Saturday, November 27, 2010


This will be a short post since I don’t like telling more “me” today.
This product was almost there until tada, a mistake! Not my HG, never will.

I must admit, I was really tempted by Watershine as they offer beautiful shades with a watery healthy finish. Of course, I did try this before buying. That’s my mistake. I fell inlove with the color and short time effect it gives my lips. Eventually, I ended up giving it to my sister who actually can live with the lasting power of this lipstick. Well, I don’t! 

I’ve tried lot of lipstick but this is my nightmare! I can’t believe on how bad the lasting power of this lipstick! I tried applying it on my lips, just to test the staying power. Guess what? After 30 mins, it’s gone! Maybe because it’s sheer and the color I choose is pinkish nude but what the heck, who would want a lipstick that would stay only for few minutes (except for my sister, I guess!)??

If only the lasting power was decent, this would be a plus plus as the colors are really pretty, the packing is beautiful and it’s affordable! And the finish is totally awesome. But, again, I can never live with lipstick that will lasts for few minutes. So, although it’s an “almost-there” awesome lipstick, it’s not for me. 

>The packaging is adorable, it doesn’t look cheap!
> Healthy looking lips
> Comes in many adorable shades

> The staying power is awe-so-ful! (Awful) 

Rate: 2/5
Would I repurchase: Never
Price: I can't remember, it's more than Php 200 but not more than Php 300 i think 


  1. I agree, the colors of this lipstick line are pretty but they dont last very long. They're also very drying on me!

  2. Dee: i agree sis. it looks good at first, then drying afterwards. :,(


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo