Monday, November 29, 2010

Giveaway from Phoebe Ann, recent purchase and Sophie Martins!

Yesterday, I received my goodie bag from Ms. Phoebe Ann. So, let me show you my prizes from Phoebe’s giveaways.

Toner, Php 1250 ; Facial wash, Php 995 ; Cleanser, Php 1025  ; Day Cream, Php 1625 ; Night, Php 1795 ; Serum, Php 1950

I was happy to have this 'coz i know there's no way i could afford to have all this stuff.
She also include this on the package,

Isn’t she adorable? She’s the sweetest!

Oh, just want to update you with my recent purchase.
I bought St. Ives Facial wash and Lip ice this morning.

Here’s my St. Ives Fresh skin: Facial Cleaner
Price: Php 165.00 at Watsons

I already tried this today. It reminds me of Olay Total effects Facial wash because the consistency of this facial wash is like a cream/ hair conditioner. If you tried that, you know what I mean. LOL! Does not deliver tightening feeling afterwash. Although, I was hesitant that this would really removes makeup. So, after washing my face, I tried to clean my face with toner. Take a look!

 See? Does not remove my makeup very well. Oh well, this disappoints me. Although, I still love St. Ives Facial Scrub. I might give other variant of St. Ives a try. There are lots to choose from. 

And looks who’s jealous with Lip Ice. It’s me! I’m so jealous and decided to purchase one for myself. I bought Sheer Color since Pammy likes this. I already tried this and so far, I like it. Let’s see how far this lippie will go. Like to love? Maybe. What do you think? 

I’ll be reviewing everything someday when I'm ready ;p

Ohh, here’s another! I’m selling SOPHIE MARTINS. I’ve seen the bags and wallets! They’re adorable. For more info kindly message me. I’ll be posting their brochures too! Thanks!


  1. Congratulations on your goodie bag sis! I also have that mentholatum and it's super duper nice! I like the sheer and subtle color it leaves. Plus the price is really good, hehe! Hope you can do a review on some of these items:-)

  2. Congrats on the win! And lovely haul (=

  3. Minakichu: so far, i'm loving the methol feeling of this. But, ooh, just wonderin' where to buy this? this came with the package kasi. Phoebe's such a sweetheart .

    @gaby: thanks. Winning this haul really made me happy


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo