Sunday, January 16, 2011


I don’t feel like writing today, but, oh gosh, I haven’t reviewed any products for a looooong time. Now, I’m guilty! 

Moving on, I’ll be reviewing my current mascara, the infamous COVERGIRL LASH BLAST, REGULAR (NON WATERPROOF) VERSION. Seriously, I never expected it will works for me. My first ever NON WATERPROOF HG Mascara! I’m just so happy. 

At first, I was not impressed by this product. Yes, you heard it right. The first time I applied it, (with 2 coats I think) it CLUMPS! The handle is so big for my taste. And, the hell, it does not hold the curl that much. That’s my first impression. But most of the time, first impressions are just the first. 

Then the other day, I realize why it does not works for me… it’s because I was expecting too much to the point that I was already comparing it with my waterproof mascaras. Well, you see, I’ve been using Waterproof mascara everyday for a very long time. It looks great because it holds my curls the whole day but waterproof mascara? oh my, it’s hard to remove! So, I decided to try CG Non Waterproof. I hesitate at first because most regular mascaras smudge on me. But this one, it doesn’t! Thank you CG Non Waterproof mascara, now I realized that Waterproof mascara for everyday is an insane idea! 

Yes, I love it so much that I tried so hard to make this works perfectly for me. I tried applying it as carefully as I can, to prevent clumping. If it clumps, I use eyelash comb to separate them. I also curl my lashes before and after applying this mascara to make sure it holds my lashes much better. 

It’s the best NON Waterproof Mascara I’ve tried… so far. This is best for everyday. But, if you’re looking for the mascara that will hold your lashes amazingly, I would recommend you to use the other formula which is the Waterproof one. 

-Does not smudge.
-Easy to remove

-Big brush = I hate it
-It clumps
-Does not hold the curl (which is acceptable for non-waterproof mascara)

Will purchase again? Definitely!


  1. Nice review, dear. :P I liked this mascara and I used it almost everyday back then but I love Maybelline The Colossal more. You may want to try it or they asian version, the Magnum? :)

  2. @Pammy: Thanks sis pammy. Oo nga eh, nakita ko yung colossal. Argh. Too late, nabili ko na yung CG sa ebay. I'll buy nalang next time. sana it will works for me din :)) Thanks sis!


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo