Monday, October 25, 2010

My First Post: Elf Eye Brow Kit

I’ve been using Elf eyebrow kit for a year or more now. I’m on my second pan because I gave my 1st pan to my sister.
Eyebrow is very essential in doing your makeup. The way you shape your eyebrows can change the way you look (e.g. Thick eyebrows looks more innocent than thin eyebrows).
Honestly, I cannot go out without doing my brows. In fact, I can throw everything out in my kikay kit (if I really have to do) except my powder and eyebrow kit. 

On left: Old Packaging
On right: New Packaging

The packaging:
Both packaging is made of plastics.  Obviously, the old packaging has the bigger mirror.
The brush included in the old packaging is way better too. It's much thicker than the brush included in the new packaging.  


> I like the rounded brush on the other side. I think it’s very useful in applying the powder to set the wax
> Lasts the whole day. No need to retouch. (I do my makeup at 6a.m. and go home 8:00pm, amazingly, my brows are still there!)
> Cheap! Only Php 250!
> Available locally.

> Some people find the slanted brush useless. 


I use a bigger eyebrow brush for the inner 2/3 of my brows and use the thin slanted brush provided in the kit to do my arc (since I want my arc to be thinner than my inner brows). This application works, somehow. 

PRICE: Php 250.00. I think it’s available at selected SM Malls, Robinsons, Landmark, Trinoma.
RATE: 4/5
Would I recommend this? Yes! 


  1. Nice review. I actually love this product but I agree that a bigger brush works better for this. :)

  2. thanks sis. Yup, I really need to practice my skill in applying this using the small brush.LOL. But, it works somehow. :)

  3. i'm on my second pan of this now.. and wow i didn't know there's a new packaging... i re-purchased the old packaging still (without knowing the new one! lol) but oh well it works just the same as my first pan, so i careless... anyway, nice review! ;)


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo