Sunday, January 9, 2011


December 2010 --- I started selling online. I only sell Sophie Martin Paris items that time since I can’t afford to buy bulk items. Geez, I was very lucky that month because I was able to sell Php 10,000+ worth of products… Thanks to Ms. Rachelle B., who purchased almost Php 7000 worth of products and to my mom, my sisters and sister’s friends and classmates, I owe you the success of my business for the month of December.

2011--- I decided to resell more items like Singapore-Made Perfumes (Php 700.00) , Geo contact lenses (Php 650.00), cosmetics and more. I even made facebook account, fan page and multiply store.

That’s for my small business. Now for my blog, I was happy to know that my followers went up to 50 followers. Yey for all of you. Thanks for following me.

So yes, just like the title, I’ll be having my FIRST EVER BLOG/FB Contest for all my followers, buyers and friends. Yipee! Thank you all for spending time reading my blogs. LOVE! You’re the best readers.

What’s at stake? 

2 pcs Revlon Crème gloss, Mall price: Php 475.00 each
1 pc Sophie Pink Magic Cream, Php 70

I'll be giving away worth Php 1020.00 
I’m sorry, that’s all I can afford… for now. You know, I get guilty for spending money buying cosmetics even for myself. That explains it! Hahaha! Oh gosh, dad works hard for my money (since we’re not Richie rich!). So, yes, I spend them as wisely as I can… and you’re one of the wisest decisions I made. The truth is, I bought the Revlon Crème Gloss for myself but since I would like to give something to my readers and buyers, I decided to give it away. You first! . Lol! Oh, and I’m inlove with sophie magic pink cream, believe me, the staying power of this cream is superb! A+++++++.

There are 2 ways to join this contest. Via Faceboook or Via Blog

1. Be a follower of my blog (+1 ENTRY)
2. Like my page (then post a comment like enter me on my contest’s album) :
(+1 ENTRY)

That’s all. But hey, you can increase your chance of winning by:

For Followers/ Bloggers: (+1 entry ea.)
1. Posts my contest on your blog.
2. Twit about my contest.
3. Put my contest on your sidebar with link back please.

For Facebook:
1. Each likes on your posted comment (enter me) entitles you to 1 entry. No limits. You can have 10 entries for 10 likes.
2. Tag yourself in any pictures in this album. +2 entry each

Winners will be chosen by Please join my simple giveaway contest.
Oh, and if you have no idea on the prizes I saw some reviews.
3 famous reviews on Revlon Crème gloss :

My review on Sophie Magic Pink Cream


  1. Enter me please!

    Liked your FB page and posted 'enter me' on your contest album.

    I follow your blog via GFC.

    Tweeted about your giveaway here:!/wednesdei/status/23977364002177024


  2. congrats on your 50+ followers!:)

    please count me in on this!
    -i am a follower via GFC.

    -i also liked and commented on your fb: dioana d.


    -blog post about it:

    -i also made a sidebar link

    snow0016 at yahoo dot com

  3. hey enter me please..followin u n liked ur FB page..cudnt commented..
    GFC name-bhumika
    FB-bhumika thakkar
    n its international na ??

  4. @Bhumika: I'm sorry bhumika, this contest is not open for internal :( But, i follow you back. I'm really sorry and thank you :)

  5. hi joining your contest, followed you via google - melandria

    followed you via facebook

    blog about your contest here:

    will tweet it tomorrow.



  6. Followed you through GFC as mizhelle

    LIKEd your page on fb (

  7. Congrats for having 50+ followers =)

    GFC follower: Ladymishel

    blog post:

    tweet post:!/michelleame/status/27591624636768257

    sidebar post:

    emai: michelle_ej08[at]yahoo[dot]com

  8. - followed your blog via GFC as "aiNe"

    - tweeted about your contest HERE

    - posted your giveaway in my blog called Lovin' the Prize of Life!

    - posted the giveaway image on my left sidebar in Lovin' the Prize of Life!

    email address: lovintheprizeoflife(at)gmail(dot)com

    more success on your online business! :)

  9. i am joining your contest:-)

    here is the link:

  10. congratulations on your 70++ followers!

    I follow you thru GFC as luckyfinds and on facebook as emiliana sison

    share this giveaway on -

    twitter -!/millette05/status/28036857652576257

    FB -


  11. posted this on my blog -

  12. Hi Sis! Congrats for having 50+ followers :)

    Please count me in:

    GFC follower: Kayeshayne

    Liked you page in FB: Karen Chayne Sanchez

    tweet post:!/kayeshayne21/status/28042971379146752

    sidebar post:


    Ill leave some comments and tag myself on your photo albums later.


  13. Hi! Already a follower of your blog via Google Friend Connect.

    Also tweeted about your giveaway:!/kikayprincess02/status/27973196913315841

    Blogged about it too and put the picture on my sidebar:

    Also followed you on Facebook and commented on your contest photo.

  14. Congratulation you have more than 70 followers now. I Like your FB page, leave a comment on your contest album. Follow you on GFC. Tweeted your give away @

  15. Hi! Following through GFC. Liked your FB page and left a comment in your contest album. Shared through and!/maumiravite/status/30184826942263296.

    Thanks, sis!

  16. 1) Followed you in Google Friend Connect, my name is jelo
    2) Liked your FB page and commented on your contest album. (jelo manongsong)
    3) Posted your contest on my blog/s.
    *Multiply -

    *meme -

    *Friendster -

    *Myspace -

    *Tumblr -

    *Twitter -

    4) Tagged myself here -

    Thanks. If ever I win, I'll give it to my sister Joyce! :)


    My little contest is officially closed! I know it's early than stated above but I decided to officially close it today since I'll be really busy next week. thanks again!

    Goodluck to all.

  18. Hi there, joining your giveaway.

    Followed you via GFC -Vernz
    liked you FB page .. Verna Liza Luga
    Posted this on my blog:

    Twitted here:!/Vernz13/status/32418875765161985

    Posted your giveaway on my sidebar:

  19. Followed you through Google Friend Connect as Sassy Chef :)

    Lots of Love,
    Sassy Chef Recipes


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