Saturday, January 22, 2011


I’ve been hearing lot of reviews from Revlon Colorburst Lipstick. I originally would like to buy Carnation but I saw this review, According to her, Baby Pink is a dupe for Mac Viva Glam Gaga. Again, out of curiosity, I decided to pick this color instead of Carnation. I never had Mac Viva Glam Gaga as they’re expensive for my taste. So, why not try a dupe right?

So, to cut the story short, I bought Revlon Baby Pink. It looks promising in tube but I was not really amazed by this product… actually, I was disappointed. Read more to know why…
 At first, I fell in love with this. The packaging is adorable. I like it more than Mac lippies. Baby Pink looks even more adorable in tube. But once applied, it’s pretty sheer and frosty. Though, it is buildable. (check out the pictures below) but believe me, it takes many coat to achieve the color I’d like. 
 I don’t really have problems with the shade… in fact the shade was lovely BUT was completely ruined by the shimmers. I always hate frosty finish, I prefer matte.

 one coat of Revlon Baby Pink

more than 3 coats

Yes, I’m really disappointed and decided to sell this instead. If you’re still interested in trying this (in spite of my bad experience) you could message me. email address: I’m selling this for only Php 100.00, add Php 80 shipping fee thru JRS Express or meet-up at SM Manila (Mondays-Fridays).

Here’s the recent pictures. 

Would I recommend this? I would like to try other shades (carnation and soft nude) but will never repurchase and recommend this shade again. This costs Php 575 (I think?) which is quite expensive for a lipstick and does not deliver amazing result.

**Note: This shade is drying and not long lasting.


  1. Awww too bad! I heard good things about Revlon lippies though.

  2. I agree, I haven't been especially amazed by these lipsticks, and they are quite pricey for drugtore lipsticks )=

  3. I'm planning pa naman to buy that shade. Yikes! :) thanks for the review

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  5. @Michelle: Yea, I would still like to try other shades because the packaging is adorable. :)

    @Gaby: Yes, revlon lipstick ranges approximately $13 here while Mac lippies are approximately $22.

    @Nadine: Naku sis, try other shades nlng. Baby pink is nothing but shimmers

  6. i don't like frost lipsticks. Out of all the colorburst line, I find peach the nicest one but the staying power is so-so.. but i really love revlon's matte and super lustrous lipsticks!

  7. @bibzki: I've been hearing lots of raves on their super lustrous and matte nga sis. can you recommend me a particular shade? thanks

  8. Hey!!

    I actually think the color looks great on you, and was inspired to buy it myself! There's a comparable version of this shade also by Revlon called pink pop. it looks great and most importantly, ISN'T drying.

  9. I agree that frost/shimmer can ruin a good lipstick but since I'm not one to sell any makeup i own (which i clearly must do since I'm running out of space), i make it work with the whole makeup look. frost is best for me when i do smokey eyes or i tame it down with gloss. :) maybe you should try experimenting with first. you might have some use for it next time. :)

  10. @shen: omg! it's ms. shen! :))) too bad, i already sold it na. :( i can't take the shimmers, too frosted plus it's very drying. but anyways, thanks for dropping by. i do appreciate it alot! i love your blog even before I started blogging :)


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo