Saturday, November 13, 2010


If there is one thing I always want to get rid of, it’s my dark undereye circles! I might not have the worst case of discoloration in the entire world, but, what the hell, it made me look 5 years older

I’ve search and read many articles on getting rid of my dark undereye circles, but none of it seems to work for me. And so, I ended my search for “getting rid of my undereye circles” for my own good. I get easily frustrated you know. BUT, this end marks the start of my new search... for CONCEALERS!

Right now, I have 6 concealers to cover my undereyes circles. Clinique All About eyes concealer, Elf all over cover stick, Maybelline mineral power concealer, Elf tone correcting, Ever bilena Studio stick foundation, Ellana cover in Awake. I will be reviewing these concealers soooon. For now, let me share you some tricks I’ve discovered in concealing my undereyes circles. Be ready! I took a lot of pictures for this! Enjoy and be amazed! (Fyi, I was amazed too and decided to make this post! LOL!)

First of all, of course, let me show you my eyes before concealing it.

Now, lets start concealing!

First, I make sure to apply primer/ moisturizer under my eyes. 
Next, I apply my Ever Bilena Studio Finish Foundation. 

I really like the consistency of this product. It's very creamy. And the coverage is soooooo good. I have this in shade CREME which is perfect for covering my undereyes circles. 

I notice that this sets on
 fine lines under my eyes, so I tried applying liquid concealer/ tone correcting on top of it. I use my Elf Tone Correcting Concealer

What I like about this product is doesn't sets on my fine lines. Though, it provides a sheer coverage. So I decided to use them together since Ever bilena tends to sets on my fine lines but provides good coverage while Elf Tone correcting provides sheer coverage but does a good job on myfine lines.

Lastly, because I want my concealer to stay longer. I sets this with powder. I use my Elf blending brush. 

When choosing a brush to do this job, it is important not to choose Concealer brush since it's flat and tends to make your undereyes look cakey. Concealer brush is best use in concealing blemishes but not for undereyes circles. Don't use flat concealer brush! 

And now, let me show you the amazing result!

(ever bilena and tone correcting only)
Before and After 
See how the it conceals the discoloration in my eyes

With powder on top

If you're wondering, I bought that contact lenses at EO. I got it in color Hazel

With concealers on both eyes

I apply mascara. I use Avon Simply Pretty (btw, i like this, I'll be reviewing it soon)

Do my brows with Elf Eyebrow kit and apply Elianto StayOn Eyeliner on my water line

Hope this helps!

*I tried using Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer on top of Ever Bilena foundation. It works too but tends to be too heavy. But together, your concealer  will last longer in your eyes. 



  1. i have dark circles too, tried a LOT of eye creams but none of them worked. =( CONCEALER din yung best friend ko LOL

  2. hi sis, ang galing naman nito, with the use of inexpensive products lang, you were able to find products that worked for you. :)

  3. @Shopcoholic: Sis, I know the feeling! Hirap ng may dark circles no?

    @Mariawritesvanity: thanks for following me. Yes sis. Sarap sa feeling. This routine works on my Clinique All About Concealer too. I put my clinique first then Elf then Powder. I don't like Clinique alone. It tends to be cakey. Elf does a wonderful job! Yey!

  4. Make-up can really do wonders! Thanks for sharing!

  5. @Michelle M: Yup.. it enhances your beauty as well.

  6. what shade did you use for your elf tone correcting concealer? we're of the same shade, i guess :)

  7. @chasing pigments: got it in honey shade sis

  8. i love this post! super helpful. magkano pala yung elf concealer?

  9. Php 130 my dear :) But if you don't like layering, i suggest that you buy nalang the mary kay concealer or maybelline mineral power. you could purchase them cheaper at ebay :)


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo