Monday, November 1, 2010


2 Way foundations, Extra Coverage, SPF 25 UVA/UVB

Yes, I’m going to review the infamous In2it Oil Control.

Originally, I was going to buy Elf 2-way Foundation at Trinoma (FYI, Elf is my holy grail and I’m on my nth pan). I’ve been looking for Elf 2-Way Foundation in Beige for quite some time but it seems like it’s always out-of-stock everywhere I go!! Darn it! So, I went to Trinoma hoping to find one! Guess what! It’s out-of-stock ... again!

I’m really in need of powder foundation that has good coverage!

And then I saw this In2it Oil Control and Oil Free Foundation. I was tempted to buy it because everyone in GirlTalk was raving about it. Some say it’s a dupe of Mac Powder, others say it’s better than Mac. I was happy to know that they sell this in refill so it won’t hurt me that much if this will not work on me.

I was really excited to try this. This is my 1st purchase from in2it. If you’re wondering, I bought the refill, in pink case with sponge, the shade is in OCR 02 Warm Beige.

I like the sponge way way way better than Elf. LOL. But, it doesn’t matter. I don’t use the sponge at all. I prefer applying it using my Bare Naturals Flat Top Brush.

The powder is finely milled! When applied, it will give you a flawless looking skin! In terms of oil control, this is superb. It stays on until the day end, so if you’re quite lazy in doing your makeup over and over, this will work for you.

            “It’s my HG! Better than my Elf!” I thought. But, this powder breaks me out after 2 days of using it. It was the worst break out ever!.. and the longest, I must say!

            But, honestly, I still like almost everything about this powder. It provides me with almost everything I need in a powder. It’s just that I can’t make it work for me. But at least I’m happy to know that it works for other girls out there. Overall, I would still recommend this. You just have to try if your skin can handle this. Hiyangan lang talaga! J

Believe me! It's not that white on my face.LOL!
It blends perfectly when applied on face.

>The powder is finely milled
>Superb oil control
>gives you smooth finish
>it has SPF!
>It has refill
>the sponge is actually good, it’s the softest and blends your foundation very well
>good coverage, can be use wet/dry
>for its good quality, this is actually cheap
>the compact is sooo pretty!!
>available locally

>it breaks me out (that just me!)

PRICE: Refill, P 440 ; With Compact, Php 600+ (a little cheaper than Neutrogena)
Rate: 4/5
Would I recommend this? Yes, I would still recommend this especially if you think your skin can handle it. You never know until you try ;p

Stop using it when it causes zits on you. 

Here’s my daily skin care routine after the breakout:


>Yakult as Liquid Mask
This tip was taken from:
How: “I just drink some yakult and then the left over poured on a cotton pad”
>Wash my face with Facial Wash
>Apply Emu Oil (I'm using Venus and Mars Emu Oil)
>Apply Skin79 BB Cream Hot Pink
>Topped it with Powder


>I used makeup remover to remove my makeup
>Wash my face
>Organic Toner
>Emu Oil

I’ve been doing this for 2 weeks now and it works on healing my pimples. yey!  The only problem left is the scars from my breakout. :)


  1. thanks for this sis. i'll try the foundation and the yakult as liquid mask.

    excess: i love your blog. c:

  2. aw.. thanks skye! that's soooo sweet! thanks for following! ^_^

  3. aww to bad it broke you out.. i love this foundation

  4. Oh no! I like this foundie, a cheaper alternative to Kanebo and Shiseido foundies, imo. So sad it breaks you out. :(

  5. wow i want to try this... crosses fingers it won't break me out.

  6. @donnarence and Pammy, yes, i saw this foundation on your blog too. Good hear that this foundie works on you. I'm still looking for HG foundie that's good but not really expensive. Can you recommend one?

    Joice, you really have to try this. Though it breaks me out, i still think it's worth a try.

  7. hi i would like to know what you use as make up remover?

  8. Hi Anonymous, for my eyes and lips i use separate makeup remover from maybelline but i think the one from Etude house is cheaper so maybe, i'll try that one of these days.

    For my face, i don't really use makeup remover. i use cleanser. i'm using Bodyshop natrulift cleanser but if you're looking for a cheaper alternative, pond's cold cream is good too. i have reviews on them you could check them out


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo