Friday, November 20, 2015


A subscription box that contains only makeup. Perhaps, that’s the best thing that could ever happen to a beauty box. Let’s admit it ladies, we are more loyal to skincare than to our makeup. In fact, I bring with me at least 3 lipsticks everyday! I’m pretty sure you have more. 

We have tried tons of foundations, blushes, lipsticks… no matter how good our current makeup products, we just can’t get enough of makeup. 

So imagine my joy when I found out that BDJ Box has collaborated with Pink Sugar for the November subscription box. It’s not hard to guess, the candies and pink photo that BDJ Box posted early this week says it all. 

Anyways, I was on my vacation when this box came into the house. And a lot of BDJ subscribers have already shared what's inside the box. 

By now, I'm probably the last person to post this unboxing. Hence aside from unboxing, I decided to also include my "first impression review" on these babies! Likewise, I attempted to do an everyday makeup using only the products inside this month's box. 


Pink Sugar Cosmetics was created as a makeup solution for women looking for products of high quality and great value.

Their products go beyond their creative packaging and catchy names by providing distinct ingredient benefits for your skin. The selection of wearable colors available for each of our products have been expertly curated by makeup professionals to complete a woman's make-up collection and to complement the Filipina skin.

Pink Sugar cosmetics are free from animal testing and are made without Parabens.
Price: 30g, Php 449
Inside the Box: 30 g, Php 499

A multi-benefit beauty balm for flawless overage that nourishes skin
Using your fingertips or foundation brush, gently apply to face, blending onto skin until desired coverage is achieved.
It smells, feels and works like a legit-bb cream. I've tried several western-made bb creams including bb creams made by our local brands, however, they don't feel anything like a korean-bb cream. But this one, it's like a korean bb cream but with warm undertone. 
The shade I have is LIGHT WARM, which fits perfectly on my skintone. Good job, BDJ BOX! 
I love how it smoothens and moisturizes my skin. You can really feel the moisturizing effect it gives. One of the best things about this product is, though it is moisturizing, it doesn't feel oily on my skin. When I swatched it on my hands, I noticed tiny shimmers which were not noticeable when I applied it on my face. Maybe, that's the reason why it has a glowy effect once applied on skin. 
Another thing I like about the product is that, this bb cream gives my skin a glowy but not dewy-effect. You can check the photo I posted above, it didn't give me that "dewy-skin" that most bb creams have -- which is a good thing if you have oily skin.
I love that it contains SPF 25, since I'm so "tamad" to apply sunblock these past few days. 

Price: 13 g, Php 299
Inside the Box: 13 g, Php 29

A creamy concealer that covers blemishes and other imperfections with ease

Price: 9 g, Php 499
Inside the Box: 9 g, Php 499

A face powder that can be applied dry or wet for a fresh, flawless look all day

After BB Cream, apply concealer under the eye or on other uneven spots, like acne marks, on the face. Then blend well.
After that, use your powder brush or the sponge included in the packaging to apply the foundation in a press-and-roll motion. You can use either wet or dry. 

The concealer reminds me of Mary Kay concealer, but a bit more heavy. The consistency is so thick, hence, perfect for concealing acne marks. 
However, it was difficult to use it on a wrinkled underye.  The formulation is liquid but dry, making it difficult to blend on skin. I think it's a good concealer to cover acne marks, but not a good undereye concealer -- if you want to use it as undereye concealer, I highly recommend using moisturizer or primer prior to application.
The concealer is a water-resistant concealer. It had to scrub it well just so I can remove it on my hand. I even had to wash it with Biore facial oil twice just to remove it.
For the foundation, I like how soft it is. It goes really smoothly on my skin, absorbs oil and minimizes the pores. I like using this with a sponge than face brush, because it's really powdery. In case you're wondering, the shade I received is Natural Ochre.


Price: 6g, Php 499
Inside the Box: 6g, Php 499

A high definition colored powder compact

Price: 12 g, Php 699
Inside the Box: 12 g, Php 699
Pink sugar's professionally curated 10-color eyeshadow palette with an expert selection of matte and shimmer shades. Finely milled powder adheres to skin beautifully.

Using a floppy blush brush, apply the blush lightly on skin. 
Since Pink Sugar doesn't have eyebrow product, I used the dark brown shade on the palette to fill in my eyebrows. It's not visible in the photo, but I also use the shimmery bronze shade on all-over my lids for that effortless eye makeup look.

I also use the lightest brown shade to contour my cheeks and to lift my nose. (opps, I already applied duo eyeliner on this photo)

The shade I have for the blush is called wanderlust. It's a hot pink shade that has fine shimmers. The shimmers aren't too overwhelming, which is a good thing. You need to use a floppy brush (loose) to apply this on cheeks since it's so pigmented. It has a decent staying power.
I love products that I can use for several purpose. The eye candy palette is now my new fave product to use on my eyebrows. I'm so impressed with how it stays on my eyebrows throughout the day, even without setting it with a brow mascara.

I like the color selection, reminds me of my favorite Sleek Palette in Divine. All the shades are very wearable, and pigmented. 

Price: 1.2 g, Php 349
Inside the Box: 1.2 g, Php 349

A retractable pencil tip on one end and felt tip on the other; pencil liner delivers smudge-proof everyday definition and is safe to use on waterline; felt tip line creates a bolder, longer-lasting stripe of color, but easily draw thin to thick lines for natural to dramatic look

Surprisingly, the felt tip liner is easy to apply. When I first saw the tip, I was like, "Oh, it's thick. I might not like it." For me, for liquid liner, the thinnner, the better. But this one, it's thicker than my usual liquid eyeliner, but stiffer. Hence, I can create thin to thick lines easily. I like the color of brown for both eyeliners, it's not too light nor too dark.

However, they tend to smudge a little especially if you have oily lids. 

Price: 9g, Php 349
Inside the Box: 9g, Php 349
A long-lasting, light weight formula; delivers a lovely matte finish; moisturizes, nourishes and soften lips during use.

Creamy Matte: 3.4 g, Php 349
HD: 3.4 g, Php 299
Inside the Box: 
Creamy Matte: 3.4 g, Php 349
HD: 3.4 g, Php 299
Creamy Matte -  Covers lips in gorgeous color with a soft matte finish; highly pigmented formula glides on smoothly; formulated with vitamin E and shea butter to moisturize, nourish, and soften lips during use; comes in 10 bold shades

HD Lipstick - Delivers maximum color payoff in a variety of highly-pigmented shades; formulated with vitamin E and shea butter to moisturize, nourish, and soften lips during use; glides on smoothly and blends easily.

I'm obsessed with liquid lipsticks recently. I have several liquid lipsticks: nyx soft matte, colourpop ultra matte, la splash, ofra liquid lipstick and now, Pink Sugar Tint. And unfortunately, among all these liquid lipstick, Sugar tint is my least favorite. 
I dont know if it's because of the shade, Coral Bliss, I received. But it is so difficult to apply. I always end up with patchy-lips. huhu. *Detailed review comparing it with other liquid lipstick will be posted soon*
But their tube lipsticks are worth-purchasing, if ever you're planning to get one! They glide smoothly, and feel comfortable on my lips. 
Naked (HD Lipstick) is one of the best nudes I've tried. The finish is "creamy" than satin. It has a nice sheen that makes my lips appear well-moisturized.
First kiss (Creamy Lipstick) is a nice pink, that can complement a lot of skintone. It has a more satin-y finish than Naked.


Overall, this is the best bdj box I received this year! I'm actually planning to buy Pink Sugar tint prior to this subscription. Thankfully, BDJ Box has saved me from disappointment. 

Except for the lip tint, I am more than satisfied with all my Pink Sugar products. My favorites are the BB Cream and Powder foundation. 

Thank you, BDJ BOX for this month's subscription box!! 

To know more about BDJ Box, visit my first unboxing blogpost HERE

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Avenue

I have no plan of purchasing Colourpop Ultra matte until my friend, Deanne, recommended this to me. Also, I saw it in one of Kathleenlight reviews and she loved it! (I’m such a fan!).

I originally planned on getting Tulle but it’s not on discounted price at Shopee, so I opted to get this one instead. It’s Halloween anyway, the perfect time to rock dark, bold lips.

And here’s my thought on this product.


This thin and lightweight formula glides onto the lips smoothly and leaves SUPER intense pigment-rich colour with a bold, ultra matte look. It's very long wearing and completely kiss proof!


This ultra matte lip came into this slim, white box. It has a "Made with love in the U.S.A" print on the top and the name of the shade is printed at the bottom.
The box is just so pretty, I really like the holographic effect of the word “Ultra matte lip” print.
The tube itself is placed in a typical clear plastic tube. It doesn’t feel cheap unlike the Ofra liquid lipstick tubes. 

It has the typical footdoe applicator. It’s quite sturdy and I never had any trouble applying the product


Avenue is a dark, vampy kind of red. It’s very buildable.  The more I apply, the darker it gets.

Here is one layer of the liquid lipstick. 


Ultra-matte is the right name for this product. This product feels like cement on my lips. I’ve tried other matte lippies before but this is insanely matte, and very drying on lips. This lip product dries quickly; which can be tricky to apply. 

Apply one layer, and it will give you a nice-deep red.

If you want a deeper, almost brown kind of red, you can apply at least 2 layers. However, you have to be careful in adding layers after layers as this tends to dry my lips like crazy. 
It has a good longevity, though you have to avoid eating greasy food while using this. It’s partly kissproof . It doesn’t transfer, unless, my lips become wet. For instance, whenever I drink water, it does transfer a little on the glass. 


I really like the color. The formulation is good, but really drying. The longevity is far better than that of Ofra Long Lasting liquid lipstick . However, if you have dry lips, you might want to skip this one. 
I am quite happy with this product, though I was hoping that Colourpop will, somehow, reformulate it. For something so intensely drying, I was hoping that it will be as kissproof as some of my other liquid lipsticks. 

Have you tried using liquid lipstick? What's your favorite?

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Sunday, October 4, 2015


A girl can never have too many lipsticks. I couldn’t agree more. 

However, even though I love trying out new lippies every time, I still have that one lipstick that I could always rely on for everyday. For me, this lip product right here is my mostly used lip product for this year. This is one of the sponsored products sent by Luxola about 7 months ago when they introduced me to their site and since then, it has always been on my kikay kit. I really can’t go out without this on my bag.

To know more about this product and why I love it, keep reading!


Wet n Wild says,
This is the perfect stick for your pout! Now you can liven up your lips with one stick for a kissable pout in no time. To keep you pucker-perfect, these balm stains glide on smoothly while conditioning your lips. Enriched with acai and palm oil, this amazing formula forms a protective shield on the lips to prevent feathering. 


  • Smooth, conditioning formula enriched with acai palm oil
  • Forms a protective shield on the lips to prevent feathering
  • Winner of the All You Beauty Award!
  • Leaves your pucker moisturized with a unique cooling tingle!
  • Provides continuous moisture for softer lips


Unlike wet n wild megalast lip color, the packaging of this lip balm is quite decent. So far, I have this for more than 7 months now, and the labels are still intact. 

Just like the old packaging of the megalast lip color, the name of shade is not written at the bottom of the lipbalm. Instead, it is written at the plastic seal thingy that you need to remove if you unseal the product. 


The formulation is like a lipbalm, but the color is more opaque. One swipe is enough to give my lips a nice youthful look. 
If you have been a long time reader of my blog, you’ll know that I always complain about my chappy and dry lips. This is why I find this lip stain a perfect product for me. It doesn’t just add color on my lips, it also moisturizes my dry lips.

Rico Mauve is a nice, everyday shade. On first swatch, it’s like a toned-down pink on my lips. 
Then, as it dries, it comes off more pinky-red. 
This lipbalm is really moisturizing on my lips. Plus, I really enjoy the cooling sensation it gives. 

When it comes to longevity, this product is long-lasting. It does last after drinking or eating. 
Another reason why I love it is because it’s quick and very convenient to use. Don’t you just hate it when you have to let your lipbalm set before applying lipstick on top? With this one, it’s like I already applied lipbalm and lip color in just one swipe. Also, it’s a fool-proof lip product. I can apply it perfectly on my lips without a mirror.


Overall, I'm really happy with this! I will repurchase if ever I run out of this. I really love how convenient it is to use. 

If ever I'll pick one out of all the lip products I have, this will definitely be my top pick for an everyday lipstick.

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Saturday, September 26, 2015


I started buying tester perfumes back in my college years. I usually buy at Greenhills, because they’re cheaper! Back then, I don’t know much about tester perfumes (what are they? Where do they really came from). The only thing I knew was these were smuggled testers from the brand of this perfume. It’s so much easy to believe in that because they smell like the real thing in malls. 

I don’t buy original perfumes since they cost an arm and a leg. But I do have few originals from my Aunt in US. They usually give us pasalubong whenever they visit us here in Philippines. And some were from my sisters.

Before I started my online store, I tried researching about tester perfumes. I messaged several sellers asking what kind of tester perfumes they are selling, how they differ from each other and just some random chats with them – showing that I’m interested in reselling their products. I tried one testers to another until I found the distributor that has the best quality. It took me a lot of “trial and error” but it’s worth it.

In few months that I’ve been selling, I discovered “new” things about these so called “tester perfumes” and I hope this will enlighten you before deciding whether to purchase tester perfume or not to. 

Not most sellers will reveal this, but I believe that buyers have the right to know. Deceiving people are not my thing, I like to earn – yes, this is business, but I want them to know what they are really buying. 


Let’s start with some definitions. 

ORIGINAL Testers. Is not synonymous to “Authentic testers” for some sellers. For some reason, most sellers claim that “Dubai testers” or some “US Testers” are original testers. But they really aren’t. 

When you say Original testers – it should be authentic. When you say authentic testers, it should come from the brand itself. For instance, Versace testers. Versace should be the one producing those testers for their own purpose. BUT these companies DO NOT SELL these tester perfumes, and they are manufacturing these at a very limited quantities.
Surprisingly, you can see sellers selling these tester perfumes at crazy quantities, almost unlimited! Why? Because we usually get these from one manufacturer. All tester perfumes ARE FROM one manufacturer, which explains why we have unlimited stocks and why most of us are selling different kinds at almost same prices.

US Testers. There’s no such thing as US testers. One time, I purchased a tester perfume from a seller who claimed that she’s selling US Testers. I was so disappointed because she sent me a low quality tester perfumes. There are different qualities of tester perfumes, and for a seller to claim that she’s selling “US testers” even though I know for the fact that there is no such thing, I still expect that at least, somehow, she’ll sent me the highest quality of Dubai testers. 

I was so disappointed because in the picture she posted, the Eclat has “lilac” liquid, but the one I received has “blue” liquid – which is one thing to look into when looking for high quality tester perfume.

I told her that I know that what she’s selling is not US testers, since there’s no such thing as US testers. But she should have at least sent the right product she posted-- an Eclat with lilac liquid, and not the blue kind.

She even said to me, “Alam mo palang walang US testers. Seller ka din, kaya dapat alam mo kung pano imarket ang benta mo.” 

Anyway, she said sorry on the latter part of our conversation since she said that she didn’t know that the blue and lilac have different qualities. If she had known that, she would have sent me the right item. 

I forgave her because when I started this online store, I, too, didn’t know the difference of a good quality testers and low quality testers. But what frustrates me is the fact that she deceives her buyers of having US testers, even she’s fully aware that there is no such thing. 

DUBAI testers. Dubai testers have different kind of qualities. There are good quality tester perfumes, which are comparable to originals. Though, there are also not good tester perfumes. These are called DUBAI testers since they're imported to Dubai.

It’s really hard to see the difference, unless you try it yourself. This is where “Trial and error” comes. This is my advice to those who want to resell tester perfumes. Buy two pcs of same perfume from two different distributors and compare them. I highly recommend that you buy two of the same kind for an apple to apple comparison. That’s the best way to find which has a better quality. For instance, compare the blueish ├ęclat to lilac ├ęclat and you’ll see what I’m talking about. 

If you, however, purchase different kinds of scents, you wouldn’t really able to compare it fully. For example, you purchased D&G light blue and D&G l’imperatrice. D&G light blue will really last longer even if you have the highest quality D&G L’imperatrice. Even the original D&G L’imperatrice isn’t long lasting, you can read reviews through

SINGAPORE testers. The lowest and cheapest tester perfumes you could get. It doesn’t smell anything like the original. I wouldn’t really recommend you to purchase this, unless, you just want to try it. 

In this post, I will show you how to find a good quality tester perfumes for Eclat and D&G Light Blue.
My intention for this post is to let people know what they are really purchasing. I sell my tester perfumes for only Php 900, if you will order through Facebook. 

But we have promos sponsored by Shopee Philippines where you can purchase our tester perfumes from Php 760, which already includes shipping fee! This promo is until December 31 only.

So, imagine, you’ll only pay about 1/4 the price of the original perfume. But do not expect that you’ll get the “real” thing for that price. You know what they say, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” There’s always a catch. If someone sells a perfume for almost 1/4 the price and claims it to be authentic, it’s okay to doubt. 

To be sure that you are only getting original perfumes, I recommend getting the one in original pack (not the tester pack) and buy at your trusted stores like malls.

I personally don’t mind using this kind of tester perfumes since these are very affordable and most of these are really long lasting. I’ve tried and tested my products, I use them personally. 

I wanted to earn (who doesn't?), but not to the extent of deceiving my buyers. I highly value honesty. 

If you have more questions, never hesitate to contact me. You can reach me through my FACEBOOK page HERE

To view the complete list of my tester perfumes, you can click HERE and view the actual photos of my tester perfumes HERE.

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Unboxing: BDJ September Elite Box

I run out of August subscription box – I was a little surprise honestly! Elite boxes cost more than twice as much as their regular boxes, and I never thought that it will be sold out that fast. But it did, it really did! Grrr, so I had no choice but to wait for two months to get my Elite box. And finally, here it is!!


BDJbox says,
“For only Php1,480 a month, you will get a BDJ Box Elite filled with more premium products, from travel sizes to full sizes. 

• You'll get Php3,000 worth of products, which is double of what you pay for! 
• You'll get access to a beauty group, exclusively for BDJ Box Elite subscribers. We'll be sharing there how to best use the products you'll be getting and get your questions answered directly by the BDJ Box Team and our Beauty Ministry! 
• You'll also get the chance to be part of our Beauty Ministry's monthly makeup parties! :)”

First reaction: Whuuut? I can get Php 3,000 worth of items in Regular boxes, too! Remember my unboxing for HERE.

Second Reaction: Unlike their previous Elite Boxes, BDJ opted not to reveal what’s inside the subscription box. So, I need to pay Php 1,480 for things I don’t know if I'll like. whyyyy so cruel, BDJ! 

Still, I end up ordering one out of curiousity. 

“Just one.. Just one!,” I said to myself.


Full size: 15 g, Php 895 
Inside the box: 15 g, Php 895

Achieve long lasting freshness with the newest and first ever matte effect in cushion foundation from The Face Shop! The moist-cover effect of The Faceshop Oil Control Water Cushion promotes a healthy look while covering up imperfections and pigmention. It has sebum control formula that helps keeps makeup shine-free. Plus it has sweat proof effect that makes it feel fresh like when it is first applied.
The first and only cushion I've tried was the one from Laneige and it is twice expensive than this! I'm really excited to try this because I have oily skin and I'm a sucker for sebum control products!

Note: Please take note that the Full size amount of this is product is only 15 g and not 30 g as indicated in BDJ Elite box.

Full size: 60 ml, Php 462
Inside the box: 60 ml, Php 462

Stretchmarks happen to everyone and in different locations on your body. No need to worry, show off your skin with the help of Gly Derm is composed of Centella Asiatica, sweet almond oil, and shea butter. These ingredients help rebuild collagen and regain skin elasticity, thereby improving the color and reducing the size of stretch marks, wherever they are on your skin.

I have stretchmarks  - I'm not shy to say it! But it doesn't mean I want to have it. LOL. I've always wanted to try Bio Oil but I'm cheap, I'm really cheap to buy it. I'm so happy that BDJ has included this product in this box, I hope it will work for me! Please, please!

Full size: 250 ml, Php 395
Inside the box: 250 ml, Php 395

Start your day with vibrant looking hair! This L'oreal Professional  Vitamino Color Shampoo is your color-treatment hair's bestfriend. It has a double-protection system for colored hair with incell hydro-resist, a UV filter for hair and derivatives of vitamin E and magnesium to protect your hair lather, rinse and get ready to flaunt your gorgeous locks!

I'm a little obsessed with Loreal hair products ever since I've tried the conditioner that came with my Loreal Fashion Excellence. That conditioner made my hair really, really soft! Hands down.

I'm so excited to try it! I'm going try it tomorrow, asap! But hey, it's quite pricey for a shampoo ha. I don't know if I'll be happy if this will work for me . LOL. Perhaps, yes? But not my wallet.

Full size: 2 mg, Php 269
Inside the box: 2 mg, Php 269
Got zits? No worries! Celeteque Acne-Clearing Concealer covers unwanted zits while actively helping in its treatment. Based on actual clinical test results, comedones reduction on face will be seen after just one week of product usage. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of Camellia sinensis extract help skin be healthy and blemish free.

Interesting! The Celeteque bacne spray and gel are wonderful products for acne! I'm positive that this will work on me too! Ahh, perfect timing! I have a big zit on my chin. Ugh!

Full size: 150 ml, Php 299
Inside the box: 150 ml, Php 299

Make your makeup removal quick and easy with Biore Cleansing oil. It's suitable for medium to heavy makeup users and it effectively removes stubborn makeup, even your waterproof mascara, while lifting away dirt and impurities! Even those who don't use makeup can use this cleansing to get fresh skin after a long day. It's gentle and mild plus it has a refreshing fragrance you'll fall in love with.

I don't use Makeup remover because I'm too lazy to use cotton pads. Same reason why I don't use toner! haha! This is an interesting product since you use this like a facial wash. For me, it's easier, quicker and more convenient to use!

Full size: 10 sheets, Php 119
Inside the box: 10 sheets, Php 119
Japan's No. 1 Makeup remover is finally here. Cleanse and care with Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets. It comes in a handy pack that you can always bring whenever you go. It thoroughly removes all traces of makeup without irritating and drying your skin. It also contains hydrating beauty essence that leaves skin smooth and moisturized. Now you have no excuse not to cleanse your skin after a tiring day - just a get a sheet and wipe the dirt from your face.

When Nivea went on 50% off sale, I hoarded makeup remover sheets, only to find out that I am not a person who uses makeup removers. So, I end up wasting them. huhu. This didn't really excite me, but I'm sure others will be happy to get this in this box.

Full size: pHP 425
Inside the box: Php 425
Time for a change and add rich, radiant color that revitalizes and protects your hair this September! Loreal Paris casting Creme gloss is a no ammonia hair colourant that gives you natural-looking color with visible shimmering tones and glossy shine. Color lasts up to 28 washes. This will leave your hair feeling nourished and soft. 

After reading the description, I wonder if it has the same effect as Cellophane hair treatment? If yes, I'm excited to try it out na! If it's just another hair coloring, for goodness sake, I still have a bunch at home. huhu

Full size: 250 ml, Php 270
Inside the box: 250 ml, Php 270
Get 80% clearer skin in as early as 1 week. It has hydroxy Acid that can penetrate hair follicles and exfoliate dead skin, thus removing blockage and decreasing comedones on the skin.

I have this before and it's okay. It's a good cleanser to use, but since I'm too lazy to remove my makeup prior to washing off my face, this didn't work for me! I want facial cleanser that can remove makeup like my Kojie San. 


The total worth of items? 
I received more than Php 3,000 worth of products, which is twice the amount I paid for. All items are in full sizes, which is another plus point! 

No vouchers, yay! I honestly don't like vouchers especially those that require me to buy something to get something off. LOL. 

Overall, I'm happy with the items I received. Though, I wish that they included more makeup items for this month's Elite Box. Other than that, I'm okay with everything else. I'm excited to use TFS Oil Control Cushion! 

Have you received your Elite Box? What's your favorite item?

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