Friday, July 17, 2015


Ciracle products were never new to me! I heard them from my friends who were sponsored by The WishTrend way back years ago, but I never got the chance to try these because I thought they’re not available locally! To my surprise, you can find Ciracle products at some selected Department stores like SM Megamall, Makati, South Mall and North Edsa. You can also get them at Watson Mall of Asia and Edsa The Block. Even the famous Kryz Uy and Laureen Uy featured their products HERE and HERE.

I also discovered that you can also shop online thru their website HERE. They offer free shipping anywhere in the Philippines! I spent half an hour browsing on their products. Ughh! Everything seems so promising! But because I couldn’t buy everything, I just picked 2 products to test out: Ciracle Daily Peeling Wash Gel and Repairing V3 Cream! And here are my thoughts on their products!!! (three exclamation means I’m super excited! LOL)



I picked Daily Peeling Gel because the product reminds me so much of Cure Natural Aqua Gel. The obvious difference is the latter is in clear gel while this one is white– looks like a cream. Also, Cure Nature Aqua gel is Japan-made while Daily Peeling Gel is made from Korea.

I noticed in Asian countries like Japan and Korea, they’re very particular with their Exfoliating products. It should be gentle on skin. In Western countries, they prefer harsh scrubs. No wonder, microdermbrasion and chemical peels are so popular in those countries. 

But the thing with Microdermbrasion, chemical peels or other marketed exfoliation creams/scrubs, if you use them too often, it will hurt your skin. Daily Wash Peeling Gel was named like that for a reason. Unlike other marketed exfoliation, this was formulated to exfoliate skin gently. Hence, the name “Daily Wash.” Don’t quote me here, but I assume that this gel is gentler than Cure Natural Aqua Gel since Cure recommends using their product only twice weekly. 


1. Without wetting your face and hands, squeeze out adequate amount of this gel and apply it into your face. Take note that Ciracle will work best on dry skin, and less efficient if you have wet skin. Make sure that your face and hands are dry before using this.
2. Gently making round circle, massage the gel for 30 seconds to 1 minute to remove dead skin. As you work the product into the skin, white particles will form. I don’t think that these are your dead skin. I suppose that these particles will help you exfoliate your skin. I think of it like the tiny bits in typical facial scrubs.
3. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. 

After using the product, my feels really clean yet it doesn’t feel dry. When my sister first tried it on her skin, she got really excited. She’s like a kid who learned her first ABCs. 

I use this after my long, tiring day at work. It effectively removes my makeup even without the use of makeup removers. But please take note that I only use light makeup for everyday.  

On mornings, it removes all excess oils on my face! I love how it brightens up my skin and makes it feels clean! 


Another product that I’ve really loving is the Reiparing V3 Cream which I believe is one of their best selling creams. 

If you search google, you’ll find great reviews on this product! 

This product is so famous because it contains Snail mucus and Centella Asiatica (medicinal herb). Snail creams became popular about years ago due to its healing properties. There are studies in US where snail creams were used to treat skin burns. 

It was in 2011 when I first tried out Elicina Creams, a snail cream from Chile. I made a detailed review about it on this blog. The reason why I stopped using it is because they stop selling it here in the Philippines in 2012. Boo! Snail creams are very good but pricey! 

Thankfully, I found this Repairing V3 Cream. It isn’t cheap but considering that it’s a snail cream, holy cow, it’s a good deal! Actually, the price is on a par with Olay and Loreal creams.

The Ciracle Snail V3 Cream is a very moisturizing cream. Ciracle says that you can use this on morning and evening. But I prefer using it in the evening only. 

While writing this review, I decided to apply half cream of V3 cream on my face and half with Olay Day Cream. The side with V3 Cream feels more moisturized. However, since it’s more moisturizing, I don’t know if it’ll work under my makeup. I’m guessing that my makeup might slide off my face. Again, that’s just my guess! I have yet to try it! 

The moisturizing effect of this cream is really good, I remember during the storm “Egay.” The weather turns really cold and it made my skin drier. To add to the burden, I use Kojie san, a kojic soap, as my daily facial soap. This cream has been my Holy Grail product during those kinds of days. I couldn’t emphasize enough how moisturizing it is.

Aside from the instant moisturiizing effect it gives, I haven’t seen huge difference yet on my skin. But it’s okay, I have only used the product for less than a month! I’m excited to see how it will work on my skin! 


Ciracle products didn’t disappoint me! In fact, I’m considering adding these to my skin regime.
Other promising products I’ve been really, really curious about are:

Ciracle Skin Renewal Home Peeling Pads – which is a gentle exfoliating treatment for home-use. The set costs around Php 1,090. 

I’m also eyeing on their blackhead products since I have huge problem on my blackhead. They have Cotton mask for only Php 1,190 which contains 20 sheets. The Pore Control Blackhead off sheets sound great too! 

I’m quite intrigue with their Enzyme powder wash! It’s a powder wash because it’s initial powder but once you wet it and it will make foam. Hence, the name!

I love clays masks! Ciracle has Jeju Volcanic Clay mask (Php 990) and Water Sleeping Mask (Php 1,290). Jeju Volcanic Clay mask is something you apply during the day (or night) but you have to wash it off while Water sleeping mask, you can just leave it overnight. 

Radiance Eye cream is quite affordable too! Php 990 only. Unfortunately, it’s currently out of stock!

Of all products, I’m most curious about this Pimple Solution Pink Powder. Since I’m so exposed to pollution (I commute and has 10 rides back and forth from work to home daily), my skin breaks out more often than before. Ciracle pink solution powder is a fast-acting formula that reduces acne. It contains sulphur and salicylic acid.

Have you tried Ciracle products?

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Thursday, July 16, 2015


Not too long ago, I started my small online business. I chose facebook as my medium in selling my items simply because the market is already there and it’s free! I was okay with it at first, but it was hard to keep track of all orders. I use spreadsheet to keep track of my inventories, and write down paid orders! To add to the burden, I’m a full-time employee working from Monday to Friday and a review center instructor on Saturdays. On Sundays, supposedly my rest day, I spenT my time doing my inventory and tracking everything – not to mention, I do meet-ups too! Can you just imagine the hassle? Haha! 

Lately, I found myself searching for a better platform (that can provide me an easy way to track and manage the orders). Thankfully, a sexy and charming (*smile*) blogger friend of mine, Eyah, suggested me to try out Shopee Philippines application (you can download it on your android or iphone)! Believe me --- it’s a life-saver – or atleast, it made my life so much easier!  


1. I get to chat with my customers in case they have inquiries about the product

2. I can instantly share my listings on my various social media platforms such as facebook and instagram.

3. Buyers can rate my shop – which help me build my credibility to all future customers

4. The Seller Assistant is awesome! – you get free application with a virtual assistant. Isn’t it the coolest thing? Seller Assistant helps me organize my listing, keep track of my orders and manage my customers – ALL FOR FREE!


1. Easy browsing! The banner updates me for the best sales and deal!

2. I can follow the seller I want to get instant updates on their listing

3. I’m guaranteed that I won’t be scammed. Shopee has this cool payment feature called “Shopee Guaranteed.” All payments you sent will go directly on Shopee account. The payment will be sent to sellers only after the buyer confirm that he/she received the order.

If you are into online shopping, I guarantee you --- you will enjoy this app! They have flash sales every 8pm, up to 50% off! 

My shop was chosen to be included in their Flash Sale promo yesterday! 

Lanvin Eclat and Lacoste Red were discounted to Php 500 – the lowest price we ever offered! 

Marikina bags were down to Php 400 and our original Adidas cap (we purchased from Europe) for only Php 350!

No need to pay for shipping fee because Shopee and KikaySimaria got you covered! We’re offering all items for free shipping! Including those items not included in the flash sale! 

Just look for “kikaysimaria store” or search for my username: eloisaco20. See you there!

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tester Perfumes: What are they?

My love for perfume is just as big as my love for makeup. That’s why I told myself that if ever I’ll be fortunate to have a business of my own, I would choose to sell perfumes and makeup --- because these are the things I won’t get tired of. You know what they say, always make your passion part of your work. Even in business!

“Choose a business based on what you love doing because a business built upon a passion is usually more successful because it allows you to do what you love” --- wikihow.

My business is pretty small and young. I started selling perfumes more than a month ago and I really enjoyed it! Sniffing perfumes and trying them out were the best things about this business! Not to mention the overwhelming feeling whenever I get messages from my buyers that they’re very happy with the perfumes they got. Priceless! 

In this post, I’ll talk about tester perfumes (what are they), how to choose your fragrance, tips in using fragrances and the best sellers in my store.


I started buying tester perfumes about 7 years ago. I usually buy tester perfumes at Greenhills. I’ve been a loyal user of tester perfumes because they’re pretty cheap. Plus, I don’t mind sacrificing the fancy boxes.

In case you’re interested, I owned original perfumes too. I have aunties and cousins living in the US. Whenever they visit us here in the Philippines, they’re always giving us “pasalubongs” like chocolates and perfumes. 

Basically, what are tester perfumes? I asked google to help me explain what are tester perfumes,

Perfume Testers are created to help promote the fragrance. They are provided to large retail stores to allow their customers to "test" the actual Perfume before buying it. It is the same Perfume that one finds in full size bottles. Testers may come in a variety sizes and forms of  packaging. Some are offered in simple generic plain white or brown boxes with or without a cap. Some bottles may have "Tester" or "Demonstration" written on the bottle. Some are even without boxes, while others may come ornately wrapped. Regardless of packaging, the quality of the Perfume is not affected. The contents of testers are the same as in the standard full priced packaged item. One can enjoy their favorite Perfume at the lowest prices”

• What's the difference between US Testers and Dubai Testers? •

None, actually! There are sellers claiming that they’re selling US Testers. The quality is exactly the same as all other testers being sold online. Don’t be fooled by paying huge amount of money. 

I don’t call my testers as US or Dubai, they’re simply testers. It has the exact scent as the retail version in malls but varies in longevity. 

Again, US and Dubai tester being sold online are exactly the same. If you want to prove it yourself, try to buy an exact fragrance from a seller selling Dubai and US, and you'll be surprised!

• How to choose your fragrances?•

First, perfumes are classified according to concentration.

Eau de Parfum
Eau de Toilette
Eau de Cologne

Eau de Parfum is the most concentrated while Eau de Cologne is the least concentrated. But the fragrance still varies depending on the brand of perfumes. Sometimes, the EDT of one brand is better and longer lasting than EDP of the other brand.

Men’s fragrances are rarely sold as EdP. You can check out the list of the tester perfumes available and its concentration on my store. similarly, women’s fragrances are rarely sold in EdC concentration. Why is that? Men’s perfumes are normally stronger than Women’s and making it in concentration like EdP can be quite overwhelming. 

Also, there are brands like Chanel No 5 that offers EdP and EdT variants. Interestingly, the scent of EdP is very different to EdT because Chanel uses different perfume oil mixtures for each variant. Same thing goes with Chanel Chance. 

We usually choose our scent according to our body chemistry, age and at what time will you wear your perfume.
Fragrances have notes: top note, midnote and base note. Our perfume changes over time. This is the reason why sometimes we wonder why a scent smells great on other people and not on you. I cannot really explain why molecules react with our skin differently. But it’s a fact that I just accepted. 
Age also affects our choice of fragrances. I remember when I was in my teenager years, I love fruity and sweet fragrances. But now that I’m on my 20s, I prefer fragrances that are light, fresh and citrusy. Based on my experience as a seller, those who are under 20s, they want fragrances that are fun. 20s preferred citrusy, fresh and light like D&G Light Blue and Lanvin Eclat. Those in 30s are into floral-fruity (majority, floral scent) like Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste. For women above 40s, they are fascinated with heavier, sexy, a bit musky and spicy types of fragrances like CK Euphoria. Women, like my lola, opt for fragrances that have powdery scent but still heavy. 
For day time, we usually want to wear something light and fresh. EdT and EdC are usually the best way to go. If you use heavy perfumes during day time (and summer), the scent can be quite overpowering. 
I try save heavy-fragrances for night time.. However, cold weather can be an exception as I can wear heavy perfumes even during the day.


*Based on the number of sold items*


#1 Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste

Being the #1 Bestseller, I set my expectations too high for this one. The top note is very sophisticated, a floral-powdery scent -- blended perfectly together. From top to base note, everything is just so soft and gentle. Though I'm a guilty citrusy-scent lover, I really appreciate the soft-floral-powdery scent of this one. The scent blends even better on my skin after taking a bath!

#2 Lanvin Eclat
I  was actually holding and sniffing this perfume and D&G Light Blue while doing this review. At first spray, D&G Light Blue smells like a strong lemon scent but it tones down into a softer citrusy smell. On the other hand, Eclat starts a bit strong (but still softer than d&g light blue) but eventually warms into a soft floral scent with a hint of sweetness. It’s very feminine yet refreshing. The top-midnote has that citrusy-scent – perhaps the reason why it kind-a reminds me of D&G Light Blue. This perfume is seriously so long-lasting!

#3 D&G Light Blue
For many yrs, this has been my fave perfume for everyday. It's light, clean, very refreshing -- making it ideal fragrance for daily use and during summer! On me, it smells like citrus, with a hint of woody musk. other days, the scent reminds me of a fresh ocean and lemons. smile emoticon 
The scent is comparable to my other fave scent, Eclat by Lanvin. Light Blue is a tad more citrusy while Eclat is more feminine 


#1 Lacoste White Men
Clean, fresh and the simplicity of the scent are probably the reasons why this fragrance is one of my top picks for men’s fragrances. The scent isn’t too complex and not too masculine – could be unisex, or at least I wouldn’t mind spraying it on me! 
I get a sharp citrus, quite airy but not so much the sweetness. The unique-citrusy hint in this fragrance makes the perfume appropriate for long, sweaty day. I really like how it smells on clothes even at the end of the day. (blends nicely with my sweat, really!)

#2 Davidoff Cool water
The safest perfume a man could wear. From the name to the bottle, you’ll know that “sea water” will be its main note. I like it in hot weather, I like it even more during cold weather. I usually spray this on my pillow and I can sleep the entire day. So just imagine your man wearing this scent, getting up would probably be the last thing you want to do.
Davidoff cool water (men) version is quite masculine at its top note. However, as it warm down, the scent becomes more unisexual. I have 2 girlfriends wearing this version, though it’s for men. 
Bvlgari Aqua and aqua marine are both also “oceanic”-type of fragrances, but this one just less manly and fresher. 

#3 212 Men
Another fave of mine for guy fragrances. This perfume is quite versatile, can be worn during day or night. The opening is a strong green scent with a citrus-touch. It’s very fresh but not light, quite masculine actually. As it unfolds, the spicy-ginger scent becomes more noticeable. Eventually, it tames into a nice, floral scent that has the right sweetness! 

• Where to Order•

There are tons of online sellers selling Tester perfumes. Beware, as some other sellers are selling "Singapore/China" testers and claiming it to be "Dubai/US" tester. Singapore/China testers have much lesser quality. 

Anyway, in case you don't have "suki" online store yet, you might want to order Tester perfumes on my site. 

Click HERE to visit my shop. 

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Saturday, July 4, 2015


Have you read my Castee AirStocking Leg Makeup? If not, you may want read it HERE is an online shop from Taiwan. They started the business here in the Philippines in 2013. Their products include cosmetics, skincare and health benefit products. Click HERE to visit their website.


This product is a dual-ended, hence the name 2-step liquid lipstick, where one side contains the lip color while the other side is a lip conditioner. 

TT Max liquid lipstick is a Taiwan-manufactured brand. This liquid lipstick is available in 5 shades: (1) Burning Red, (2) Cherry Sweet, (5) Nude Pink, (6) Strawberry Love and (7) Champagne Nude

The shade I got is (2) Cherry Sweet.

Cherry Sweet is a red shade with fine pink shimmers. It has a texture that’s very comparable to a nail polish. I actually tried painting my nails with this lipstick just to test it out. Fortunately, it didn’t work out as nail polish. The lipstick scratches easily on my nails. But at least, I’m rest assured that the formulation isn’t the same as those in nail polish.
On my skin and lips, this lipstick is a bad-ass. Seriously, it stays on forever. I tried rubbing it sooooo hard and yet it wouldn’t budge. It won’t transfer even a bit once it dries up. I’ve never tried any liquid lipstick as long lasting as this, it stays on way better than Mistine lip tint.


1. Apply the lip color and let it dry for 2 minutes.
Applying the lip color is easy-breezy with its doe foot applicator. Cherry Sweet is quite deep, which gives me that sophisticated touch on my over-all look. 
The lipstick has tiny shimmers that are not that noticeable on my lips unless you stare at it closely. 

The instruction says that I need to wait for 2 minutes to let it dry, though, I only waited for a minute. I noticed that as it dries up, my lips feel tight and sticky. I find it quite uncomfortable.

2. Apply the gloss.
The lipgloss is not like your typical lipglosses,  it's like a lip conditioner that moisturizes the lips and removes the sticky and tight feeling after using the lip color. Though the formulation of the lip gloss is amazing, it sucks that I cannot wear the lip color on its own. There are times that I don't want a "glossy" kind of lips but I can't bear the sticky-tight feeling it gives.
Anyway, the gloss feels light and very moisturizing. It smoothens out all the wrinkles on my lips and made my lips appear luscious and kissable! 
Surprisingly, the lip color didn’t transfer on the lip gloss. I’m not kidding, this is really kiss-proof! Look at the lipgloss side from the picture of the tube below. I took a picture of this tube after taking gazillions of photos with this lip product. And yet, the brush and the lip gloss side still appear clear as if I haven't used them yet! 

Overall, I highly recommend this lip product if you're looking for a lipstick that won't budge even after eating or drinking! This is, so far, the longest lasting lip product I have ever tried since I started blogging. 

The lip gloss is amazing, it doesn't feel sticky, heavy nor oily. Sometimes, I use it on its own.
*Opps, wrong caption! LOL. Top lip: without lipgloss, Bottom lip: with lipgloss*
However, I wouldn't recommend this to girls who are into mattes. This lip product is highly glossy and has fine shimmers that might turn you off. 

  • Long-lasting! It stays on even after eating or drinking
  • Gives my lips a nice, youthful look
  • Great lip product if you have dry and chappy lips
  • Highly pigmented
  • Kiss-proof

  • Not available locally
  • Hard-to-remove
  • I cannot wear the lip color on its own
  • Glossy
To order this product, click HERE.

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Sunday, June 14, 2015


Have you seen my previous review from The Cream Factory? I really like it because it made my skin soft and smooth. Though, I must say that it’s hellyah pricey for a soap and scrub.

Thankfully, I found this good alternative for their bath milk soap, which I believe is the closest you can get locally as an alternative to the expensive Netherland goat’s milk soap. 

The brand is called Kala Milk Soap.  Kala milk soap is the first-ever specialty bath soap made from local carabao's milk and the best ingredients. Kala Milk has the highest content of good butterfat compared to other milk products, thus giving it intense moisturizing properties. Because only natural ingredients are used, Kala Milk Soap does not harm the environment like other commercial soaps.


Kala Milk soap offers several variants! 
The packaging stays true to its campaign on being eco-friendly products, it uses paper wrap instead of the typical plastic wrap of commercial brands.

The two variants I chose are: Lemongrass and Lavender.


Kala milk soap says
"Lemongrass has astringent properties that help treat acne and  other skin inflammations, while the scent stimulates and refreshes."

I say,
Lemongrass has a fresh clean scent with a hint of citrus, perfect soap to boost your energy. It’s the best variant to use to start a day! I’m loving this scent most especially during hot days. The scent reminds me so much of an ivory soap.


Kala milk soap says:
"Calming scent soothes the nerves and eases stress. Lavender also helps increase mental activity"

I say,
Lavender, which by the way is my fave scent, is the perfect scent to end a long, tiring day! The scent helps me calm down and relieve my stress, it’s very soothing. It’s the scent I like to smell before going to bed. Hence, I like to call this soap as my goodnight soap.


This soap, surprisingly for a natural soap, lathers really well. I can use it with or without bath sponge. Compared to most soap out in the market today, this isn’t really cheap.

A bar costs Php 115, twice to thrice the cost of normal bar soap in Watsons. 

However, considering that it contains a carabao soap (and other natural ingredients), the price isn’t bad at all. Commercial soap, while cheaper, may contain chemicals that are not beneficial for the environment. Likewise, some chemicals tend to be so strong that they can irritate the skin particularly those with sensitive skin.

Aside from the fact that these soaps are good for your skin and environment, part of their sales also goes to the farmers which helps send their kids to school.

My grandfather is a farmer, which is why I want to promote these kinds of products. I hope you can help me share and promote these products to your friends.

Kala Milk Soap is on sale from Php 115 to Php 99 ONLY at BeautyMNL. Click HERE to buy!

Overall, I really like this soap. It's good, moisturizing and great if you have sensitive skin.

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Sunday, June 7, 2015


Today’s realization: Put your heart into everything you do.

Full-time employee, part-time seller and review center instructor. My life is a constant battle between wanting to sleep and finishing my module (or sometimes, blogging!). Looking at my life these past few days made me realized how passion can get me through everything. Without it, I probably gave up blogging and teaching. Thankfully, God showered me with people who are always there to support me all throughout. 

MAKEUP REVOLUTION PH is one brand worth mentioning. In spite of being less active to blogging, Makeup Revolution chose my blog to be the “Makeup  Revolution’s Blogger” for the month of June. 

You probably have heard of this brand as it was featured many times by some of the famous youtube gurus,  particularly in UK. 

Makeup Revolution was launched in London in March 2014, and quickly became the number 1 selling brand in Superdrug stores in the UK.

Without further ado, let me share you the two-products I received in the package they sent me.


I got cray cray the moment I opened the package. It’s all because of this super gorgeous palette.
The palette itself is very compact – considering that the product came with 36 gorgeous shades of eyeshadows. 
The packaging is kind-a cool, it’s a holographic-thingy where you see different images depending on the angle of the palette. It’s really interesting as it made the "Advisory" looks like it’s blinking. 
Parental Advisory Explicit Content palette contains great mix of neautrals, dark, bright, matte and shimmers. This palette is enough to create endless eye makeup look from subtle day makeup to vavavoom night party look! 

The eyeshadows are surprisingly soft and pigmented (though I haven’t swatched them all yet!). I randomly swatch the eyeshadows on my arms and look how amazing are the color payoff of these shadows! Even the white shade is very intense.
Majority of the shadows in this palette are shimmering shades, which I personally like. My top picks are the shades in the middle.
I did a makeup look using just the 3-shades in the 4th row of the palette, since these shades really caught my attention! In case you're interested, I use the right-most shade (orange-gold) as eye color, bronze on the outer V and the rusted shade (middle) to blend the orange-gold and bronze.  These are so divine! 
So here’s the makeup look I came out with! I find this makeup look appropriate for daily wear or you can vamp it up with a red lipstick to add more glamour in the look.
For subtle makeup look, I paired it with Makeup Revolution Amazing lipstick in Dusky. Dusky is a toned-down pink shade with very fine shimmers. I normally don’t enjoy frosted shades but this one, well, is an exemption. It’s like one of those bridal lip color that makes any makeup look appear softer.
If you want to look a bit more glamour, you may pair this makeup look with a matte red lipstick. I think anyone can totally rock this makeup look. 
What do you think of this makeup look? Me? I love it! 
The eyeshadows are really easy to blend!!


Overall, the lipstick is just okay with me. I cannot speak for the entire collection of the lipstick as I have only tried the shade Dusky. These lipsticks are available in matte formulation. And hey, you can only get them for only Php 110 at makeup revolution site HERE (click HERE to direct you to the link of their shop).

As for the Explicit content palette, it’s totally worth the price! It’s actually so affordable for its quality. 36-shade palette with great color selection, for only Php 890? It’s a steal, really!

Have you tried Makeup Revolution? What are your top pick products from the brand?

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