Saturday, August 27, 2016

3D Eyebrow Stranding at Strokes by Momoi Supe

Among all the makeup routine, eyebrows, for me, is the most important. I really take time in doing my brows… so much time that I need to wake up super early so i’ll have more time to fill it up. For me and probably half of my readers, kilay is life! I just don’t mind spending money for it. And I really think that doing your kilay makes a lot of difference in your  overall look.

I never skip doing my brows because I feel naked whenever I don’t have any brow makeup since mine is naturally thin. I honestly get jelly with those who are blessed with thick brows! I think having thick brows is amazing, you just have to groom it well. 

Anyways, almost 3 years ago, I attended an event sponsored by Browhaus. I witnessed their “brow resurrection” service. Brow resurrection is semi-permanent treatment for brows that boasts a more detailed and natural stroke, finer than normal brow embroidery techniques. In some brow salon, they call it “Brow stranding” or “3D Tattoo” or "Eyebrow embroidery". To know more about eyebrow embroidery, kindly visit my previous post here.

Ever since I witnessed the brow stranding, I’ve always wanted to try it out. However, the price is quite steep at Php 38,000 right? 

Fortunately, a good online friend of mine, Diane Mendoza recommended me to try Strokes by Momoi Supe

According to them, the procedure can lasts up to 2 years and costs Php 10,000 (Senior ES, Keighty Wong) and Php 14,000 (Master ES, Momoi Supe). That includes a retouch after 6 weeks. The regular price for retouch is Php 5,000.

I availed the Master ES Service. 

I was scheduled for the procedure last May 27. The place is near to Quezon Avenue station. Since i don’t know how to drive, I always take grabcar. You can easily google its location thru that application. 

I arrived on time. The place is quite small, and jampacked with clients. Although jam packed with clients, they won’t make you wait for long without doing anything. While Moi’s doing the other client’s brows, his assistant shaped my brows. Thereafter, he applied a certain cream on my brows. I believe the procedure is very similar to that of the browhaus’ process. So I won’t no longer discuss it step by step here.

Anyways, the whole procedure was more or less one and half hour. It did hurt a little, but the pain was tolerable.

After the procedure, my brows look thick and weird. The skin around my brows turned really red.   The attendant gave me a special oil. He then told me to apply the oil whenever it feels itchy or once it starts scabbing. Also, he instructed me not to wet it for 24 hours. 

I was so hungry after the treatment, so I went to the nearest restaurant to have my dinner. Honestly, though I felt my brows was too thick, nobody really cared. I finished my dinner without people staring at my brows! Siguro, hindi lang  ako sanay with that kind of brows.

NIGHT 1: As instructed, I didn’t wet my brows. I only used makeup remover to remove my makeup and wet wipes to clean my face. 
I also wash the lower face of my face using soap and water, avoiding my brow areas.
DAY 1: I woke up looking like Betty La Fea. My brows looked thicker and darker. I didn’t go out of the house the entire day. It was also a challenge to take a bath and wash face without wetting the eyebrow area. But i need to wait for 24 hours!!!

DAY 2: My sister, who had her brows done in Singapore, told me that she didn’t wet her brows for a week as instructed to her during the procedure. Wow, 24 hours was already a challenge for me. what more kung 1 week, right? So I messaged Momoi’s page to ask for clarification. But I didn’t received a reply. I couldn’t wait any longer to I just washed my face since it’s been past 24 hours already naman. 
After, doon lang ako nakareceive ng reply that I should wait for 3 days daw. But it’s already too late. I already wet my brows. huhu. The instruction in a paper they gave me also indicate that I can wet it after 24 hours. So, i just let it be. Since i can no longer unwet it. I decided to just apply the ointment/oil they gave me. 
They told me to apply the oil 3-4 times a day to help my skin heal from scabbing and helps retain the pigment on my skin. I was not allowed to go on swimming, sweat in gym, apply eyebrow makeup in brow area, and apply anti-ageing creams for 10 days. 

DAY 3: My brows are still dark. It started scabbing, and  appread patchy already. 
DAY 4: Nothing much has changed. Still scabbing.
DAY 5: The scabbing was more obvious. My brows turned really patchy. And it felt more itchy. I applied oil more frequently, almost every now and then. 

After a week, I messaged Supe Moimoi’s page inquiring why my brows look patchy and some areas faded already. They told me that it’s normal. I asked if I can already schedule a retouch session since I don't like how it looked-like. 

They told me that I need to wait for 3 weeks. But the schedules were always full. The next available schedule was 1st week of August. I always make sure kasi to have the procedure done on weekend so washing my face will be less a hassle. 

Anyways, I had my retouch last August 6. I can still feel the pain of the procedure, but again, it was still tolerable. 

The result of the retouch was way, way better than the initial procedure.
I didn’t apply any eye makeup until the 3rd week. My brows looked perfectly beautiful and fuller on its first week. 
Then it started fading a little on 2nd week. Then, it faded more on its 3rd week. Hence, i already decided to start filling them up again with brow pencil. Excuse my no makeup look in the photo below, it's the time of the month again, hence my pimples.
The right brow is still intact and nothing much has changed since the procedure. But the left brow starts fading and appear uneven already. Although still better than how it looks like before the retouch procedure.

It’s been almost 3 months since my first procedure (3 weeks from my retouch) and honestly, i don’t think that mine will last even a year or half. Even after the retouch.

They said that the procedure will lasts 2 years, and I doubt it.

The right brows which has more hair is still perfectly fine. But the left brow has already faded.

According to the instruction and disclaimer they gave, the result varies differently on people. Diane’s brows are still amazing according to her, and even after few months, she hasn’t availed the free retouch yet. Mine has different story. In just three months, I already availed the retouch session, and still, the left brow has faded quickly. 

To sum it up, Strokes by Momoi Supe offers one of the most affordable eyebrow stranding services. Also, I really like that it is Moi himself who'll do your brows. He's very nice, and welcoming (the entire team was very accomodating). Service-wise, I have nothing but praises. 

However, it terms of result, I hope he'll understand that I'm quite disappointed. I paid Php 14,000, and the embroidery didn't even last half a month. But to be fair, I still need to try eyebrow embroidery service from other brow establishments. In fact, I’m thinking of having my brows retouch at Pretty looks or Keighty Wong after a month or two, for the sake of comparing the service. Baka naman kasi, the problem was really with my brows. Baka naman talaga na no matter what they do, my skin just doesn’t hold the pigment. I don’t know yet! 

Despite that, I don’t regret having eyebrow stranding and i'm still looking to forward having my retouch sessions with other brow establishments. Honestly, I had the best days before it started fading after three weeks of retouch session. My prep time was cut by 10-15 minutes because I no longer need to fill in my brows. I can go out of the house without makeup. And I still look perfectly presentable even if I have just woken up. 

Just remember: Make sure not to schedule any important event a week after the embroidery. Have a week to recover. 

For all kilay-is-life girls, let me know if you have tried any brow embroidery procedure and how it turned out. 

Until then, my loves! 

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Revlon Matte Balms

Revlon Matte Balm has been around since ages, but it was only early this year that I got the chance to try them out. Honestly, I was, at first, quite sceptical to try Revlon Matte Balm as I don’t have good experiences with the other Revlon lipsticks that I have tried in the past. 

But when I saw this on sale on Shopee, I decided to give it a try. Thankfully, I really loved it! To know more about my thoughts on the product, keep on reading!  


Revlon says,
Vibrant colors infused with a Triple Butter Complex give you a bold, beautiful lip. It’s a burst of matte color with a balm-like feel. Go bold and get moisturized in 10 craveable, collectible shades.


It came with a twist-up jumbo-sized crayon/pencil packaging. I’m not really sure who started this kind of packaging, but Clinique, wet n wild and other brands also came out with their own version of crayon lipsticks. 
It is retractable, hence, you need not to sharpen it. The color of the tube is the same as the shade of the lipstick itself. 


The formulation of this lipbalm is superb! It’s probably one of the best formulations for Matte lipsticks.
I only did one swipe in this swatch, but look how amazing the color payoff! It’s very rich and opaque.

These glide so soft and smoothly on my lips which is really surprising for a matte-formulation. I swear, it feels very comfy on my lips

I also love the slight pepperminty smell and feel on my lips. 


Despite the amazing formulation, I only picked two shades from the line: Sultry and Elusive. 

Elusive is a nice, subtle cool-toned pink. It’s definitely an everyday shade. 
The shade is quite similar to Happy Skin Shut up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in Just Say Yes.

Sultry, on the other hand, is a deep brown-rosey/pink. 
It has that vintage feel, and I feel much matured whenever I have it on. They say it’s a dupe for Mac Twig, I haven’t tried that one yet.

Note: These lip balm are actually moisturizing on its own. Hence the name, “lip balm”.  The reason why my lip appeared dry on swatches is because I swatched other matte lipsticks prior to swatching these balms. 


I love Revlon Matte Lip Balms! I think they’re really worth the money. They’re very rich, pigmented, creamy, opaque, long lasting. I have nothing but good words to describe the formulation of this product. 

The only downside I guess was the color selection. Although the formulation was amazing, only two shades really catch my attention. I wish they would come out with nicer colors, like a dusty rose shade.

  • Matte-finish, but feels very comfy on lips
  • Moisturizing on lips. You can use it on its own, even without balm underneath
  • Glides so soft and smoothly on lips
  • Has a nice minty-feel on lips
  • Very opaque

  • Limited shades
  • Quite pricey at Php 575 (but really worth it!)

