Monday, May 9, 2016


I know I’ve been posting Mary Kay products recently, it is because I’ve trying out every Mary Kay cosmetics that I can possibly buy to know which of these products I can recommend. I want first-hand experience on the things I sell, though that entails extra gastos, I try to look at it as an investment.

Aside from the liquid foundation, Mary Kay blushes are one of the products that I honestly think are worth buying! You know I love these blushes as I’ve been sharing it so many times (more than any of my Mary Kay product) in my facebook page and instagram. 

So today, I decided to share with you a detailed review on Mary Kay’s Cheek color.


Mary Kay says,
“The mineral-based formula of Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Color is famous for its oil-absorbing properties, ease of application and excellent coverage.

-Stay-true color defines cheekbones.
-Contains Vitamins A, C and E to help protect against wrinkle-causing free-radicals.
-Applies smoothly, easily and evenly.
-Designed to fit perfectly in the Mary Kay® Compact.”


The blush comes in a loose pan, which means that you don't have to depot it. You can put it in a magnetic compact like the famous Z-Palette which is available at Sephora PH, but it’s pretty expensive.  I recommend trying out Wild Peach Cosmetcis, the cheaper alternative for Z-Palette. Or you can also get the magnetic compact of Mary Kay – though, it’s still kind of expensive especially since you can only put 3 eyeshadows and a blush in their compact mini priced at Php 595! 
But if you can live with the clear plastic casing that it came with, that’s alright. Although, you have to be extra careful since they are loosely attached in that initial packaging. If you don’t really have budget to buy the compact separately, you can just secured the pan with a double sided tape to keeps the product from falling out. 
The blushes may be tiny compare to Nars Orgasm, but behold, as a single pan of it contains 0.18oz/5g of product compared to the full size of Nars Orgasm which contains 0.16oz/4.8g


Unfortunately, we only have 3 shades of the cheek color in the Philippines: Champagne rose, Shy and Strawberry cream. The 3 shades are all pink shades with shimmers. I wish Mary Kay can come out with more shades that have other tones like peach/coral, orange, berry, brownish so women can have more options available for their skintone. 
Anyways, Shy is the most famous shade as it is the “exact” dupe for the famous Nars Orgasm. I have Nars Orgasm, and trust me, you can never tell the difference when swatched side by side. 
It is a pink shade with beautiful golden shimmer. Hence, it looks kind of pinky peach in the pan. Exact dupe for Nars Orgasm.
It is like Shy but with less golden shimmers and more pink toned. At first, I thought Strawberry Cream will be a dupe for Nars Deepthroat but Strawberry Cream is pinkier on skin.

It has a pink rose shade. The “rose” shade makes the blush appear darker compared to the two other shades. 


The powder is finely milled, very soft and smooth – smoother than Nars blushes. That’s probably my favorite thing about Mary Kay powders, even their loose and pressed powder, they’re very silky soft but not too powdery when used with brush. 
The blushes all have shimmers (very fine) that can make skin glow! Shy has the most golden shimmers among the three shades available. 
In terms of pigmentation, they have better payoff compared to Nars. In Nars Orgasm, I normally apply 2-3 swipes to achieve the shade I want, but with Mary Kay, I only need 1-2 swipes – easier, faster and more economical! Though it’s pigmented, the blushes blend so easily on skin. 

For longevity, these are pretty long lasting. It can last the entire day on me. I tried putting it through a running water but it stayed on amazingly. Of course, the longevity will vary depending on how oily your skin is. I have combination skin, my t-zone is super oily but my cheeks are pretty normal-dry. 


I think I get more value for my money if you would buy Mary Kay Cheek Color over Nars blushes – as it contains more, cheaper and has really good formulation.
The only downside I could think of was the limited selection of shades. I wish they could come out with more shades. I heard that there are 7 shades available few years ago, and it’s a mix of matte and shimmers shade. I wonder why Mary Kay has pulled out these shades in the Philippines, I’m eyeing on Sunny spice pa naman!  

Anyways, other than that, I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE BLUSHES! They said that the formulation is comparable to Tarte Amazonian and Nars Blushes, I cannot vouch on Tarte, but for Nars – I think MK is even better!

Shy is a great blush to try! It’s really worth it!

PRICE: Php 420
TO ORDER: Visit KIKAYSIMARIA on facebook

To become a Beauty Consultant:
Message me on my facebook page: Kikaysimaria or viber me: 09369369150
I can forward you the membership form so you won't have to go to the Beauty Center to register. Moreover, we will ship your Starter kit for free!

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Everyday Makeup with Mary Kay Cosmetics

If I would define Mary Kay products in two words, it’ll be: quality and expensive! I know I always say that price doesn’t always guarantee quality. But quality, not always but most of the time, comes at a price. There’s always a reason why something is much expensive than the others. Perhaps, they spend more on ingredients and quality check/control.

Mary Kay is a brand that offers good quality products. Hindi basta basta at hindi mo ikakahiya ibenta. This is why I’m very confident in the products that I’m selling especially those that I have really tried and tested.  

In today’s post, I’ll share with you a simple everyday makeup look using my Mary Kay products, and of course, I’ll also include a short and honest review on these products.


Skincare is a very important step before makeup. You need to clean your face then apply moisturizer. Currently, I have been really loving the Timewise 3-in-1 Cleanser because it lathers really nicely on skin. I also like using it with Skinvigorate brush twice a week. For moisturizer, I still use my Olay moisturizer but will definitely shift to Timewise Anti-ageing Moisturizer when I run out of my Olay. 
For face makeup, I always start with Primer. For primer, you can either use the Oil mattifier or Foundation primer from Mary Kay. In this makeup look, I opted to use the foundation primer because it has SPF 15. I noticed that the finish of foundation looks better with this primer underneath, although it doesn’t do much on oil control.

Next is foundation. Mary Kay has two formulations for foundation: the matte-wear (for oily skin) and luminous (for dry skin). Since I have oily skin, I prefer the matte wear formulation. I swear by this, I have not touched any of my foundation since I got this. In fact, I ditched some of my foundations because of this. 
I applied the foundation on the left and right half of my face (photo below and above) so you can see the coverage of the foundation.
I normally apply just one layer of this foundation, and another layer on areas where I need more coverage because it has a buildable coverage. Meaning, the more layer I apply, the more coverage I get. Although I wouldn’t recommend pilling up 3 layers on skin as it has the tendency to look cakey especially on dry areas of the face. Also, I always opt for the lighter shade of foundation since this foundation oxidizes on my skin

After foundation, I like doing my eyebrows. I used the Mary Kay Brow definer in Classic blonde and I was so impressed with the formulation. The pencil is quite soft and waxy hence tames the hair in place. However, since it is soft, I tend to sharpen it every now and then. 
Then, I use Mary Kay Mineral Pressed Powder to set my liquid foundation in place. The mineral powder is very silky and smooth on skin. If only you can touch my skin now. Anyways ,since this is just a pressed powder, it doesn’t provide any coverage just like your typical setting powder. But this powder truly helps minimize the appearance of lines and pores. 
Of course, the next steps are putting colors on my cheeks and lips. Mary Kay has a really, really amazing blushes! I am so loving all the shades of their blushes: Shy, Strawberry Cream and Champagne. Shy is the exact dupe of Nars Orgasm. You can’t tell the difference on swatch and on my cheeks. 
Mary Kay Crème Lipstick in Toffee is a caramel-brown shade that looks gorgeous on many skintone. If you have darker skintone, this lipstick will appear like pinkish nude but on my skintone, it’s a pinky brown. 

I will do a separate review on each product mentioned above. 

Overall, I’m really impressed with the quality of Mary Kay products. It may be expensive but you will really get what you paid for (in a good way!). The quality, the packaging… are really exceptional! 

If I would recommended just 3 products from the brand that you should get, I will definitely recommend the liquid foundation, blushes and the concealer! 

What are your favorite Mary Kay products?

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Sunday, May 1, 2016


In my facebook page and instagram, I shared with you the foundations I purchased for 2016. All in all, I accumulated 9 foundations for the 2016 alone. I don’t normally shift from one foundation to another. I’ve been a loyal user of Kate Tokyo Foundation for more than a year, and Mary Kay foundation before it. However, when brands went on “sale” for foundations, I got excited and purchased all of them. Lol. And now, I realized I have too many foundations and I cannot use them all at once. Hence, I will probably include most of them at my pre-loved sale on my facebook page. But before putting it on sale, I want to share with you my thoughts on the products and which of these products will be included in my sale. 


I dislike squeeze-tube kind of packaging for foundation as the cap can get too dirty. Pump is still the best way to dispense off foundation, and it’s very hygienic! 
I truly appreciate Kate Tokyo Powderless Foundation packaging when it comes to travelling. It is made from plastic, hence, very lightweight in my makeup kit. Nevertheless, I also appreciate Loreal True Match and Sansan HD glass packaging as it is more environmental-friendly, but finds it a bit heavy to travel with.


Mary Kay has a runny liquid consistency, and all others are in between thick to runny consistency. Despite that, Mary Kay provides quite an excellent coverage. 

Kate Tokyo Powderless foundation - Holy Grail foundation for more than a year because it applies easily, and blends nicely; I like the natural-looking finish it gives my skin. Also, since it’s powderless foundation, this foundation is always the one I bring with me in my travels (overnight vacation or sleepovers) as I can wear it on its own (without setting it with powder) – unlike the ordinary foundations wherein I need to set it with powder.

Inglot YSM – I haven’t really tested this one thoroughly since the shade I got is too dark for my skintone; I got it at a group in Facebook hence the wrong shade. I wasn’t able to swatch it myself. Anyways, Inglot is very light on skin and blends so well. This is probably the lightest from the bunch I’ve tried.

Loreal True Match – blends really well, has good range of colors and looks so natural on skin. I have 2 things I don’t like about it: (1) not good for summer weather and (2) takes time to set on skin.

Mary Kay Matte Wear Foundation – my new holy grail liquid foundation as it is excellent in controlling oil; and among all the foundations I’ve tried, this is the only foundation that can withstand our summer weather!

Revlon Colorstay – I hate the packaging. I hate it so much as it doesn’t have pump with it. It is always impossible for me not to pour excess products on my hand. It provides excellent coverage, but feels heavy on skin. While it has good longevity, I find that it doesn’t control my oil that much (the weather is too hot recently!)

San San Matte liquid foundation – it’s very affordable and has good longevity. It’s really good for its price. I have not found any foundation as good as this on its price range. Although, this feels quite heavy on my skin. I definitely can feel like I’m wearing foundation.

San San HD Foundation – I read so many raves on it on TMUR, but I still think that the matte liquid version is better and cheaper. This one feels a bit tacky on skin, hence I need to set it really well with powder. However, it has a nice finish and good longevity. 


Among all the foundations, I think my perfect shade is Kate Tokyo OC-C, although I like my liquid foundations to be a little bit lighter than my skintone. 
I always receive tons of inquiries about shade matching on foundations every time I’ll post a foundation on my page. So, I decided to show you how they look like when swatched on my arms. 

On the photos below, as you can see, I have two swatches per shade. The reason for that is for you to see which foundation oxidizes on skin

On the left: how it looks like after few seconds, on the right: newly swatched.

Inglot #43 – too dark for my skintone. Though, as you noticed, it didn’t oxidize on my skin.
Kate Tokyo in BR-C – too light for my skin, I sometimes use this to some parts of my face that I want to lift; it didn’t oxidize on my skin.
Kate Tokyo in OC-B – this suits my face skintone perfectly; it didn’t oxidize on me, although you can see that the texture has change from crème to powder finish.
Kate Tokyo in OC-C – I’m really surprised that it went darker because I don’t normally notice that this foundation oxidizes on my skin when I’m wearing it; but yeah, the test showed otherwise.
Loreal True Match in Gold Ivory – didn’t oxidize on me.
Mary Kay Matte Wear foundation in Ivory 05- as you can see, the shade went darker; that’s the only problem I had with Mary Kay, it oxidizes on me. Hence, I always get the lightest shade available. 
Revlon Colorstay in Sand Beige – though not obvious in the photo below, this one oxidizes too! I do not use this foundation that much because my skin looks too dark after few hours.
San San Matte in Ivory – didn’t oxidize;
San San HD Foundation – oxidizes a little.

Oxidization of foundation is when it appears orangey or 1-2 shades darker on your face few minutes after application. There are several reason why foundation oxidizes: it reacts with facial oils on your face particularly for those with oily skin; reacts with pH of skin (if you are acidic); or applying sunblock/sunscreen prior to foundation as chemicals react with each other; temperature can also help in the oxidation, the hotter the temperature the more likely your foundation will oxidize; 


Kate Tokyo Powderless foundation – I will probably keep 1 or 2 shades, I might include BR-C in the preloved sale

Inglot – definitely, it will be put on sale! The shade is too dark for my skintone

Loreal True Match – still undecided. But I’ll probably keep it for now. This might be a good foundation on cold days; but will never use it on summer! 

Mary Kay Matte Wear– duh! Keep it, of course! This is my holy grail foundation for summer

Revlon Colorstay – sell it!!

San San – I might sell the liquid foundation since I don’t need too many foundations; nevertheless, I will still recommend the matte liquid foundation but not the HD. 

Have you tried any of this foundation? What's your fave?

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Almost 5 years ago, I posted a review on Mary Kay Timewise Matte-Wear Liquid foundation. While it was my Holy Grail foundation back then, Mary Kay brand was quite hard to find as the brand was not as accessible as it is today. From 2011-2016, I have tried tons of other liquid foundations. In fact, I have already accumulated 9 foundations for 2016 alone! (will review all foundations in my next post). Among all the foundations I’ve tried, Kate Tokyo and Mary Kay are my top picks. Though I like Mary Kay a little bit more during summer. 

For this month of April, I decided to sign-up as a Beauty Consultant of Mary Kay because of my love for their liquid foundation. I realized  that it will be more “sulit” to avail the starter kit and be a Beauty Consultant so I can enjoy the discounts.


Starter kit as the name implies is your kit in starting your journey as a Beauty Consultant. It contains almost all the products you need, from samples to educational magazines to start the business. 

The membership costs me Php 1,500, but you'll get more than Php 1,500 worth of products, and of course, discount privilege.

Mary Kay Bag – you won’t find this kind of bag being sold anywhere. Only Mary Kay Beauty Consultants have it. I have used the bag a lot, and the people keep on asking whether it is being sold at Mary Kay. I told them that I only got it for FREE. 
The bag is quite spacious that I brought it with me in one of my “sleepover” with my officemates. 
Anyways, as you can see in the photo above, it can hold so much items!

For the starter kit, you can choose one from the three available sets. 

Botanical Effects Cleanse F3 (Oily skin) – Php 650
Botanical effects Hydrate Php 765
CC Cream – Php 825
Beauty Blotters 
Botanical mask samplers
Other items: 3 mirrors, facial wipes, spray bottles, brochures, etc.

Timewise cleanser Php 1,175
Timewise Age fighting moisturizer Php 1,280 
Timewise Matte wear Liquid foundation in Ivory 2 – Php 785
Beauty Blotters
Timewise Microdermabrasion samplers
Other items: 3 mirrors, facial wipes, spray bottles, brochures, etc.

Crème LIPSTICK in Red Salsa Php 700
Crème lipstick in Pink Melon Php 700 
Timewise liquid foundation matte wear in Beige 2 Php 785
Brow definer in brunette Php 505
Mineral cheek color Php 420
Honey spice sampler
Other items: 3 mirrors, facial wipes, spray bottles, brochures, etc.

I opted for Timewise starter kit because of the shade of foundation (Ivory 2) and I also wanted to try the Microdermabrasion set. 
The microdermabrasion is the bomb! I’m saving my money to buy the full size of it. It’s really good! 
I also received 3 mirrors! Yay!

I’ve been a member of Mary Kay for less than a month but I have already received tons of freebies! I received Pampering Satin Hands (Php 2,600), Skinvigorating Brush (Php 2,390), Foundation primer and foundation brush and Cheek Blush in Shy (perfect dupe for Nars Orgasm)! I’m still targeting the free Microdermabrasion set since I really want it so bad, I just need to complete the Power 10! 
Anyways, I will do a separate review on Mary Kay products that I really love in my next posts. 

If you’re interested in trying it out Mary Kay products, you may place your order on my facebook page: Kikaysimaria.

I can also assist you in case you want to become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant like me. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go to the Beauty Centers, because I can register you online. Just contact me on my facebook page to know more.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

NYX Cosmetics Illuminator

Nyx Cosmetics says,

Brighten up your complexion! The radiant shimmer of this illuminator diffuses light so your skin looks vibrant and refreshed while adding a subtle glow.


The packaging is very sleek, it reminds me of Smashbox. I never had a smashbox product, but I see always see the brand whenever I visit The Beauty Bar Store. 
The packaging feels sturdy, and it does have a mirror inside --- very handy especially when I’m doing my makeup somewhere else. 


The formula is slightly dry and not powdery at all – hence I’m pretty sure that one compact of this will last me for a very, very long time! 
I have it in the shade called “Enigmatic” which is a described as a pink with golden shimmers. On the compact, Enigmatic appears like a pink blush with golden shimmers, almost the lighter version of Nars Orgasm. But upon swatching, I can definitely tell that this is a highlighter as I can barely see the pink color.
Honestly, my standard for illuminator was set to a pretty high level ever since I’ve tried The Balm MaryLou. Perhaps, that’s the reason why I didn’t like Nyx Illuminator at first. But then, I realized that this product is different to Mary Lou in so many ways, and it all comes down to your preferences on a highlighter. 
As it promises, Nyx Illuminator gives a “subtle” glow, a “lit from within” kind of glow. That is in contrast with MaryLou, which gives my skin a more obvious or intense kind of glow. 
Enigmatic has pink shade, whereas MaryLou has champagne. Hence, unlike MaryLou which you can use in some high points of your face, Enigmatic is more appropriate as a cheekbone highlighter. 
Enigmatic is a very sheer highlighter, but can be built to certain intensity. However, I noticed that the more I apply/build up the product, the more it emphasizes the pores on my skin. 


Overall, this is a nice highlighter if you want a “not-so-obvious” kind of highlighter on your face. It is far affordable than The Balm, but has less wear-time. I really like that it isn’t powdery – though, I find the formulation quite dry. 

Have you tried this highlighter? What is your favorite highlighter?

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fashion21 Ultimate Cover BB Cream + Concealer

Though Fashion21 has been around since ages, I have only discovered the brand just few years ago when their Fashion21 Double Up Mascara became one of the most highly raved mascaras for Filipinas (review HERE). In fact, until now it is still my Holy Grail mascara! Hands down, the best Local mascara I have ever tried in my life!

Anyways, this week I’ve been testing out a “new” (new to me) product from Fashion21. If you want to my thoughts on it, keep reading!


Fashion21 says,
There’s no need to look far for a great BB cream and concealer—it’s all in the Ultimate Cover. Our lightweight formula provides excellent coverage that maintains its color even in the face of sweat and humidity. Both products can either be applied separately or combined for the smoothest evenly-toned and blemish-free look, and our three-color range fits any skin tone. It comes with SPF 30+ (Made in Taiwan)


The product is housed in decent looking box that is sealed at the top. But you can always open it at the bottom if you don't want to cut off the seal.
The box itself has everything you need to know about the product. It says here that it contains 20g of BB Cream and 5.5 grams of Concealer. I'm quite surprise to know that Fashion21 Ultimate Cover is a taiwan-made product that is imported and distributed by  Cosmetics Revelation Corporation. 
I also appreciate that it has a manufacturing date stamp on the tube itself. 
When Fashion21 emailed me the name of product that they will be sending me, I thought that it’ll just be a bb cream that has a very good coverage, hence, "Ultimate Cover."
Apparently, Ultimate Cover is 2-in-1 product, in a sense that you'll get two separate products for the price of one.
The BB Cream comes in a squeeze tube, as shown above. Unfortunately, I received a damaged nozzle for shade 1. Nevertheless, I didn't have trouble squeezing out some product from the damaged nozzle since the consistency of the bb cream is quite thick and not runny. 
 The concealer is nestled atop in the squeeze tube cap. Honestly, I am not  happy with how the concealer was packed. 
The concealer is covered with a twist-to-lock transparent plastic cap. Since the product itself is sticking out of the packaging, it can get messy when putting back the plastic cap. 


Ultracover came into 3 shades: 1- lightest, 2-medium, 3-darkest. 
The lightest shade suits my skintone, about NC25 in Mac. Unfortunately, the lightest shade available is still dark on much lighter skintone. The BB cream swatches are at the left, while I swatched the concealers are the right.

For the BB Creams, Shade #1 fits my skintone. Though, it has a pink undertone. #2 is slightly darker. #3 is really dark and warm compared to #1 and #2.
For the concealer, #1 fits NC20-25 skintone. #2 is quite dark, I'm guessing NC30-35 on Mac. While #3 is a really dark shade, I like using this as a contouring cream.


The consistency of the BB Cream is quite thick compared to most BB Creams. Though it’s thick, the product blends easily with brush, fingers or sponge. 
For those with oily skin, rejoice as the finish is quite satin, and not dewy at all.The coverage is very sheer, hence, you still need the conceal imperfections with your concealer or with the concealer that came with the bb cream.

Contrary to its claim, the cream concealer isn’t as full coverage as the name implies. Though, it can cover minor imperfections like acne marks. Just make sure to use the “spot” concealing technique when you opt to use this product to cover your acne marks. 

In the photo above, I use concealer #1 on my undereye, then I mix #1 and 2 to cover acne mark, and #2 and #3 to contour. 

Longevity-wise, the concealer is pretty long lasting.  I already washed off my hands but I can still the trace of the swatches of the cream concealer on my arms, especially the dark shade. 

Also, the other day, I used the bb cream and concealer on my face. I walked under the sun without umbrella. 
After 3 hours, I took the photo above. As you can see, my makeup is still intact, my skin looks fresh and radiant. I did retouch my lipstick, though! 


Overall, it's an okay product to try especially if you have strict budget for makeup. 

Most of its claim are true, although I don't think it's an "ultimate cover" bb cream. The coverage is in between sheer to medium. The concealer isn't too opaque to achieve full coverage (ultimate cover). 

Nevertheless, Ultimate Cover has a good longevity, and feels very light on skin. I do like that it blends easily, and provides natural finish on skin. 

  • Affordable
  • 2-in-1 product
  • Light coverage, buildable to medium
  • Feels light as air on skin
  • Good longevity

  • Does not provide ultimate/full coverage
  • Limited Shades

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