Tuesday, December 21, 2010


“New Year, New Life.” Do things better this year! And to do this, it’s important to make a “NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION”. It’s the time where we reflect on the things that happened in the past and make a list of the things we should keep doing and we shouldn’t be doing in the coming New Year. But I’m sure most people don’t agree that New Year’s Resolution can help you start your life anew. Way back year and years ago, I don’t really make New Year’s Resolution unless I was asked by my teachers. Why? Because I have to spend 365 days keeping my New Year’s Resolution. So, why make a list if you can’t keep it right? I’ll just go with the flow of life this coming year. Until, one day, I realize the importance of setting goals. It directs your life into something better. The key to achieve New Year’s Resolution is to keep it simple. Plan your goals in such a way that it is possible for you to achieve it in 365 days. You don’t need to list 100 items in your resolution. 1-2 New Year’s resolution can be good enough. List only things you are willing to exert efforts. If you keep doing the things in your list, it will become your habits. Always start your New Year’s Resolution in something simple then list things harder the next year and hardest the coming years. Take one step at a time.

I would like to share to you my New Year’s Resolution this coming 2011. I notice that I spend most of my money buying makeup. Yes, it’s nice to feel beautiful. But does make-up really makes me beautiful?
This year, I was more concerned on buying make-ups to make my skin looks better. I never realized that I was already putting tons of layers on my face from primer, moisturizer, bb cream, full coverage foundation, concealers, blush-on, to finishing powder, lipsticks, lipbalms, gel liners and more! Yes, sometimes it makes me happy to see that my skin looks good “with” make-ups on. But my real skin gets hurt and damaged! So, I would like to start this coming year LIGHT and RIGHT. I will start by applying light make-up, spends little on make-up and more on skin care. I think it would be nicer if you spend your money on things that can prettify your skin without makeup. Who knows, in time, I could go out even without make-ups on. So, yes, I’m on my new journey of finding my new HG… HG Skincare Products. Wish me luck ladies


  1. those are some nice resolutions :)
    you can do it!

  2. Nice blog and posts.
    Wishing you a very happy coming new year.

  3. @reina: thank you sweetie. Yes, I can do it. I have to do it ;p

    @Kisoni: Thanks! Same here. ;)

  4. The make-up resolution is a good one! Mine is to limit my coffee drinking. Nag-s-stain na ang ngipin ko!


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