Thursday, November 4, 2010


 Vitamin E enriched with SPF 15 Hypoallergenic

I’m not a person who loves shopping. I don’t go to mall unless I really needed to. But when I go to mall, I make sure to grab something for myself. That’s the reason why I bought this. That day, I went to Robinsons Manila to buy In2it eyebrow kit but its out-of-stock, so I decided to ask for Elf 2-Way Foundation instead. But just like the old times, out-of-stock. Ennkkk.
What to buy? What to buy? I’m in hurry that time so I decided to pick something for myself. Maybe, a pressed powder and eyeliner will do?  Since, I heard many good reviews on Elianto StayOn Eyeliner Pencil I decided to purchase it for myself (I’ll review it soon). (FYI, I used Avon Glimmerstick before, and I don’t like it. Why? Wait for my reviewJ) For pressed powder, I don’t really know what to pick. Then, I saw this Myra-E pressed powder. I read the box and I’m happy to know that it’s hypoallergenic. So, I purchase both. Now, I’ve been using it for more than 2-3 weeks now.

So here’s my review.  

Myra-E Pressed Powder in Natural

            I really like the packaging of this pressed powder. I think it’s cute. Sometimes, I do prefer simple packaging. It has a mirror which is good if you like retouching every now and then.

The sponge comes with it is okay. I tried using the sponge and it works. Though, some may find this a bit thin for a sponge. For me, it doesn’t matter. I don’t use the sponge that much anyway. I prefer flat top brush.

The coverage is very light. So light that I can’t even see the powder when applied on my face. LOL! It doesn’t cover any blemishes I have. BUT, what I like is the finish of this powder. The finish is smooth. It smells good too (the smell is enough reason for me to purchase it again!). I do like that it is hypoallergenic, it has SPF 15 and it has Vitamin E too. The staying power is decent. It stays 2-3 hours on me.

I think the smooth finish and smell make me wanna buy it again! Overall, I get more than what I paid for. 

Price: Php 139.00
Rate: 4/5
Would I recommend this? I like this because of the smooth finish and the smell. BUT, If you're looking for a pressed powder that's superb in oil control, I wouldn't recommend this. 


This morning, I bought CloseUp White Now. Just want to try if it can whitens my teeth in just ONE BRUSH! 

So, here's my initial review.

I do like the Advertisement. It makes me wanna buy. Instant whitening for just 1 brush? Wow! I have to try this! Honestly, it doesn't whitens my teeth in just 1 brush.  Maybe, after 3 days? So, I still have to wait for 3 days. Not bad though. 

Other than that, I like that this gives me a clean feeling.

What I hate about this is the color while brushing. Yea, I know it has blue foam/gel or whatever but I never thought that it's actually blue when you brushed! Heck! And it leaves stain on my brush! Believe me, it's hard to remove. 
Overall, I think I still need to continue using this to see the effect. Until then. I'll post a review after 3 days.


  1. love this powder... i am aching to try that toothpaste!!

  2. Hope it can whitens my teeth. Though, i hate the stain it leaves. And it reminds me of Pepsi Blue while brushing. lol!


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo