Tuesday, November 16, 2010


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When I decided to buy this, I was expecting too much. Again, GirlTalk... very influencial! Lol! Just like the old times, I bought this because of the raves. I was about to pick Light Beige when the Avon Lady told me that my shade is in almond. So, okay. You’re the seller. Maybe, you know my shade in Avon better. Again, it’s only 199. It doesn’t hurt to try.

So, i went home and tried the foundation. WHAT THE HELL! This is soooo white! Again. It doesn’t hurt to try. I put in on my cabinet and promise myself never to try it again! LOL! Until one day, I ran out a powder (Elf studio line in Beige). So, I decided to make use of this since I only have 2 full coverage foundations left, my In2it and Avon. And I know you know how in2it broke me out. So, no no. I’d rather use the whiter one than suffer with zits all over my face. So, to cut it short. I use this one. I wet the sponge. I dunno why I always wet the sponge when the foundation is lighter than my skin tone. Guess my instinct told me so. So, I applied it. And guess what. It’s lighter than the first time I tried it. Whatever. So, I stayed home with face looking like a ghost. And after 30 minutes, it oxidizes on me. Believe me! It does! I don’t know why. I read reviews about this product and it never oxidized on them But, it oxidized on me like hell! If people would think that’s cons for me. It wasn’t. At least now, I can use it every now and then. It makes me happy when a thing I thought was useless suddenly works for me. Maybe, less than a month, I will be hitting the pan! BUT, I can’t still decide now if I will buy again since I bought a new powder this morning. Guess what, I bought Maybelline Clear smooth minerals foundation. I know you know how much I hate loose powder. Originally, I was going to buy Maybelline Angelfit. But hey hey, maybe I should stop rambling on how messy mineral makeup. It’s good for my skin! So I told myself, “Eloisa, let your face breathe!” Maybe, I would try Maybelline Angelfit when I’m almost done with this one. 

Anyways, too much off topic again. Pardon me ladies. So here’s my Pros and Cons on Avon Simply Pretty Dual Foundie

>Light to full coverage. 80% of my pimple marks were covered.
>Good oil control. Lasted me more than 6 hours without retouching.
>Cheap and has SPF
>I like the packaging. Better than Elf studio line foundation

>Limited shade. Almond is lighter and natural (next darker shade) is dark on me
>Oxidized on me (maybe, that’s just me! But really, it oxidized on me!  )

PRICE: Php 250 but got it on sale, Php 199.
Rate: 4/5
Would I recommend this? Yes! This is a good foundation inspite of the limited shade.


  1. Haha! Your rambling is so cute! :P Nice review and if it does not break you out, then this must be a pretty good product.

    I never usually trust what SAs tell me about the product or what my shade is because they are wrong most of the time. :P

  2. @pammy: Agree with you sis. The SA in maybelline told me to get the darker shade. What's wrong with them. It's obvious that it's darker on my skin tone.. good thing I insist to get the other shade ;p


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo