Thursday, February 19, 2015

Nyx Matte Lipstick

NYX Cosmetics is like the "MAC" of the Drugstore brand when it comes to lippies! I think I haven’t seen a drugstore brand that offers such overwhelming variety of lipstick formulations and shades to choose from --- or at least here in the Philippines. 

Nyx Lippies are my first love, and the very first lippies that I bought online. Nyx Round lipstick in Tea Rose was my Holy Grail for 3/4 of my life as a blogger. Nyx Lip Cream is the very first lipstick that made me fall inlove with liquid lipstick. I made a review on both products, click HERE for my review on Nyx Lip Cream and HERE and HERE for Nyx Round lipstick. If you want to know my thoughts on their other line, Nyx Matte lipstick, keep reading!



The packaging comes in a standard matte black tube. It has a “window” at the middle part of the body where you can see the shade of the lipstick, which I find it very helpful especially when I need to find the right shade in my makeup stash. 

The packaging is very simple, reminds me so much of Elf Essential lipstick line.
It’s not very sturdy at all. It feels very cheap and a bit loose, but at least mine is still working very well.


I actually purchased two shades and Eunice of Kering Keri store added one for my freebie! This is why I love shopping at Kering Keri store, she’s soooo nice, very friendly to all her customers and I always get “freebie” every time I shop at her online store! 
The two shades I purchased are Audrey and Strawberry Daiquiri and she gave Summer Breeze to me as a freebie!
However, I gave my “Strawberry Daiquiri” to my auntie because she likes the shade and she doesn’t have time to order pa kasi she has a flight on the next day. 

Unfortunately, I can only provide hand swatch for Strawberry Daiquiri, sad! But you can google the shade if you want to see how it looks like on the lips.


Strawberry daiquiri is a salmon-y pink. I find this a very wearable shade, especially for older/matured women.
Audrey is a muted mauve-pink tone, perfect for everyday wear! This is my go-to shade and my new Holy grail everyday pink lipstick. 
Summer Breeze, for some reason, it’s kind of similar to Audrey when swatched on my arms but they aren’t. 
Audrey is “the perfect” everyday pink shade and Summer Breeze is a brighter kind of pink. It somehow reminds me of Mac lipstick in Pink Nouveau because it has a purple-ish tone to it.


Next to my Loreal Moist Matte Lipstick, this has got to be my next fave matte lippies in my makeup stash. The texture is very rich and creamy, and applies so easily that you’ll forget it’s a matte lipstick. It glides without tugging my lips. The less tugging the happier my lips! 

On the first few hours on my lips, it feels really comfortable. I despise matte lipstick more than anything else in the World (just exaggerating!) as I have really serious problem with my chappy lips. 

The only thing that I’m quite concerned of is that it tends to dry out my lips few hours after especially when I’m not drinking water. And if I drink too much water, it reduces the staying power of lipstick. But in all fairness, compared to all other matte lipsticks I’ve tried, this one is less drying. It’s just that I have very, very dry and chappy lips. 

Comparison of Audrey and Summer Breeze


I highly, highly recommend nyx matte lipstick if you are looking for a cheap but good matte lipsticks. They are available in wide variety of shades, like crazy selection from nudes, bright shades, vampire-ish shades and very dark shades. 

The formulation is amazing; it certainly feels creamy and very comfortable on lips for a matte lippies. Audrey is currently my Holy grail every day pink shade, I wear it alternately with my Wet n Wild Megalast lip color in Mauve Outta Here.

I’m excited to try out other shades from the line. I can totally see myself purchasing another shade and repurchasing Audrey over and over! 

-available online and in malls
-available in many shades
-really matte, if you like matte
-quite comfy on my lips
-rich and creamy, glides smoothly

-can be drying on lips 

Have you tried these Nyx Matte lippies? What are your fave shades? Let me know!
Until then, xoxo!

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wet n Wild XXL Lash Mascara

Mascara is another product very close to my heart, next to eyebrow products.  I use it daily to make my lashes appear longer, thicker, sexier! While waterproof mascara sounds perfect as it stays on amazingly even if you cry, it can be very damaging on our lashes especially those mascaras with formulas that are too tough to remove! 

This is why finding the right mascara that I can use for daily basis is quite tricky. I have actually found my Holy Grail mascara. But, it’s from a local brand in the Philippines. Though I already found my HG mascara, I’m still curious whether I could find an international brand that works as good as my Fashion21 mascara. With that, I ordered Wet n Wild XXL Lash mascara. Here is what I think of the product.



Will you believe that the early mascaras are in pressed cake form? Good thing, tubes and mascara applicators were invented! I cannot imagine myself applying mascara in pressed cake form! All mascaras nowadays are in tubes, they just differ in applicator! By far, the most unique mascara I’ve tried is the one from Kate Tokyo. 

This WnW XXL Lash works just like my typical mascara. It has a twisted bristles for volumizing effect. 

It applicator is somewhat tapered. I mostly use the tip (smaller) to apply the product on my lower lashes


I have to searched google for the description. One downfall of this mascara, the packaging doesn't say anything about the product. Not even if it’s waterproof or not. Though, the list of ingredients is written in the seal.

Wet n Wild says,
Wet n Wild XXL Lash Mascara gives your lashes an XXL-lift! With its amazing formula it gives your lashes extreme volume, color and shine!


I have tried tons of mascara from Local brand. I honestly think that drugstore brands make really good mascara. I just don’t like spending thousands for mascara, but maybe, that’s just me! 

This mascara is fairly cheap, it is priced for only Php 389 at Click HERE, if you want to order the same mascara. I’ve been using this mascara alternately with my Fashion21 and I could say that it’s an alright mascara. I find myself reaching for this more than my Maybelline for everyday. 
Maybelline makes really good mascara, but I find them too much for daily use. They are really waterproof and quite hard to remove with just water and soap. That makes me love this mascara, it’s easy to remove. 

I also like that it gives my lashes the right amount of volume and length for daily use. Not too dramatic – just perfect for everyday use.
Although, I wouldn’t really recommend this for weddings or special occasion. If you’re into vavavoom lashes, this may not be the mascara for you.


It’s a good mascara to use for daily, though, this is not something I would recommend for special events. The claim is quite exaggerated, as it doesn’t really give my lashes Xtra Xtra Volume, but it gives my lashes a good volume that’s not too overwhelming for daily use.
I like it for daily use, for that purpose alone. I find myself reaching for this alternately with Fashion21. It gives me the blackest black I could get for a mascara, it is easy to apply without clumping or flaking and removes easily with soap and water. It does have a chemical-like smell which might turn you off. 

If you want to order the same mascara,  you can also use my promo code BLX-KIKAY at checkout to enjoy 15% Off on all their first orders. 

This code is valid till the end of March and not applicable on the following non-discountable brands.
Dercos by Vichy | Dr. Wu Clinical Skincare | Real Techniques | SkinCeuticals |  Sigma Beauty | Vichy | ZOEVA | Origins | Sachajuan | Koh Gen Doh | Laneige |

I have review on Wet n Wild Icon Eyeshadow Collection. Click HERE to direct you on my post. 

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection

Two weeks ago, I received my package from If you haven’t heard of it yet, is South East Asia’s largest online Beauty e-tailer based out of Singapore. They also ship to Australia and New Zealand. Last time I visited their online store, they are having free shipping for order Php 1,300 and above. The best thing about their shipping, the items will be delivered directly on your address! I just hate it when I have to get the items on my Postal Office. Believe me, been there done that. Our postal office taxes the products so crazily! 

Anyway, I received 5 items: all makeups are from Wet and Wild and 1 skincare from Philosophy. Wet n Wild is one of my favorite drugstore brands to date. They are very affordable and yet with very, very great quality comparable to high-end brands. 



If you have been reading blogs or watching youtube, you probably have heard of this many times. Wet n Wild is much known for their amazing eyeshadow palettes and for cheap-packaging. LOL. 

The packaging of this palette is quite flimsy, and you have to be extra careful not to let it fall out of your hands.

I like that the shade is written at the front top of the packaging, as a blogger, I really appreciate those little details.
They included a brush, which I will probably not use. The packaging doesn't have mirror, by the way.


Comfort Zone has 8 eyeshadows, two for each kind. It has a "label" on where you could use the eyeshadows, ex. eyelid, crease. It is very helpful for beginners especially if you aren't really good with combining shades. 

Column 1

The first highlight color is said to be a dupe for Mac’s Rice. It is a really beautiful shimmery shade. I like applying this on the inner corners and browbone! It makes a huge difference in the entire eye look.

The eyelid color is a rosy copper shade. I thought it was similar to rosy shade of my Sleek divine palette but they are not, not even close! That one is really pink rose, this one appears more copper-y.

The Crease is a a medium golden brown. My favorite shade in the palette. I find this kind of shade very flexible and wearable in any occasions.

The Definer is a really dark copper shimmered brown.  It’s a great definer, especially if you find dark shadows too dark.

Column 2

The next highlight color is a gray-frosted shade. It’s a bit less intense as compared to the other highlight color. 

Eyelid shade is a spring-green shade. 

The crease is a charcoal brown with golden shimmers. I usually use this as definer than as crease shadow.

The Definer is definitely one of the unique shades that make this palette really worth it. 
They say it’s a dupe for Mac Club, but this one is more pigmented. It’s a duochrome shadows that is really beautiful! I decided to make an eye makeup using this so you can appreciate the shade even more.
In this eye makeup, I only used the Duochrome definer on my lids then applied the left definer lightly on my crease to create this fun-shimmery eye makeup look. 
To complete the eye makeup, I added purple eyeliner on my waterline. What do you think of this look? Great clubbing makeup, db?


The eyeshadows are soft and very pigmented. I’m not really sure why they called this “Comfort zone” palette because in general, the palette contains playful shades which are perfect for special occasions, night parties and clubbing! Everything in this palette has shimmers, none of it is matte, even the definer has shimmers -- which is another downfall for this palette. They should’ve at least included a matte brown in this palette.

Nonetheless, the duochrome makes this palette! It’s a gorgeous color, you can definitely use it on its own. I like it as an eyelid shade than a definer. 

This palette is really great considering that you can buy this for only Php 486 at Luxola! That’s really a good deal because you get 8 pigmented shades. If you want to order the same palette, click HERE. You can also use my promo code BLX-KIKAY at checkout to enjoy 15% Off on all their first orders. 

This code is valid till the end of March and not applicable on the following non-discountable brands.
Dercos by Vichy | Dr. Wu Clinical Skincare | Real Techniques | SkinCeuticals |  Sigma Beauty | Vichy | ZOEVA | Origins | Sachajuan | Koh Gen Doh | Laneige |

By the way, I will be reviewing the other two products I got from Luxola and the Philosophy. Stay tuned, my loves! Please don’t forget to like my page HERE to get the latest updates on my blog. 

Soon on my blog:

Have you tried shopping at Let me know what are your favorite items from the shop!

Until then, my loves!

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Jazzy Collection Eyebrow Kit

I've been eyeing on Nyx Eyebrow gel ever since Nyx released it. But, when I stumbled upon Micmic corner's review on this brow gel, I decided to buy this instead. It’s cheaper, the entire packaging is nicer and it has free brush. And mind you, the brush included has really, really good quality



Like what I've said, the thing that made me purchased this more than Nyx Brow gel is the packaging. 

I really love the packaging! It came with a clear bag which is clever because it keeps everything, the tube and brushes, all together and also to keep dust away from your brushes especially during the days when you feel so tired washing your brushes after use. 
It has two brushes, both has great quality. I love the slanted brush because it has the right stiffness which makes the "shaping" part easier.


This product is available in 3 shades: 01, 02 and 03. 
01 is always out-of-stock so I decided to give 02 a try (since it's the mid-shade) only to find out that it's still dark for my hair especially now that I have dyed it. 


A little goes a long way! A tube will last you forever, for Php 399, it’s actually sulit! 

The product is quite dark that I only use it so thinly. Otherwise, I will end up looking like Betty La Fea. This brow gel is really good (I know I keep saying it's good but it really is!). It is definitely waterproof and can last the entire day on your brows! 

I did the “rub and waterproof” test. For the “rub-test” part, I applied it on my arms and let it dry for a while. Once the gel is completely dry, I rubbed it out. 
As expected, it didn’t budge. Great,  you wouldn’t want an eyebrow product that can be rubbed off easily, right?

Now, the make or break… waterproof test. Of course, you want an eyebrow product that will last even we get under the rain, or we perspire, whatnot!
I put my arm on the running water to wet it. Then, I rubbed it off quite gently. I didn’t budge, again. But when I rubbed it off too hard, it smudges. Nonetheless, it did a great job in waterproof test.
Now I know why my fellow bloggers are raving about this, if only I had picked the right shade, I know I will love it. But then, since I find it too strong for my taste, I might sell this particular shade or give it away. I honestly don’t know yet! I might buy the lighter shade or might purchase Anastasia eyebrow gel instead. I heard so many, many great things about that too!


The quality is really, really great! They say it’s a dupe for Makeup Forever and exactly the same as Snoe. I think it’s sulit for Php 399 because you will get a good packaging and with a great quality brush. The product itself is great, with amazing longevity. I think this will be a holy grail for girls with thin to moderate eyebrows. If you have thick brows, I wouldn’t recommend this as this will make you eyebrows really thick. Unless, you like that style! 

Have you tried this brow kit? Let me know what you think about this product!
Until then, xoxo.

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Loreal Mat Magique Matte Transforming Powder

Anyone who will ambush my makeup kit in my bag will be disappointed! I rarely bring tons of makeup stuff with me, just one or two lipsticks, lipbalm and blotting sheet with powder. 

Since I rarely retouch my face, I like my makeup to last the longest time possible. This is why I’m obsessed with makeup that promises to stay put throughout the day.

One of the makeups that I’ve been currently loving is my Loreal Paris Mat Magique All in One Matte Transforming Powder. Wew, long name!  Ever since they launched this product this early January, it’s been everywhere! Seriously, in posters, at SM Cashier Counters, in your facebook newsfeed, from your favorite bloggers, in magazines, everywhere! Fortunately, I’ve been testing this product for more than a month now, and I’m ready to share with you my thoughts on this product!


This powder foundation, as it claims, is the first magical matte all-in-one powder infused with volcanic perlite infusion, a natural yet powerful sebum absorbent. It claims to keep you shine-free for up to 12 hours! It has SPF 34 PA+++ for both UVA and UVB protection. 


The Loreal Mat Magique Matte Transforming Powder is available in 5 shades. It was really hard for me to choose the right shade especially since they are not yet available in stalls when I received the product. 

The shade I have is in N2 Nude Vanilla, it matches my NC30-ish skin decently! 
They actually sent me 4 compacts with shades: 2 compacts of Rose Ivory, 1 compact of Nude Vanilla and 1 compact of Vanilla Ivory. Rose Ivory is lighter than Nude Vanilla. Yette, who has lighter skintone, says it fits her skin perfectly. I’m actually torn between Nude Vanilla and Vanilla Ivory. 
Anyways, most of shades seem to have a yellow undertone, so I believe, this powder foundation was specifically made for Asian skintone. 


I’ve always loved Loreal Paris products, and you know that I absolutely adore their lipsticks. They make the most amazing packaging for lipstick for a drugstore brand! Click HERE for my review on their lippies!

Although they are considered as drugstore brand, the products are quite pricey (though, cheaper than most high-end brands). So, when I heard that Loreal Mat Magique will be available in the Philippines for only Php 499, I was like, “Seriously??!” I used to buy Php 600-Php 900 for a refill of a powder foundation from other brands! And yes, you have to purchase the compact separately. This works just as great, or even better, than those powder foundations. 

It is housed in a purple compact, my second fave color next to pink, with a decent-sized mirror. It has a separate compartment for sponge. The powder came with a good quality sponge that has no latex-like smell. The sponge included is something that you can really use and does the job really well. 
The powder is soft and feels very light on skin. You can use it on its own, or over a bb cream. 

For staying power, I haven’t really tested it out for 12 hours. The longest that I have this foundation on my face without retouch is for 9 hours.
For the entire 9 hours, I mostly stayed in air-conditioned area.  I left at home at 12 pm, rode a jeepney for 10 minutes then fx. I stayed at Megamall the entire time. On my way home, I took Fx again and tricycle. When I took this photo, I was just surprise to see that only my forehead and the area near my eyebrows are oily. The powder foundation is still intact. The rest of my makeups were all gone. I didn’t retouch at all. Didn’t even blot my face. But I remember, I did use a primer underneath it. So maybe, that also helps in making the powder foundation lasts longer. 
And here is my photo with flash after 9 hours of wearing the foundation


OVERALL, I highly recommend this product! This can cover minor blemishes; it has a smooth finish, feels very light on skin, it has SPF 34 PA+++, comes in a really cute compact and the foundation stays on throughout the day. 
Loreal Paris makes really amazing makeup, very high quality! And this one is actually cheap for Php 499, you can even buy a refill for only Php 399!  

-affordable at Php 499
-available in 5 shades
-most of the shades have yellow undertone
-light to medium coverage
-feels like on skin
-not cakey, even when used as retouching powder
-good staying power

-you still need primer to make it last longer during hot/summer season

KIKAYSIMARIA, sponsored by Loreal, is giving away 3 COMPACT TO 3 LUCKY READERS! If you want to know more about this contest, click HERE.

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