Sunday, April 3, 2011

Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick US VERSION in Park Avenue Peach

Describe the color:
I would like to describe the color as bright peachy shade that almost close to being red 

The packaging is simply gorgeous. This tells me what lipstick color collection it comes from. The cap doesn’t comes off easily too. 
It smells like Vanilla

Unlike Pink Please, this one is much pigmented. 

Texture/ Finish/ Consistency:
I don’t know if this has a different formula, or maybe because it’s in a different color selection, but this is much creamier than pink please.
It’s a bit thick and sticky in a way. It's a  rich and creamy lipstick. If you like Nyx Rls (however, it's not as creamy as nyx), this is even better. Plus, it stays longer!
I don’t think it’s drying also, but I still use lip balm underneath.

Staying Power:
Park Avenue Peach stays 3-4 hours on me without eating, drinking or the likes.

What I love most:
I love the color, the finish and staying power. I can’t ask for more.

What I hate most:
Can’t think of any?

Will buy again?
Yes! But I want to try other shades.


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  1. hi. im looking for a shade that looks like natural "red lips";as if im not wearing lipstick. what brand and what shade is that? thanks.


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo