Saturday, January 22, 2011


My first ever Mac Fluidline in BlackTrack. I know you know I don’t like buying Mac products for myself as they’re expensive here. But, I finally got the chance to own one when I asked my sister’s boyfriend to buy me one in the U.S (fyi, with my own money haha!) as they’re cheaper there. I got this for around $15 plus 9.75% tax. Not bad. The price of Mac Fluidline here is approximately $25.
Packaging: It comes in a glass pot unlike my Elf Crème Liner which comes in Plastic pots and dries completely after 2 months.
Mac Fluidline is creamiest liner I've tried. I apply this with Marionnaud eyeliner brush to create thin layer on my upper lash line. Fluidline dries quickly on my eyes within 10 seconds or more. 
 The color payoff was just "oh okay" for me. Wasn’t that intense black when applied with 1 or 2 coats. But hey I wouldn't mind adding more coats to achieve the black color I want. 
 For the lasting power, I was not really satisfied. Elf Crème liner lasts me the whole day without smudging. I tried Mac Fluidline yesterday and after 6 hours I think, it smudges. It’s  not like those in eyeliner pencils that will give you panda eyes. It smudges like it’s crumbling. Have you seen your face masks as it dries up? It’s similar to that. It smudges like dried eyeliners. 

I tried wearing it on school the other day... then I cried. Believe me, it washes away the fluidline easily but atleast it did not gave me super black undereyes like those liners that smudge.
But since the staying power wasn’t that superb, I like this for everyday as it can be easily removed with water and soap plus few swipes of makeup remover. 

Price: U.S. – $15 plus 9.75% tax
           Philippines – Php 1,100 or approximately $25

Would I recommend this? I can’t believe I would say this for Mac Fluidline, but I would not really recommend this. I would still like to try other cheap alternatives. I heard Wet n Wild liners works better than this one? Maybelline has a dupe for Fluidline too. If you have reviews on WnW and Maybelline please let me know. 



  1. Yikes! And this is supposed to be one of the best yet it smudges and crumbles. Thanks for the review. :)

  2. tama sis. Kahit nga ako hindi makapaniwala. hehe! Buti nalang mas mura ko itong nabili. hindi gano nanghihinayang ;)

  3. i made a comparison on my blog sa MAC Fluidline and MAybelline Gel liner and both of them nagsmu-smudge, so the Maybelline nalang ako coz mas cheaper! hehe

  4. @shopcoholic: thanks sis khymm. Nagsisi nga ako. Dapat pala bumili ako nung 30% off pa sila hehe

  5. Good review! Good thing you didn't have to pay full Philippines price!

  6. Thanks for the review sis. I thought mas maganda ang quality nito.

    I'm currently using the Elf cream eyeliner. I'm really happy with it. I've had it since Novermber 2010.
    So far, it hasn't dried out yet.

    I have dry skin, maybe that's why it works great on me. It really lasts the whole day and didn't smudge at all.

    I recommended it to a friend, but she has really oily lids. It smudged on her after a couple of hours.

  7. @Hollie: now I'm jealous, bakit sayo naglast ng matagal yung elf. haha! oh well, mac is very creamy pero hindi long lasting when applied. i will make a review comparing both someday. ;)

    And, i think oily lids din ako, pero i use primer then powder then eyeliner. it works for me :)
    thanks for the comment sis

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  9. The penultimate liner was so bad, I ended up killing my lemming for this one.

    I highly recommend ELF's cream liner or Tony Moly's Self Smoky collection. Tony Moly's has an eyeliner at the bottom and it insanely stays all day. :)

  10. Wow, Ms. BeautyJunkee on my site! I've tried the elf and it is really good. I havent tried the Tony Moly one. thanks for recommending Ms. Beauty Junkee! :))) You made my day!


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