of browsing their site, I decided to get BELO SUN EXPERT FACE COVER which costs me 90 points.
Is it worth it?

Here are the things that you should consider to know which of the products will give the best value for your money.
(1) The Price.
Belo Sun Expert Face Cover has a retail price of Php 329.75.

(2) The sample size. 
This can be deceiving but don’t be fooled by the price of the product because sometimes, it’s only available in small sizes. For instance, you might think that you are already saving Php 6,000 for Bobbi Brown Extra Bright Advanced Serum only to find out that the sample size is just 5 ml for 850 points. 

But in my case, since the Belo I received is in full-size, the equivalent price of the product is still Php 329.75

(3) Shipping. 
YES ladies, you have to shoulder the shipping, only the sample products are free. HOWEVER, each member is allowed to do “combine shipping” up to 3 products, regardless of the price. 

Note: The shipping rates vary based on the location and weight of the product. 

How much did I saved for ordering Belo Sun Expert Face Cover? 

The actual cost of the product is Php 329.75 but I got the full size for free. However, I paid Php 100 for shipping.

It is safe to say that I saved Php 229.75 on my first purchase! 

Although this may only be true if you are not a VIP member. Computation can be a bit more complicated when you decide to get the VIP privilege.  

Unlike the regular membership, you have to shell out at least Php 799 for the VIP membership

Okay, why pay for membership when you can already get an item for free thru signing up?

Well, the other catch here is that there are items that are valued greater than 100 pts. Since only your points and an additional 1 point will be returned to you after the approval of your review, it would be almost impossible for you to avail the product especially when the equivalent points is around 300 pts. Imagine, you have to review 200 products just to have 300 pts on your account. 

So you need to BUY points to avail more products. 

The moment you paid for the membership, you can no longer say that you availed the product for free! Hence, it is wrong to say, “Oh look, I’ve got so many items for free! I only paid for the shipping!”

The “free samples” claim can only be applied to those who didn't shell out money to try out their products.

Anyway, let's talk more about VIP membership.

There are two available VIP membership. Php 799 credits you 1000 pts while Php 1299 gives you 2000 pts.

Once you applied for VIP membership, they will give you a VIP “mystery gift.” It will be delivered to your doorstep 2-3 days after availing membership. The exclusive-mystery gift is randomly selected for each member. Hence, what you get may be different from other VIP members. 

The VIP Gift I received is a Shiseido Cream eye color, which I believe is worth Php 1,150. For this alone, I already received the amount I paid for. 
But it doesn’t end there, I also was able to take home 5 more goodies! 

Sample size: 140ml Full-size
Price: Php 349.75
Equivalent Points: 140 points

 Sample size: 25ml Full-size
Price: Php 54.75
Equivalent Points: 35 points

Sample size: 65g
Price: Php 59.75
Equivalent Points: 40pts

Sample size: Full size
Price: Php 459.75
Equivalent Points: 125 pts

Price: Php 350 
Equivalent Points: 300 pts
From there, you can actually see that the greatest amount I saved was when I purchased Belo Sunblock. 
The actual amount I saved is Php 562.63

So far, the value of the points plus shipping I spent is Php 711.36 (not PhP 799 since I still have 360 points left on my account). The total retail price of the products I received is Php 1274. Hence, I already received almost twice the amount I paid for. 

Even though you are guaranteed to receive twice the amount you paid for in subscription box, you really cannot choose the products that you'll get. There are items that you might not care. 

That's the good thing about Sample Room, it gives you the power to decide what  items you would want to try out. 

While price is important to determine the amount of money you can save. Above all, it’s the power to customize your package according to your interest and/or needs that will ultimately define the value of your money.  

If you are quite skeptical in trying out subscription box, you might want to try out Sample Room instead.


(1) Once you have checked out, the transaction is done. You can no longer add items. 
Sometimes, you want a product so badly and you want to be assured that you’ll get it. In order for you to be assured that the product will be reserved for you for 24 hours, you need to “check  out” the product.  

Once you clicked “check out,” the transaction is done and final. Even if you only picked one product, you have to pay Php 100. Quite a bummer since you are forced, in a way, to pick other two products kahit wala ka pang magustuhan. Otherwise, lugi ka sa shipping. 

Actually, that’s the reason why I end up buying deodorant. I just want to fill-up the 3 products para medyo sulit sa shipping. Anyway, it will only costs me 30 pts naman. 

(2) You have to try out the product/s for at least 5 days before giving reviews. Once you’ve done the review, it will take them more or less a week to approve it. The points will only be returned after the approval of your review. In short, may 2 week ka bago mo magamit ulit yung points. 

This is why kahit makakatipid ka, it is still not a wise idea to spend all your points at the same time. Hence, I only ordered 5 items, kahit na I can order one more. 

Why? Because I'm saving my points for new waves of products that I might like! 
Also, reviews are only approved one at a time. So don’t expect that all points will be returned to you all at once. 


OVERALL, my Sample Room experience was amazing! I received my first ever Shiseido product for free! So far, I have saved Php 500+ and still have more than a month to maximize my VIP membership!

I am very much happy with all the things I got because I know that these are the things that I would definitely use!  

How about you? Have you tried Sample Room?

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