Sunday, March 15, 2015

LA Girl High Definition PRO Concealer

Who says there’s no forever? For a beauty blogger, finding the “perfect” products is a forever journey. I used to lie to myself that once I have found my Holy Grail product, I will stop buying makeup. It’s just that there’s always something wrong in every product! Or there’s always something better out there!–LOL. This has been my forever excuse to my boyfriend or whoever will ask me why I keep buying many makeups even though I still have more than enough makeup for myself. But the truth is, I keep buying makeup because I never settle.  I will rave about a product, will use it for months and months, and eventually, I will get tired of it. I’m sure most of you can understand me! Haha! Plus, I wouldn’t last this long in this blogging world anyway if I don’t keep on trying out things, right? (Now, that’s even a better excuse!)

Though, I have been overly satisfied with my Naturactor cover foundation to cover up my imperfections and brightens up my undereye, it still didn’t stop me from trying out other products, hoping to find something that’s even better. 

After all the raves from my favorite youtube beauty gurus, I decided to give LA Pro Concealer a try! They say it’s a great dupe for Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer. 


LA Girl says,
Crease-resistant, opaque coverage in a creamy yet lightweight texture. The long-wearing formula camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections. Provides complete, natural-looking coverage,evens skin tone, covers dark circles and minimizes fine lines around the eyes.
This blendable and buildable formula provides the ultimate, customizable coverage. This must-have concealer includes a soft brush-tip for easy application.


It came in a squeeze-tube with a secure screw cap. It has a soft brush applicator at the tip of the tube. The product dispenses very smoothly. 
The packaging says it contains 8 g of product. Honestly, if you were to purchase it here in Watsons, you will find this product a bit pricey for the amount that you’ll be getting. I have only used it for about 6-7 times, but it feels like I’m already half way of the tube. Also, considering that it’s not really a little goes a long way kind of product. 
On top of it, I also think that putting a brush is not a good idea as it tends to eat up some of the product and not very hygienic (you need to clean it at least every two weeks, and you end up wasting some of the product, db?) and really don’t do much in applying the concealer. But that’s just me. If you find this applicator very useful, then great!


These PRO Concealers are available in wide range of shades, 18 shades to be exact. However, only few shades are available in Watsons here in the Philippines. Fortunately, I saw The Primp Pad and MakeupHolics stocking up more shades for you! Visit their site, I highly recommend them for authentic imported cosmetics.

I purchased my tube from Watsons for Php 299 and I asked for the lightest shade available. The Saleslady gave me Creamy Beige, which is a bit salmon-y. Based on the swatches of these concealers, Creamy Beige is the third lightest shade next to Classic Ivory and Natural. 
I’m kind of disappointed with the shade I have since I purchased it for highlighting purposes. But the shade is too “orangey” for that purpose, if you want to use this PRO concealer as highlighter, I recommend to try Classic Ivory instead. 


Very creamy, a bit thick in consistency. It blends easily using my fingers. In terms of coverage, it doesn’t really cover up dark acne marks. If you have really dark blemishes, you might need more layers to cover them up. 

As you can see, I have been breaking out so badly. So far, it’s the worst break out I have this year. I have two big, dark acne marks on my chin area and few acne marks on my cheeks and forehead. 
I think I used two-to-three layers just to cover up the blemishes on my chin. On my undereye area, since it has orangey undertone, it’s a great color correcting and gives my undereye a nice, brightened effect. 
In contrast to most reviews, layering this product can enhance the wrinkles under my eyes. If you happen to have problematic wrinkles under your eyes, I highly recommend using primer or eye cream to moisturize the area prior to applying this product.


It’s pretty cheap (if you will buy it online) and works decently. I would say that the coverage is in between sheer to medium. You can go for full coverage, but it will get cakey and heavy due to its thick consistency. BUT, in fairness, it photographs really well. It doesn’t give my face that weird whitecast under my eyes when taken with flash. 
Overall, I think it’s a good concealer for undereyes than for blemishes. Just make sure to moisturize your undereye as it tends to emphasize the lines on my eyes. 

-creamy and glides smoothly
-available online and in Watsons nationwide
-brightens up my undereye circles
-wide range of shade
-Creamy beige has orangey undertone, can be use as color correcting concealer
-very handy

-needs layering to cover up dark blemishes
-quite pricier when purchased in Watsons
-limited shades available in Watsons
-tends to emphasize wrinkles and lines when face/undereyes are not well- moisturized

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Sunday, March 8, 2015


For years and years and years, I’ve been a huge fan of gel liners! But recently, I became more curious in trying out other kinds of eyeliners particularly liquid liners. This is not the first time I have tried using liquid eyeliner, I remember I used to try different kinds of liquid liners back then and nothing seems to work on me. Until one day I just decided to giveup! *sigh*

Not too long ago, I saw my sister using LA Girl felt tip eyeliner. I know her skill in applying eyeliner, (not to make lait ah, I love my sisters! LOL) she can barely apply gel liner or pencil eyeliner decently! As I was watching her, I was surprise on the way she applied her eyeliner with the felt tip eyeliner. Holy moly, she did it! Not perfect, but it’s quite decent, really! So, I borrowed her liner and tried it myself. Wow, it applies so easily and it gives me the most intense black! However, the down side is that it does transfer like it won’t set forever.  So, that actually marks the start of my journey in finding the perfect liquid eyeliner. I searched google and did a little research on the best liquid eyeliners there is, I ended up trying LOL eyeliner and the ever famous K-Palette. I’m planning to buy Heroine too since my friend Genzel of Genzelkisses told me that it’s very comparable to K-Palette and it’s cheaper!



LOL Liquid eyeliner comes in two formulations; the more expensive of the two has smudgeproof & waterproof formulation (02) which is the one I purchased since it’s just few peso pricier than the regular one. Both formulations is in dip-brush kind of applicator where it is similar to that of a nail polish but only thinner. Dip-brush eyeliner has a bottle with a brush that must be dipped (hence, the name) in between each application. 
This kind of liquid eyeliner is quite hard to work with, honestly especially if you don’t have steady hand. I’m very used in applying gel liner and using dip brush eyeliner is sooooo damn difficult. I take some time in applying this kind of liquid eyeliner. 


K-Palette is the perfect kind of liquid eyeliner for beginners. It came in a pen-like applicator which is why it’s easier to draw a line compared to dip brush. 
Also, it dispenses the right amount of product. It starts sheer and adding layer intensifies the line. I would say that it’s less prone to error than LOL liquid eyeliner.


Both liquid promises to give smudgeproof and waterproof capabilities, while K-palette also claims to stay put for 24 hours. I did one-on-one battle between these two eyeliners, which liquid eyeliner will win? Is it the 139-peso dip brush LOl eyeliner or 795-worth and ever famous K-palette eyeliner?


I applied both products on my arms. I noticed that K-Palette starts less pigmented but you can add layers to achieve the blackest black you want unlike LOL that is already blackest black in its first application.
I let them set and dry for few minutes and rubbed them off. None of them really budged even if I rubbed them so hard for 10x. 



I placed them on a running water to test out their waterproof capability. 
I wet them and rubbed them gently , they didn’t budged
But then, when I rubbed them off too hard (like 100x, hhaha!), finally, they did crumbled. I actually like my eyeliner to crumbled and becomes flaky when rubbed off than have eyeliner that smudges. When eyeliner smudges, it gives you a dirtier look like a panda-eye. When it crumbles like this, the eyeliner will be rubbed off but it won’t give you a panda-looking eyes.


Both of them really stayed amazingly on my arms. They didn’t budge in both waterproof and smudgeproof test! BUT, the twist here is that our lids are quite more complicated. Unlike my arms, our lids tend to get oily and any eyeliner, no matter how waterproof it is, has no match for oil. This is why even though these surpassed the test I’ve done earlier, I couldn’t promise that these eyeliners will stay put on your lids the entire time. The oilier your lids, the less likely these will stay.  On my lids, both of them would stay amazingly unless I rubbed them off with my fingers.

So when using any kind of eyeliner, refrain from rubbing your eyes. If you have really oily skin/lids, use eye primer first then set it with powder. Thereafter, you can apply the eyeliner to make it lasts longer!

So who win the battle? Both of them are actually good. LOL is almost 5 to 6 times cheaper than K-Palette. If you don’t have budget or you can’t imagine spending that amount of money for eyeliner, I highly recommend you to try LOL liquid eyeliner. BUT If I were to choose between the two, I would choose K-Palette over LOL Liquid eyeliner.  Yes, it is really pricey but the convenience it gives me is just enough reason for me to repurchase K-Palette over LOL. K-Palette is easier to bring and more convenient for retouching while with LOL, I just couldn’t do my eyeliner decently without spending tons effort and time. 

In this photo, I used K-Palette eyeliner! Even though I'm still a beginner in liquid eyeliner, I believe I did a decent job in applying my eyeliner. Thanks to K-Palette! It makes applying liquid eyeliner a lot easier.
I added Eye of Horus for a pop of color on my waterline.

Have tried any of thse eyeliner? Let me know what you think! Until then, xoxo.