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Saturday, May 28, 2016


Pink Sugar Cosmetics is a local brand that was launched last year. Although I was not invited in the launching, I had the chance to try them out when BDJ contacted me to do an open box review of their exclusive box of Pink Sugar Cosmetics. HERE for the unboxing post.

Pink Sugar Cosmetics, though a local brand, was apparently made in Taiwan. This brand reminds me so much of Happy Skin Cosmetics, with its very fun packaging and catchy names, but made more affordable! Pasok sa banga ang presyo but it doesn’t sacrifice the quality.  For me, it’s like the affordable version of Happy Skin Cosmetics.

Recently, Pink Sugar has launched 9 new lip colors for 2016 and 3 new shades for eyebrow gels! And here are my thoughts on the newly launched products!



PRICE: Php 349.00
CLAIMS: A semi-matte lipstick that delivers long lasting color.

I’m not aware that Pink Sugar has Creamy matte formulation for their lipsticks. The one I’ve tried before were the HD lipstick (Naked) and Creamy (First Kiss). The creamy-matte has got to be my favorite formulation among the three! 

It’s very true to its name; it provides matte finish but doesn’t feel dry on my lips. In fact, it’s kind of moisturizing on lips and feels very comfy. 

The newly launched shades are: Girl Next Door, Hot Mess, XOXO and Hot Bling.

Girl Next Door is a warm-nude, with a hint of taupe. It’s a very wearable shade, a perfect My Lips But Better shade

Hot Mess is mauvey shade. I'm so inlove with this shade, it looks stunningly beautiful especially if you like wearing smokey eyes! Though, I also use this on daily basis with well-groomed eyebrows, loads of mascara and thin eyeliner! 

XOXO is rose nude shade. If you want an everyday shade that doesn't look too nudey on lips, you might want to check this out.

The only not-nude shade that Pink Sugar has released. It’s a blue-based magenta shade, if you prefer bright lipstick, this might be the one for you.

Overall, I have no negative thing to say about Creamy Matte formulation. They’re amazing, these feel very comfy on my lips despite the matte finish.


I know I mentioned in my unboxing post that Pink Sugar's Lip and Cheek tint was my least fave among all the liquid lipstick I've tried. But after trying out the other shades from the brand, boy, I was so wrong! This Lip and Cheek tint is exceptional!!! 
Coral Bliss really sucks (the first Lip and Cheek I've tried), as it is very patchy on my lips. But in general, the formulation of Pink Sugar Lip and Cheek Tint is way beyond amazing. Queen bee in particular has a very good formulation. Honestly, it’s now my favorite liquid lipstick formulation. I like it better than La Splash which used to be my ultimate fave liquid lipstick.

Naughty nude is a warm peach, almost beige kind of nude. Nude is really popular nowadays. Thanks to Kylie. This shade looks weird on me, though!
Honey Bunny is a beige shade but has brown undertone. It’s more wearable than Naughty nude, and said to be similar to Dolce K. 

Queen Bee has got to be my fave shade! It’s a rosey with a hint of grey undertone. According to Beauty Mnl, it’s a mix of true brown k and posie k. It’s indeed a very beautiful shade.

For red fans out there, Code Red is a classic looking bright red. 

The name says it all, Vampy Vixen is a deep wine with brown undertone kind of red. It’s very vampy, and dark! It’s a bit difficult to apply evenly on my lips. 
If you want to achieve that dark, vampy lips, you might want to check this out.

Overall, I’m inlove with Lip and Cheek tint of Pink Sugar. Although, I have yet to try on my cheeks.

These lip and cheek tints are very pigmented, most of them glides smoothly and evenly, and not as drying as colourpop on my lips. These don’t sit on the wrinkled lines of my lips! It has mousse texture/consistency rather than liquid. Hence, easier to apply and work with!


There are three shades available for brow gel. Brunette, Taupe and Blonde. 
The texture is quite comparable to Etude house color my brows which is quite liquidy. For me, this eyebrow gel should be named “brow tint” than “brow gel” because it doesn’t really tame the hair that much. Though, it colors my brows really nicely. I particularly like using the blonde shade since I have a colored hair.

Light-to-medium hair

For black hair

Softer than Brunette

It’s a good brow tint as it lightens up my brows. It's easy and convenient to use, and the overall effect on my brows is very natural. The only downside is that it doesn't tame my unruly brows the way I want to. Although, to be fair, I'm very particular with my brow products since my brows is rather long in the arch (and grows so fast as well) so it kind of goes down. But if you have more "mabait" eyebrows, i don't think you will have a problem with this product! 

Also, the brush that it came with has very stiff bristles, I find it hard to work with. I use a different spoolie to apply this product on my brows. 

OVERALL, I'm really happy with the new releases of Pink Sugar Cosmetics. 

I highly, highly recommend Lip and Cheek Tint in Queen Bee and the nude shades of Creamy Matte lipsticks. They're the bomb! 

How about you, what are your favorite Pink Sugar Cosmetics products?

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Monday, May 9, 2016


I know I’ve been posting Mary Kay products recently, it is because I’ve trying out every Mary Kay cosmetics that I can possibly buy to know which of these products I can recommend. I want first-hand experience on the things I sell, though that entails extra gastos, I try to look at it as an investment.

Aside from the liquid foundation, Mary Kay blushes are one of the products that I honestly think are worth buying! You know I love these blushes as I’ve been sharing it so many times (more than any of my Mary Kay product) in my facebook page and instagram. 

So today, I decided to share with you a detailed review on Mary Kay’s Cheek color.


Mary Kay says,
“The mineral-based formula of Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Color is famous for its oil-absorbing properties, ease of application and excellent coverage.

-Stay-true color defines cheekbones.
-Contains Vitamins A, C and E to help protect against wrinkle-causing free-radicals.
-Applies smoothly, easily and evenly.
-Designed to fit perfectly in the Mary Kay® Compact.”


The blush comes in a loose pan, which means that you don't have to depot it. You can put it in a magnetic compact like the famous Z-Palette which is available at Sephora PH, but it’s pretty expensive.  I recommend trying out Wild Peach Cosmetcis, the cheaper alternative for Z-Palette. Or you can also get the magnetic compact of Mary Kay – though, it’s still kind of expensive especially since you can only put 3 eyeshadows and a blush in their compact mini priced at Php 595! 
But if you can live with the clear plastic casing that it came with, that’s alright. Although, you have to be extra careful since they are loosely attached in that initial packaging. If you don’t really have budget to buy the compact separately, you can just secured the pan with a double sided tape to keeps the product from falling out. 
The blushes may be tiny compare to Nars Orgasm, but behold, as a single pan of it contains 0.18oz/5g of product compared to the full size of Nars Orgasm which contains 0.16oz/4.8g


Unfortunately, we only have 3 shades of the cheek color in the Philippines: Champagne rose, Shy and Strawberry cream. The 3 shades are all pink shades with shimmers. I wish Mary Kay can come out with more shades that have other tones like peach/coral, orange, berry, brownish so women can have more options available for their skintone. 
Anyways, Shy is the most famous shade as it is the “exact” dupe for the famous Nars Orgasm. I have Nars Orgasm, and trust me, you can never tell the difference when swatched side by side. 
It is a pink shade with beautiful golden shimmer. Hence, it looks kind of pinky peach in the pan. Exact dupe for Nars Orgasm.
It is like Shy but with less golden shimmers and more pink toned. At first, I thought Strawberry Cream will be a dupe for Nars Deepthroat but Strawberry Cream is pinkier on skin.

It has a pink rose shade. The “rose” shade makes the blush appear darker compared to the two other shades. 


The powder is finely milled, very soft and smooth – smoother than Nars blushes. That’s probably my favorite thing about Mary Kay powders, even their loose and pressed powder, they’re very silky soft but not too powdery when used with brush. 
The blushes all have shimmers (very fine) that can make skin glow! Shy has the most golden shimmers among the three shades available. 
In terms of pigmentation, they have better payoff compared to Nars. In Nars Orgasm, I normally apply 2-3 swipes to achieve the shade I want, but with Mary Kay, I only need 1-2 swipes – easier, faster and more economical! Though it’s pigmented, the blushes blend so easily on skin. 

For longevity, these are pretty long lasting. It can last the entire day on me. I tried putting it through a running water but it stayed on amazingly. Of course, the longevity will vary depending on how oily your skin is. I have combination skin, my t-zone is super oily but my cheeks are pretty normal-dry. 


I think I get more value for my money if you would buy Mary Kay Cheek Color over Nars blushes – as it contains more, cheaper and has really good formulation.
The only downside I could think of was the limited selection of shades. I wish they could come out with more shades. I heard that there are 7 shades available few years ago, and it’s a mix of matte and shimmers shade. I wonder why Mary Kay has pulled out these shades in the Philippines, I’m eyeing on Sunny spice pa naman!  

Anyways, other than that, I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE BLUSHES! They said that the formulation is comparable to Tarte Amazonian and Nars Blushes, I cannot vouch on Tarte, but for Nars – I think MK is even better!

Shy is a great blush to try! It’s really worth it!

PRICE: Php 420
TO ORDER: Visit KIKAYSIMARIA on facebook

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I can forward you the membership form so you won't have to go to the Beauty Center to register. Moreover, we will ship your Starter kit for free!

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