Sunday, April 19, 2015


Summer is the perfect time to show off your skin. When you have it, flaunt it! But is yours ready for summer?

They say it takes a lot of effort and care to make your skin healthy and glowing unless you’re born with it.

But who says you cannot have healthy looking skin in a jiffy? Ladies, you’re born in a generation where impossible exists for a time only. 


Leg makeup? It’s not the first time I’ve heard of it. Sally Hansen is the famous “leg” makeup of all time. I haven’t tried it though because it’s quite pricey here in the Philippines.

If my memory serves me right, I have tried Leg foundation before. I think I got it from a local brand called “Ever Bilena” but I didn’t really like it. The shade is too pink, the foundation looks fake when worn and it transfer crazily. 

Air Stocking is supposed to work like your “panty hose.” Panty hose are close-fitting legwear, it is used to hide imperfections on your legs. Air stockings are basically foundation for your legs. It should give an airbrushed finish, meaning, while it covers imperfections, it shouldn’t look fake.

Air Stockings aren’t so popular yet in the Philippines. Though there are some Air stockings in malls, but they’re quite overpriced. Good thing, brought this product here in the Phillippines.

Castee Air Stocking is a Taiwan brand manufactured by Puro BioTechnology. 

Cast’ee Air Stocking Spray is a leg concealer makeup that  leaves the skin with a pinkish white glow, which is everybody dreams of, it’s perfect for those people who likes to wear super short shorts. This product also works on arms and back too. 

Product Features as below:

1. Formulated to properly color and even skin to make legs look flawless.
2. Hides spider veins, scars, stretch marks
3. Waterproof & Sweat proof & Smudge Proof.
4. Dries in only 30 seconds
5. Covers up uneven skin


To use it, you have to shake the bottle first to make sure that the product is distributed evenly. 

Spray it directly on your legs for approximately 20 cm distance. Use your hands to spread the product.

The product feels cool on skin. It’s watery which adds moist on my skin. Since it has watery consistency, spreading it is easy breezy. It’s a no-brainer product, you don’t need a blending skill to do it correctly.

The result is really natural-looking and somehow flawless. It gives my skin a nice glow.

Here are before and after comparison of my legs. No retouch. I didn’t photoshopped it,  swear.

Taken with Sony Cybershot

Taken with Iphone5
I cannot vouch on its longevity yet since I haven’t been wearing skirt or shorts these past few days. But when I do, I’ll update you on how long it will lasts on me.


It’s a good leg makeup to try. It brightens up my legs without making it look fake. At first I was quite sceptical that it will transfer but, thankfully, it didn’t. 

Where to buy: click HERE

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Saturday, April 18, 2015


To those who haven’t heard of Sample Room, it’s been around since ages! It’s not like those typical subscription box where you don’t know what products you’ll be getting but you are assured that it will be twice(or even higher) as much as the amount you paid for. 

Sample Room doesn’t work like that. You don’t need to pay for subscription fee to try out product. In fact, the moment you sign up, 100 pts will automatically be credited on your account to start “sampling the products”. 

OKAY, so I get to try the product for free by just signing up?? 

Too good to be true?

There’s a saying that goes like, “If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold”

So what’s the catch? Your reviews. You are oblige to make reviews. Of course, Sample Room had set certain rules to follow in writing your reviews, which aren’t really hard to follow, anyway. Without review, your points wouldn't be returned to you. Consequently, without points you cannot get any samples. 

Basically, that’s how Sample Room works! Are you ready to sign-up now? If you are still not convinced, you might want to read this post as I share with you my first sample room experience and how I pick the products that will give the best value for my money.


I signed up for Sample Room. After few minutes of browsing their site, I decided to get BELO SUN EXPERT FACE COVER which costs me 90 points.
Is it worth it?

Here are the things that you should consider to know which of the products will give the best value for your money.
(1) The Price.
Belo Sun Expert Face Cover has a retail price of Php 329.75.

(2) The sample size. 
This can be deceiving but don’t be fooled by the price of the product because sometimes, it’s only available in small sizes. For instance, you might think that you are already saving Php 6,000 for Bobbi Brown Extra Bright Advanced Serum only to find out that the sample size is just 5 ml for 850 points. 

But in my case, since the Belo I received is in full-size, the equivalent price of the product is still Php 329.75

(3) Shipping. 
YES ladies, you have to shoulder the shipping, only the sample products are free. HOWEVER, each member is allowed to do “combine shipping” up to 3 products, regardless of the price. 

Note: The shipping rates vary based on the location and weight of the product. 

How much did I saved for ordering Belo Sun Expert Face Cover? 

The actual cost of the product is Php 329.75 but I got the full size for free. However, I paid Php 100 for shipping.

It is safe to say that I saved Php 229.75 on my first purchase! 

Although this may only be true if you are not a VIP member. Computation can be a bit more complicated when you decide to get the VIP privilege.  

Unlike the regular membership, you have to shell out at least Php 799 for the VIP membership

Okay, why pay for membership when you can already get an item for free thru signing up?

Well, the other catch here is that there are items that are valued greater than 100 pts. Since only your points and an additional 1 point will be returned to you after the approval of your review, it would be almost impossible for you to avail the product especially when the equivalent points is around 300 pts. Imagine, you have to review 200 products just to have 300 pts on your account. 

So you need to BUY points to avail more products. 

The moment you paid for the membership, you can no longer say that you availed the product for free! Hence, it is wrong to say, “Oh look, I’ve got so many items for free! I only paid for the shipping!”

The “free samples” claim can only be applied to those who didn't shell out money to try out their products.

Anyway, let's talk more about VIP membership.

There are two available VIP membership. Php 799 credits you 1000 pts while Php 1299 gives you 2000 pts.

Once you applied for VIP membership, they will give you a VIP “mystery gift.” It will be delivered to your doorstep 2-3 days after availing membership. The exclusive-mystery gift is randomly selected for each member. Hence, what you get may be different from other VIP members. 

The VIP Gift I received is a Shiseido Cream eye color, which I believe is worth Php 1,150. For this alone, I already received the amount I paid for. 
But it doesn’t end there, I also was able to take home 5 more goodies! 

Sample size: 140ml Full-size
Price: Php 349.75
Equivalent Points: 140 points

 Sample size: 25ml Full-size
Price: Php 54.75
Equivalent Points: 35 points

Sample size: 65g
Price: Php 59.75
Equivalent Points: 40pts

Sample size: Full size
Price: Php 459.75
Equivalent Points: 125 pts

Price: Php 350 
Equivalent Points: 300 pts
From there, you can actually see that the greatest amount I saved was when I purchased Belo Sunblock. 
The actual amount I saved is Php 562.63

So far, the value of the points plus shipping I spent is Php 711.36 (not PhP 799 since I still have 360 points left on my account). The total retail price of the products I received is Php 1274. Hence, I already received almost twice the amount I paid for. 

Even though you are guaranteed to receive twice the amount you paid for in subscription box, you really cannot choose the products that you'll get. There are items that you might not care. 

That's the good thing about Sample Room, it gives you the power to decide what  items you would want to try out. 

While price is important to determine the amount of money you can save. Above all, it’s the power to customize your package according to your interest and/or needs that will ultimately define the value of your money.  

If you are quite skeptical in trying out subscription box, you might want to try out Sample Room instead.


(1) Once you have checked out, the transaction is done. You can no longer add items. 
Sometimes, you want a product so badly and you want to be assured that you’ll get it. In order for you to be assured that the product will be reserved for you for 24 hours, you need to “check  out” the product.  

Once you clicked “check out,” the transaction is done and final. Even if you only picked one product, you have to pay Php 100. Quite a bummer since you are forced, in a way, to pick other two products kahit wala ka pang magustuhan. Otherwise, lugi ka sa shipping. 

Actually, that’s the reason why I end up buying deodorant. I just want to fill-up the 3 products para medyo sulit sa shipping. Anyway, it will only costs me 30 pts naman. 

(2) You have to try out the product/s for at least 5 days before giving reviews. Once you’ve done the review, it will take them more or less a week to approve it. The points will only be returned after the approval of your review. In short, may 2 week ka bago mo magamit ulit yung points. 

This is why kahit makakatipid ka, it is still not a wise idea to spend all your points at the same time. Hence, I only ordered 5 items, kahit na I can order one more. 

Why? Because I'm saving my points for new waves of products that I might like! 
Also, reviews are only approved one at a time. So don’t expect that all points will be returned to you all at once. 


OVERALL, my Sample Room experience was amazing! I received my first ever Shiseido product for free! So far, I have saved Php 500+ and still have more than a month to maximize my VIP membership!

I am very much happy with all the things I got because I know that these are the things that I would definitely use!  

How about you? Have you tried Sample Room?

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Sunday, April 12, 2015


My skin has been breaking out really badly these past few days. It’s kind of frustrating, honestly. And I know a lot of you can relate to what I’m saying. Though it is important to love our flaws, I feel like these acnes really lowered my self esteem. Well, I can’t blame myself. I take care of my skin, and invested most of my money now buying skincare than makeup. It’s just that my work is far from where I live. Hence, I have to take 10 rides (two-way already) every single day. My skin is just exposed to pollution that I feel like I have all the dirt in the world on my face. PLUS, not to mention that my work involves inspection of sites, that’s why I have to be under the sun for quite a good amount of time. However, I have no regrets. I love my work. I really do! For that reason, the only thing I can do for my skin is to take care of it twice than normal. Currently, my skincare regime includes day cream (moisturizer), exfoliating at least twice a week, using products with sunscreen, using sunblock whenever I do field inspections, face masks atleast once a week, drinking a lot of water and using night cream. I also avoid using powder foundation because, for weird reason, I find that I break out with it than using liquid foundation (Kate Tokyo Powderless foundation, click HERE for review). 

Even though having acne can be frustrating, at least it’s a good opportunity for me to find good acne products that I can really test out for my blog. With that being said, here are two of the products to remove acne that really worked for me! 


Both products were recommended by my dear friends. Quick fx pimple eraser was recommend by my college friend, Raz and Clindamycin was recommended by a fellow blogger, Celline of Product Arena. 

Price: Php 49
Where to buy: Watsons
1. Glycolic Acid - Rejuvenates and evens out skintone. I remember my dermatologist used to encourage me to have glycolic peels once in a while. Apparently, glycolic acid is a known natural exfoliant. It helps remove dead skin cells and allows healthy, glowy skin to surface.
2. Salicylic Acid -  I bet we all know what this is for. This potent acid is known to treat acne.
3. Zinc Oxide - Helps control inflammations and relieves skin irritations. It also protects the skin against the harmful rays of the sun; an SPF of some sort.
4. Vitamin C - Helps lighten pigmented skin. It also help relieve troubled skin.
5. Niacinamide - Also an agent known to lighten skin.

Save Our Skin (S.O.S) Clindamycin Phosphate Roll-on
Price: Php 98
Where to buy: Watsons
Clindamycin Phosphate, 10mg  (with Vitamin E)


Quick FX comes in a sachet kind of packaging with screw cap. I absolutely love this packaging because it’s simple, convenient and hygienic. It’s the “perfect” packaging for travelling!
On the other hand, Clindamycin came with a glass roll-on type packaging. While it is still travel-friendly, I don’t think I like the packaging. It isn’t hygienic as Quick fx since you have to roll it directly over your sore pimple. What I do, though, is I roll it first on my clean fingers then quickly apply it on my acne. Unlike Quick fx, Clindamycin is easily absorbs by my skin, so if you intend of doing the same step, you really have to be quick!


Like what I’ve said, Clindamycin is very light and easily absorbed by skin while Quick fx takes time to dry out. Moreover, it kind of sits on top of your skin once it dries up (leaving white residue), hence, I really don’t use it under my makeup.

In terms of effectiveness, both worked really well on moderate pimple. For cystic, the result might take a little longer, but patience is the key. 

In my case, I usually use them together. At night, I apply Clindamycin first since it absorbed easier on my skin, then followed by QuickFx. The next day, I can already see a significant difference in the size and redness of the acne. During the day, I only use Clindamycin under makeup. If you want to re-apply Clindamycin, you can bring it with you. If you have makeup, just make sure to clean it up first then apply the treatment whenever or wherever you can.

However, a fellow blogger of mine (Izell of Ladies' Things and Talk) also warned me about using Clindamycin. According to her, it can cause diarrhea, even though it’s topical, if used too much. I have never experienced diarrhea while using this product, but it’s better to be safe and use only controlled amount. 


Overall, both of the products performed really well individually. But I noticed, however, that these deliver faster result when used together. It could make my pimples go away overnight but, still the effect depends on how bad is your acne. For cystic, you have to apply these products religiously and be extra-patient. You know what they say, “patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet!”.

Deanne of also recommended Belo Pro Pimple Gel. She swears by it. I cannot vouch on its effectiveness yet, but since Deanne is raving about it, I'm sure it's worth a try! 

Have you been suffering from acne? What are your other products you could recommend?

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Friday, April 3, 2015


Checking all the blogs of your favorite bloggers to update yourself on their latest posts… the struggle is real! It used to be simple. I follow every blog thru Google Friend Connect. It keeps all the blogs I followed in a Reading List and dang, just like that, I already have everything in one place. 
However, when mobile came into my life... I knew I had to change the way I manage the blogs.  Here are my personal fave ways to keep track of the blogs:



Checking my facebook is my favorite pastime. I check my facebook when I’m lying in the bed, walking, eating, watching or whenever I can.  I love facebook because it does not only keep me updated with my friends’ life; it also helps me to keep track of my fave bloggers.
I follow them by simply liking their page. BUT, this will not guarantee that all the page you follow will show up on your newsfeed. 


If you don’t have specific blog to follow, yet you want to be updated on the latest beauty news, I would say that joining beauty groups in facebook will totally be a good way to stay up to date.


I actually found different apps in my phone that will help me manage the blogs. Yet, I will only share with you my current fave app to use!

The app is called NEWSIFY
credit to:
NEWSIFY is a RSS reader. It’s very similar to Flipboard. While Flipboard looks better, for a person like me who follow more than 20 blogs, Flipboard isn’t the best app to go. Newsify is simple, easy to use and SO AMAZING. 

To start, just click the "+"

 Type the blog you want to follow (ex.

Then click SAVE! 

The blog will automatically be added and sync in to your list. If any of the blogs you follow posted a new review, it will be sync in to your "Unread items." From there, you can scroll and view the blogpost you want to read.
There are more things you can do in Newsify. But you can just search the rest of the features in google. So far, it's my fave app to manage the blogs I followed. Downside? It's only available for Apple products. You can check out this alternatives for Android HERE.
I hope this helps! 
Until then. xoxo

How about you? How do you keep track of your fave blogs?

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Skincare and Makeup Monthly Favorite: March 2015

It feels like it’s been ages since the last time I posted a monthly fave… exactly one year ago actually! I gathered all the makeup that I’ve used for the past months and rounded up all my makeup essentials! 

I don’t usually do monthly favorites but when I do, I make sure to include only the ones that I’ve tried, tested and KikaySiMaria approved! 



I’m very consistent, KOJIE SAN is still unbeatable in my heart. It has always been and will always be my favorite facial soap. Very affordable, and effective! 
I will keep repurchasing this baby until I can find something that will work better in terms of price and effectiveness. Detailed review HERE.
For many years, I’ve tried different facial scrubs but I keep coming back to ST. IVES. The bead is quite large but it doesn’t feel so harsh on my skin. It’s very effective in preventing blackheads and keeps my skin smooth and soft. 
Next in line, the one that I just recently discovered but worthy to mention in this post. My new favorite pimple remover, Quick Fx Pimple Eraser. After it was out-of-stock for a very long time, Watsons finally restocked these again. It’s very affordable for only Php 49 and amazing! It works really well in drying out my pimples!
Olay moisturizer is my all-time favorite moisturizer. But since I still have tons of Loreal Revatalift samples with me, I decided to use them instead. I like them because they moisturize my face really well, and I have an obsession with anti-aging creams. Also, though this is moisturizing cream, it doesn’t feel oily nor heavy on my face.


For Primer, I highly recommend Quick Fx No Shine Mattifier  and Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser. I personally like Maybelline better because it lasts longer; however,  Quick Fx No Shine is almost as good as Maybelline, and 3x cheaper!
For my eyebrows, I’ve been really, really enjoying Kate Tokyo eyebrow pencil. It reminds me so much of my MAC eyebrow pencil. I’m a huge fan of very slim eyepencils because these are more precise in outlining. 

This eyebrow pencil is not pigmented which is another plus for me. I don’t like highly pigmented eyebrow products as those will look too fake. This one, on the other hand, looks really natural and blends with my eyebrows. The only downside is I find it quite pricey. However, still cheaper than Mac eyebrow pencil. 
I also like The Face Shop and Etude House slanted pencils. The qualities of these brow pencils are very much alike. I like to use them alternately   to fill in my eyebrows since Kate Tokyo eyebrow is too slim for that job.
Another fave of mine in filling up my eyebrow hairs is my Mac Eyebrow Powder. It’s not as pigmented as eyeshadows. But works well as eyebrow shader and contour. 

Eyebrow gels are my fave kind of eyebrow products ever. It makes a huge difference on my over-all eyebrow look. And now, the one that I’ve been using is from Kate Mineral Tokyo Eyebrow Gel. I love it to bits! If you want to know how I do my eyebrows, click HERE
Ever since I started working, I’ve been really loving Kate Tokyo Powderless foundation. It brightens up my skin and appears really natural on skin. I like using my Real Technique Wet Sponge or buffing brush to apply this powder. Click HERE for full review.
Another product that I will highly, highly recommend is my NATURACTOR. I have two shades, in 151 and 140. My skin is very uneven, this is why I use two shades on my face. 151 is to cover up imperfections on my forehead and chin area. 141 is the one I use to cover acne marks on my cheeks and conceal my dark undereye circles. Click HERE for full review.

By the way, in this pic I'm also wearing my fave lip balm to date, Maybelline Baby LipsI have really dry lips. I’ve mentioned that millions of times already. I forgot the shade, but I do like that it has a nice, pink shade. The color is very sheer since it’s a lipbalm.
Although, I'm already using Powderless foundation, I still set my makeup with 3W Clinic powder. I absolutely love this one. Infact, this is my second tub. It sets everything and make my makeup lasts longer. I prefer Setting powder more than powder foundation because, recently, my skin has been breaking out with powder foundations. But if I would recommend a powder foundation, it has got to be my Kate Tokyo powder foundation. I am so inlove with it. Too bad, my skin isn't compatible with powder foundation. huhuh. Full review on 3w clinic HERE and Powder Foundation HERE.
Next in line are my cheek products. My all-time favorite cheek product is my Sophie Magic Cream. However, it’s hard to find a reseller of Sophie products in my area. So, for now, I’ve been using and loving Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Doll House Pink on my cheeks. I don’t use it on my lips though ‘cause it makes my teeth appear very yellowish. But on my cheeks, it’s nothing but amazing. It gives me the most beautiful natural pink cheeks and lasts a very long time.   
I also use Ever Bilena Pink Petal Blush on top to set the lipstick-on-my cheeks.
For eyeliners, I'm currently loving K-Palette Liquid Eyeliner. It's very easy to use and last decently on my oily lids. For detailed review, click HERE.

For mascara, I'm still very happy with my Fashion21 Double Up mascara. I like it as my everyday mascara. Full review HERE.

February-March is a fun months for my lips. 
I have been using different lippies and here are my faves! 
Wet n Wild Megalast lipsticks in Think Pink– I didn’t like this shade before. But surprisingly, I’ve been wearing it almost 1/3 of February. The shade is soooo beautiful! It’s very light and girly. It looks even better when paired with a nice Barbie-ish pink blush. Click HERE for full review.
Nyx Lip Cream in Stockholm – I always blot my Wet n Wild lipsticks with Gatsby Powdered Blotting paper to make it appear matte and to make it last longer. But there are days when I’m being so lazy. In those kind of days, I like reaching this lip product. It’s very easy to apply, gives me a nice MLBB shade and it’s matte. Definitely, one of my no-brainer kind of lipsticks. Click HERE for full review.
Wet n Wild in Mauve outta Here- when I like to look extra-fabulous but not too overwhelming, this my go-to shade. I'm inlove with mauve shade lipsticks. Click HERE for full review.
Nyx Matte Lipstick in Audrey – this is almost like WnW Mauve Outta Here but more wearable. If you are looking for a matte, everyday shade lipstick, I highly, highly, highly recommend this color. Click HERE for full review.
Wet N Wild Lip Balm stain in  Rico Mauve- surprise surprise! Another wet n wild product to love! This shade is gorgeous. It’s a wearable pink shade that stains into a pinky-red shade after few hours. I’ve been wearing this shade for almost the entire month of March because it’s a two-in-one product. It moisturizes my lips really well and has a nice, flattering every day shade.
Loreal Lipstick in Blaze of Red – The only red I fell inlove with. Among all the matte red lipsticks that I have tried, this one is my holy grail. Though I don’t use it very often, since I feel like red is too much for an everyday wear,  I will still repurchase this shade in case I run out of it. Click HERE for full review

What are your monthly favorites?

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