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Maybelline Fit Me! Liquid Foundation

Maybelline Fit Me foundation is probably one of the most talked foundations to date. All the youtube gurus I followed are raving about this product. Unfortunately, Maybelline Fit Me foundation is not yet available in the Philippines. Thankfully, Kering Keri store, one of my fave online stores, have new stocks of this foundation!! Yay! 


Maybelline says,
It's makeup that doesn’t mess with you. No oils. No waxes. No nonsense. Natural coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be…fresh, breathing, natural. Exclusive translucent base and lightweight pigments allow skin's natural highs and lows to show through. Non-comedogenic, dermatologist tested. 


Since it’s not yet available here I tried googling the product to do some “research” on which shade will suit my skintone. While searching, I found out that this product is available in two packaging.

The US-manufactured Maybelline fit me has no pump while UK-Maybelline fit me has pump. So do not be confused if you see some bloggers reviewing this product with pump. 
Mine came in a glass bottle with no pump, but why Maybelline, why! T.T


They have wide range of shades. Choosing the shade is very vital in finding the perfect foundation. Shades that end with 0 (like 110, 130, 210) has yellow undertone while shades that end with 5 has pink undertone.
I think the perfect shade for my NC30-ish skin is either 210 or 220. Sadly, Kering Keri shop has no stock for those shades. The next yellow-based shade she have I believe is 230. If you know me, I would rather buy foundation that is lighter than darker on my skintone. 
And so I opted for 135, a light pink-based shade. Hence, I was not surprise with the pink-light shade I received after swatching on my face. To avoid making this foundation appear too weird on my skin, I make sure to blend this product on my neck as well.


As expected, the coverage is very light and dewy. I usually apply this with a buffing brush to provide more coverage. I wouldn’t really recommend applying this product with wet egg sponge, real technique sponge or beauty blender, as wet application will give you really natural, sheer coverage. Since this one is already thin and runny on its own, applying it with wet sponge does not make any sense at all. 

When I first applied it on my face using my buffing brush, I really couldn’t see any difference. Until I took some photos and zoomed it in. 

My natural skin has few acne marks, uneven skintone, open pores and broken capillaries. 
After applying the foundation, you can still see some acne marks peeking through. But it did somehow cover up some broken capillaries on my cheeks. Also, the effect is dewy and glowing. You can see how it reflects the light making my skin glows. 
In this photo, you can see that it evens out my skintone and fills up my pores. 


Overall, this is a great foundation if you are looking for a foundation that is light on skin and will give you a “your skin but better” effect. It was able to evens out my skintone, diminish redness on my face, cover minor blemishes and broken capillaries and make skin look glowy and healthy. 
However, if you have oily skin, you might want to purchase the “matte” version of this product. Also, I wouldn’t recommend this if you are looking for full-coverage foundation as this can only provide light to medium coverage.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015


I have been obsessed with watching makeup transformation in youtube. I love Promise Tamang, she’s really amazing! We also have Paolo Balesteros in the Philippines, who’s very known now for his Hollywood transformations, unfortunately, he doesn’t have a youtube account. Anyway, I was sooooo inspired to make a transformation that I decided to play with my makeup and test out my so-called "innate makeup skill"! LOL. And here is the result of my makeup transformation.
Disclaimer: I am not a makeup artist. So, if ever, I have done or said anything “wrong” in the rules (if there are rules!) please be nice to me! LOL. 


Thankfully, my blemishes aren't really that bad. I do breakout every now and then, especially during the time of the month. But they don’t really last that long on my face, but, unfortunately, some of them love to leave some marks (I guess, they want to be remembered!).

Recently, I have been testing out Pond’s White Beauty cream because I heard that this is a good product to minimize acne marks. While pond’s is still doing its job, I temporarily cover my imperfections with my holy grail naturactor. I made a review on it about a year ago, click HERE. I have it in 151 and 140 (the newest shade I ordered). 151 is perfect if you have NC30 skintone. But because I have uneven skintone, I decided to order 140 which is a lighter shade. 151 has more intense yellow undertone, and will probably suit most Filipina skintone. Since my cheeks are a bit lighter than my chin and the rest of my face, I use 140 to cover my acne marks in that area and also my eyebags to give it a brighter effect. 
In covering your acne marks, here are the things that you should remember:
1. You can use liquid or cream concealer. I personally prefer cream foundation/concealer because it’s thicker and tends to cover more. I really like Naturactor because it’s never cakey on me and it gives me the most amazing finish ever. It’s the best cream foundation I have ever used so far. 

2. In choosing the right shade, if you want to cover imperfections on your face, the concealer should match your skintone. In matching the concealer, I like to test out the product on my skintone first. The one that disappears on my skin is my perfect shade. As you can see, on my cheeks, 140 is closer than 151. But on my chin, I usually use 151. 
3. Once I’m done choosing my shade, I like to apply the product over the blemishes. And then, I just like to blend the edges. I normally use my finger or concealer brush to blend it out.
Look at how Naturactor brightened up my skintone! It’s amazing and really affordable, too! 

I have dark undereye circles. For really dark undereyes, you may want to correct it first. Some uses yellow or salmon shade. Whatever works for you. As for me, I decided to use Naturactor 140 which is lighter than the rest of my face. I also like highlighting some parts of my face with 140. 
I prefer highlighting first before contouring because I find it easier to place the contouring powder on the right places when I have already highlighted the parts of my face I want to protrude/stand out. Then, I like to do my eyebrows. In this photo, I outlined my eyebrows thicker than the usual. 

I will try to do a separate post in how I do my eyebrows since a lot of you have requested me to do my eyebrow routine.
After that, I blend everything out using my finger or my wet sponge. 
Then, I usually put tons of setting powder over my undereye before doing my eye makeup. In this look, I made use of Naturactor silky lucent powder. It’s a very good powder to set all my makeup. 
It’s finely milled, smells really good and it feels really soft and smooth on skin. The only thing I hate about this loose powder is the packaging. Seriously, I have no idea how to close the product. It doesn’t have screw-thingy on the side unlike the naturactor face cover. Hence, I cannot bring the product with me to travel. I have to transfer it to small container. Other than that, it’s really good. I got mine at pretty angel shoppe.

For natural look, I like using neutral shades and just contouring the crease with dark brown eyeshadow. But when I’m in hurry, wearing only eyeliner is just perfectly fine. 
In eyeliner, I like wearing black on upper lashline and something bright on the lower lashline to bring back the light on my eyes and make it pop! I find it easier to use cream/gel liner to create my eyeliner than liquid, but if you’re already an expert in liquid eyeliner, that’s okay. Again, whatever works for you.

For the lower lashline, I prefer applying purple eyeliner or white or any bright shade than black. I really have a dark undereye circles and putting black eyeliner makes it appear darker. Here I used Eye of Horus.

For your lips, you can use whatever shades you want or will complement your skintone. Neutral shade is perfect for everyday look. I use VOV eyeliner and Sleek Barely there in this photo. 
But then, I decided to glam it up so I changed my lip color to Nyx Matte in Summer Breeze. Pink is a great color to make you look younger! Click HERE for my review!
So this is my makeup transformation! Let me know what you think about it! xoxo

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SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion

Recently, I was walking around Watsons and I got overwhelmed with the variety of whitening products that they have. It’s not surprising, really, as I know a lot of Filipinas who desire whiter skin. This is very evident through the success of the whitening industry in the Philippines. Almost every brand has a “whitening” product that promises the moon, the stars and whatnot! But truly, only a few really work!  

I am addicted to whitening products – don’t judge me. The nature of my work requires me to be under the sun for a very long time and having dark skin somehow made me feel a bit insecure. Don’t get me wrong, dark skin isn’t ugly. But mine is very uneven. Thankfully there are a lot of skin whitening products out in the market! While it is important to be proud of our natural color, for sure, wanting to lighten our skintone is not a crime! In a way, it helps me boost my self-confidence!  

But achieving lighter skin is not enough; we should aim to have healthy skin. It’s actually my new year’s resolution: To be the best version of myself both physically and mentally. Most of you probably do not really believe in this kind of stuff, but it’s actually a good practice. The goal of every new year’s resolution is to improve life in the coming year. With that, I make sure that I do not pick products that can only whiten my skin. I make sure that the product I use can also moisturize and protect my skin. 

SkinWhite Power Whitening Lotion became my Holy Grail lotion because it has everything I want my lotion to have: it can whiten, moisturize and protect my skin against harmful UV rays! To know more about this wonderful lotion, keep reading!


SkinWhite says,
Hold to your beautiful youthful skin and prevent skin aging while making it noticeably whiter and healthier. Get visible results in as early as 7 days!


Though this lotion has thick consistency, it feels lighter than the average lotion. It is easily absorbed by my skin leaving it soft and smooth minus the greasy-feel. 

I actually like it for 4 reasons: (1) It moisturizes my skin (2) it has SPF 20 that protects my skin from harmful UVB that can cause burning of skin (3) It gives my skin an instant whitening effect while (4) promising to lighten skin in 7 days. 

You can find tons of lotion that promises to moisturize and protect skin. But what makes this protect better than the other? It gives me INSTANT result. Who wouldn’t want instant result, right?

In this photo, I applied the lotion on the right side of my leg. Notice how it made my skin instantly white? 

Sometimes, I get too shy to wear shorts and skirt because I wasn’t born with beautiful legs. This lotion is heaven-sent, it gives my skin the most natural-looking white skin. It doesn’t look fake! 

Apart from the instant whitening it gives, this lotion is really moisturizing and smells refreshing. I’m obsessed with the scent of Power Whitening line.


I really love it, so far! I can’t think of anything but praises for this product. SkinWhite Powerwhitening Lotion made me think of lotion in a whole new level. It has everything I want my lotion to have: moisturizing, spf 20, instant whitening and long-term whitening benefit, affordable and it’s manufactured in Philippines! Love our own, right?

By the way, I made a review on SkinWhite Powder Cream, you might want to check it out! click HERE

Have you tried this lotion? What is your fave lotion?

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Nyx Matte Lipstick

NYX Cosmetics is like the "MAC" of the Drugstore brand when it comes to lippies! I think I haven’t seen a drugstore brand that offers such overwhelming variety of lipstick formulations and shades to choose from --- or at least here in the Philippines. 

Nyx Lippies are my first love, and the very first lippies that I bought online. Nyx Round lipstick in Tea Rose was my Holy Grail for 3/4 of my life as a blogger. Nyx Lip Cream is the very first lipstick that made me fall inlove with liquid lipstick. I made a review on both products, click HERE for my review on Nyx Lip Cream and HERE and HERE for Nyx Round lipstick. If you want to know my thoughts on their other line, Nyx Matte lipstick, keep reading!



The packaging comes in a standard matte black tube. It has a “window” at the middle part of the body where you can see the shade of the lipstick, which I find it very helpful especially when I need to find the right shade in my makeup stash. 

The packaging is very simple, reminds me so much of Elf Essential lipstick line.
It’s not very sturdy at all. It feels very cheap and a bit loose, but at least mine is still working very well.


I actually purchased two shades and Eunice of Kering Keri store added one for my freebie! This is why I love shopping at Kering Keri store, she’s soooo nice, very friendly to all her customers and I always get “freebie” every time I shop at her online store! 
The two shades I purchased are Audrey and Strawberry Daiquiri and she gave Summer Breeze to me as a freebie!
However, I gave my “Strawberry Daiquiri” to my auntie because she likes the shade and she doesn’t have time to order pa kasi she has a flight on the next day. 

Unfortunately, I can only provide hand swatch for Strawberry Daiquiri, sad! But you can google the shade if you want to see how it looks like on the lips.


Strawberry daiquiri is a salmon-y pink. I find this a very wearable shade, especially for older/matured women.
Audrey is a muted mauve-pink tone, perfect for everyday wear! This is my go-to shade and my new Holy grail everyday pink lipstick. 
Summer Breeze, for some reason, it’s kind of similar to Audrey when swatched on my arms but they aren’t. 
Audrey is “the perfect” everyday pink shade and Summer Breeze is a brighter kind of pink. It somehow reminds me of Mac lipstick in Pink Nouveau because it has a purple-ish tone to it.


Next to my Loreal Moist Matte Lipstick, this has got to be my next fave matte lippies in my makeup stash. The texture is very rich and creamy, and applies so easily that you’ll forget it’s a matte lipstick. It glides without tugging my lips. The less tugging the happier my lips! 

On the first few hours on my lips, it feels really comfortable. I despise matte lipstick more than anything else in the World (just exaggerating!) as I have really serious problem with my chappy lips. 

The only thing that I’m quite concerned of is that it tends to dry out my lips few hours after especially when I’m not drinking water. And if I drink too much water, it reduces the staying power of lipstick. But in all fairness, compared to all other matte lipsticks I’ve tried, this one is less drying. It’s just that I have very, very dry and chappy lips. 

Comparison of Audrey and Summer Breeze


I highly, highly recommend nyx matte lipstick if you are looking for a cheap but good matte lipsticks. They are available in wide variety of shades, like crazy selection from nudes, bright shades, vampire-ish shades and very dark shades. 

The formulation is amazing; it certainly feels creamy and very comfortable on lips for a matte lippies. Audrey is currently my Holy grail every day pink shade, I wear it alternately with my Wet n Wild Megalast lip color in Mauve Outta Here.

I’m excited to try out other shades from the line. I can totally see myself purchasing another shade and repurchasing Audrey over and over! 

-available online and in malls
-available in many shades
-really matte, if you like matte
-quite comfy on my lips
-rich and creamy, glides smoothly

-can be drying on lips 

Have you tried these Nyx Matte lippies? What are your fave shades? Let me know!
Until then, xoxo!

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