Sunday, December 26, 2010

Size matters

Lotions, makeup, perfumes, and more--- the prices of this products largely depends on the quality, ingredients, name of the brands and of course sizes. If you’re a person who checks the sizes of the product you’re buying most of the time, you might notice that different packaging or brand comes in different units of sizes. Sometimes, it is labeled in ml, fluid oz, grams or oz. You might wonder, where can you get more products? Is it in 10ml or 10 g? 2.2 fluid oz or 2.2 oz? The answer is dependent on the density of the material. If it’s water, then 1ml is equals 1g simply because the density of water is 1. Going back to our elementary days, we have learned that Density= mass/volume. Indeed, you get 1 gram for every 1 ml. For other materials, since ml and fluid oz are measured in volume while grams and oz are measure in weight, you really can’t compare where you can get more products unless you know the density.

For instance, I bought 40g of Skin79 BB Cream because I thought it was cheaper than 30ml of other BB Cream brands. But I was shocked with what I saw.

Look at this picture.
I dipped a ballpen refill to show you the height of the content of the Skin79 bb cream.
  I know, looks can be deceiving so as the packaging! LOL! The height is not even 1/3 of its packaging. 
 The height measures approximately 2.5 cm.

Now, let’s measure the diameter. 
Approximately 1.2 cm.

To compute for Volume of this, I use the formula for cylinder. Volume= 2.83 cubic centimeters or 2.83 ml.

Thus, you can get more by buying 30ml than 30g of this product. 

But it’s not always like that.

For instance, the cream in the picture. The packaging says its 50ml or approximately 49 g.

Alright, I don’t know why I’m blogging about this. LOL! But I hope this helps you understand the basic measurements. I hope most products are measured in volume because it’s much easier to imagine how long this product will lasts me. In using a product, we do estimate how much product we get in terms of volume rather than how much we get in terms of weights right?

Until then.


  1. I totally agree. We're the type of consumers that thinks first before buying. I'm not good in math, but I see to it that I'm getting the most out of the product I'm about to buy. Sadly, some products are really deceiving.

  2. Nakakalungkot nga tlaga sis.Strategy talaga ng mga manufacturers yun. Oh well, ganun talaga. Nevertheless, i love skin79 parin naman kahit naloko ako sa packaging. lol! ;p

  3. Whaaaaat?? That is totally stupid!!

  4. @scatterbrain: haha, hindi pa eto yung pinakapackaging sis. Ito pa yung nasa loob ng packaging. Buti nalang nabagsak at nakita ko yung loob.
    Nung nakita ko na, i was like, "what the hell?! ang laki sa labas super liit sa loob!" hahaha.


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo