Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Body Shop Natrulift Softening Facial Wash

Since its summer break, I have all the time in the world to blog! Yey!

After few days of using this, I think I’m now ready to give my review on The Body Shop Natrulift Facial Wash. 

 This facial wash comes in their Natrulift skincare line, which uses pomegranate extract as a natural alternative to retinol--in essence, it reduces the signs of skin aging in the most natural way possible. I’ll be reviewing other products in this line when I’m ready.
At first, I hesitate on using the products in their skincare line because I’m still young to have fine lines though, admittedly, I do have wrinkles now. After consulting some people regarding using Anti-aging products at my young age, I decided to give it a try.
This facial wash comes in 100ml tube which is good enough for the price. Most facial wash nowadays come in 100g products. I don’t really like products that use grams instead of ml because you don’t really know how much products are inside the tube.  (except for water, as 1grams=1 ml, because density is 1).
One thing I notice about this range is that they all have the same scent. I’m pretty lame in describing scents so yes, I can’t explain how it smells but I really do like the smell. Compared to other products this one smells light which I like. I can’t say it smells like pomegranate since I haven’t even seen pomegranate since birth lol!

Body shop says,
“Minimize the signs of aging and create a velvety-looking complexion with a softly-cleansing and refreshing facial wash.”

Key ingredients
Brazil nut oil -Moisturizes and helps to leave skin feeling soft.
Glycerin -Is an effective moisturizer which helps improve softness and maximize hydration.

I would say that this is an effective facial wash. It cleanses just like other facial washes in the market.  Though, what I like  most about this product is how it made my skin feels softer after washing. Most facial wash leaves a tight feeling in my face but this one, it doesn’t. It feels great that I can’t help myself but to touch my skin and feels how incredibly softer it was after washing. 
For “minimize the signs of aging” effect, I can’t still tell you  how effective this product is as I don’t have fine lines to see the result. But, i notice that it doesn't help minimize the appearance of my wrinkles.

Overall, I wouldn’t think this is an A+++ product but yes, it’s a good buy especially if don’t mind spending money for skincare… but I do… so yes, I would still think if I would repurchase this one. It’s quite expensive for my taste. Though, when this runout, maybe I would look for a good substitute for this. Since I started using Anti-aging products, I decided to continue using anti-aging products to “prevent” wrinkles and fine lines. I’m eyeing Olay products.

>Smells good
>Leaves skin amazingly softer than before

>Does not minimize the appearance of my wrinkles "SO FAR".. let's see after emptying this tube ;p

PRICE: Php 995.00 at The Body Shop
Rate: 4/5
Would I repurchase: It’s a good product but yes, I’m cheap so maybe not. Maybe, I’ll just look for an alternative. 

At the back, peel off the label to see the ingredients


  1. Great review thanks! i'm starting to use anti-ageing skincare too! Thanks for commenting on my post, have just followed your great blog!

  2. wow this is expensive for a facial wash.

  3. i use st.ives only. nice review though :)

  4. @joice:Yes, i find this facial wash expensive too. and works just as good as other cheaper facial wash
    @Reina: oh, i love st.ives. i'll be reviewing it soon. the scrubs are amazing as well as the facial wash


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo