Sunday, January 16, 2011

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

I have heard so much about Queen Helen’s Mint Julep face mask and because I’m a girl and a beauty blogger, I get jealous easily. So, I went to Healthy Options and purchase this for myself. Oh my, I was too excited to purchase it that I don’t even check the ingredients which I usually do. I hate products with parabens. I already have 3 lumps on my breast so I have to be very careful as Parabens can cause breast cancer. But yes, it’s really hard to avoid Parabens as they are present in most of our everyday products like deodorant, cosmetics, creams, body spray and more. So, yes promise, this would be the last time I will purchase a product with paraben. But for now, let me use this masks so I could sleep well. Lol!
  This is my first ever mask. Now, you know why I am so excited to try this.

 This tube costs me Php 329.00. For a huge tube, it’s already a jackpot. 

The texture is thick (as always) and watery. 

Has minty-scent like those scents you have in toothpaste. 

Once applied, you can feel that it tightens your pores. After 15 mins, remove this with warm water and cloth, and tada, your skin will feel refreshed, clean and smooth.  I also use it for treating my acne. And it works! Now, I know why many girls love this product. It’s amazingly good. But, won’t repurchase it again. Oh no, I’m so sad but I have to stop using product with parabens. Seriously, it will kill me. ;) I’d rather not be so-beautiful than harm myself by using products like this. 

Truth is this product really impressed me. But, sorry, I would never ever recommend this as it contains parabens. I would highly encourage you to start throwing your products with parabens. It’s better to be safe now than be sorry later. 
 Oh well, but I enjoyed taking pictures! ;)


  1. This is a good review. Tempted na nga ako bumili nito, kaso, nabasa ko may parabens

  2. yes sis. may parabens pero true, it's a good mask. ;) love it.


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo