Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I was about to go to sleep early tonight but I decided to check my gmail, facebook, twitter and Girltalk. hoho. I checked them regularly, atleast 4-8x a day. LOL!

I was checking for updates then I came across to Venus and Mars' thread. The topic was about the size of emu oil of Venus and Mars. To know more, here's the LINK of the thread. 

I was curious since I'm using Emu Oil of Venus and Mars too. And so, I decided to do a simple test
*This test is based only on my OWN concept/knowledge. NOT 100% accurate. This is just to show you my hypothesis to the 30ml bottle mystery (hahaha!)*

The objectives of this test are 
1. to test if 20ml of bottle 1 is equal to 20ml of bottle 2
2. to test if 30ml bottle of Venus and Mars Emu Oil contains 30ml of the product itself

I looked for 20ml and 30ml bottles at home. 

So, here's the test:

This is an empty bottles of 20ml bottle of VnM Cpc+g and 20ml bottle of Ellana Make It Last Primer
You'll notice that Ellana's bottle is bigger (in height) than VnM
By merely looking, you will notice that the diameter are almost the same but not exactly.(VnM>Ellana)
I filled VnM's bottle with water up to the exact amount when I got my cpc+g. So, yes, that's the 20ml for CPC+G. 
I poured the water from VnM cpc+g bottle to Ellana's bottle.
Tada! You'll notice that if you buy Ellana Make It Last Primer you don't get that exact amount of 20 ml simply because it's hard to be 100% accurate. In my own opinion, the reason is because of the thick consistency of Ellana. Try to use a thicker sample for this experiment then try to transfer from one bottle to another. You'll notice the there are some products left on the other bottle. So, yes, it's really hard to transfer samples with thick consistency as Ellana Make It Last Primer

Let's try other bottles please
I can't find any 30ml bottle aside from my  VnM Emu Oil. So, I decided to use Johnson's Baby Oil 25ml bottle. 
Again, I filled the Johnson's Baby Oil's bottle with water and poured it on the other bottle.
Since, I'm using my cellphone's camera, you will not be able see the amount of water in VnM's bottle so I edited it (sorry, i'm lazy! ;p) The blue is the volume of bottle filled with water. Again, that's only 25ml of Water. So, yes, emu oil is not exactly 30ml but approximately 30ml. Same reason for the error. It's the consistency. 
Possible Reasons for Errors:
*Human Error (i was not using exact scale)
*Error in Materials (consistency varies)

Though I haven't proved it 100% accurately, I conclude that the measurement of volume should be equal in all products. 30ml of bottle 1 should be 30ml of bottle 2 regardless of the consistency, otherwise there's an error. In additional, the answer for ml to grams is dependent on the density of the material. You cannot convert grams to ml unless you know the density. Always remember that 30ml is different from 30 g except for materials with density of 1 like water. Ml is measured in volume and grams is in weight.

So, this is my hypothesis. What's yours? 

Hope this helps.


  1. kulet naman nito, but very informative! :)

    happy new year!

  2. It's a good thing you did this. And natawa ako sa english math analogy mo sa "description".

    I don't really care kung may mali mali at times, it's the substance in your posts that count. :) Basta let's not justify and strive to be better, which is what you're doing. Go sister!

  3. Weee.True! thanks sis!:) Thanks for the wonderful comment ;p


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo