Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nokia E5

Hi, as promised this post is about the new phone that I got, but this will be a long post. I’ll be telling a very long story of myself so please, if you’re not interested, feel free to skip the paragraph with red fonts. 

note: I’ll be showing and reviewing my Nokia E5, but I’ll just review it on how I see it on my own perspective and own language hahaha. I’m not very knowledgeable in technical terms for cellphone but hope this helps you. Feel free to search the google if my review is not enough. ;)

But first I would really like to show you my old fone (which I use for my TM simcard). It’s from Sony. I would highly recommend this fone, but too bad.. i believe it’s already obsolete. Hahah! Anyhow, it’s a good fone, but still, there are lots of things you can’t do with this. 
This is a very old fone, sorry hahaha! ;)
  My sony has a very nice features. I really like the uniqueness of the Music Player. And the Camera is actually good. You can adjust it in many ways you like. The casing is also very nice. The back is made of rubber. Plus, it has a wifi. Though, web browsing is not as good as most cellphones nowadays.
Left: Nokia E5, Right: Sony Ericcson W960

 Anyway, I was actually planning on buying a new phone for my Sun Cellular (before, I was using Nokia N73 for my sun.) I was eyeing for an Iphone that time, so I have to save my allowances so I could atleast give a share for the phone and rest will be paid by my father. 

But, an incident we least expect happened. The bank where my father keeps his money was shut down. I know you know what bank that is. My dad was extremely sad and depressed that time, and so, I can’t find any courage to ask money anymore. 

That’s why I look for another alternative... a cheaper cellphone where my savings would just be enough. I also decided to buy a phone that is not sliding since sliding phone is not as durable as the non-sliding one. I would also like to try qwerty fone since I never had qwerty fone before.

At first, I was eyeing on Blackberry Gemini Curve 8520 because it cost only Php 10,000-11,000 at Greenhills shopping center. But my oldest sister, who is using the same fone, told me that Blackberry is a boring phone unless you are going to register for BBM. I was like, “Sino naman i-BBM ko?” I even asked my boyfriend to buy Blackberry fone so I could BBM him (in case I got one for myself) but he refuses since he wants iphone for himself. Ennkk. My oldest sister told me that if it’s not only for his boyfriend who happens to be in the U.S (and using Blackberry also) she wouldn’t buy blackberry, instead she would buy Nokia E71 (my other sisters’ fone, Em). *To all users of Blackberry users please don’t shoot us! We all have different opinions! and we differs in lifestyle.. Hahah*

So, the truth is I was searching the net all day and found out about this Nokia E5. So, yes, I went to Greenhills and  tried Nokia E71 and Nokia E5. The sales lady was discouraging me to buy Nokia e5 and told me that it will be phased-out soon. But I just ignored that, since I won’t be selling my cellphone naman agad. I want something I could use for a very loooong time. So, in the end I decided to buy Nokia E5 over E71 for 3 reasons: better features, better camera and Php 2,000 cheaper! Would you believe that? I think I made a right decision. I even asked my sister (who is using Nokia e71) to try my new fone and she said, “Palit nalang tayoooo?” hahaha!

Since Nokia E5 is cheaper there are some things Nokia Company needs to sacrifice. I would say Nokia E5 looks way cheaper than Nokia E71 since nokia e5 is made of plastics material and a little metal at back cover and at front. Another down side, when I have to text someone outside , under the heat of the sun, I can’t no longer see the text on my screens, and so I have to look for a shed for me to be able to see it. I hope you could get me, i don’t really know the technical terms for that. Hoho!

Woooo, that’s a long story to tell! Hahaha! Anyhow, this would be a really long post since I decided to post some features I really liked about this fone. I hope this would be helpful for people looking for cheap alternative qwerty fone or people who is on budget like me.

Here’s a picture of Nokia E71 (left) and Nokia E5 (right):
 As you can see, nokia e71 looks more classy with shiny metal casing than Nokia E5.
 Nokia E71 is handier than Nokia E5

Now behold.. my Nokia E5
 Here’s the picture of the keypad. I find that the keypad of Nokia E5 is softer than Nokia E71, softer in a sense that when you click each letters on keypad, it is alot easier and softer. I dunno if it makes sense hahaha! If you notice my screen is a little distorted, don’t be bothered because it’s not really distorted. I think the reason behind that is the scratch-free screen protector I got.
 Here’s the picture of my home screen in Contact Bar view. This is the most helpful views on my part because I could put all the pictures of the names of the people I needed most or I texted most in the homescreen together with their details so I would no longer search their names in the contacts. And it’s kinda cute to wake up every morning and see the pictures of the people you love most on your home screen right? I believe Nokia E71 doesn’t have this feature.
 Also, in the contact view, you could include details of them. Example, on my sister I put her title “Architect.” This is very helpful if you’re like a person who forgets most of the time. You could write, “President of Blah blah corporation” as title. Also you could insert her picture on the contacts. If you don’t have pictures of him/her, no worries because you could match it to your Facebook’s friends! Amazing right? 
 Just Choose her name on contacts, click Option, choose Facebook, then Select Match (be sure to have internet connection first). Then, find her name on your friendlist and her profile picture will be automatically updated on your contacts and in additional, you will be also be updated on her Status in FB. Isn’t it fun?

You can also change the view from Contact Bar to Horizontal Bar.
  And Horizontal bar to Active Bar. 
 And so on....

You can also change the way you view your menu.
Just like this:
  And List
 Another helpful feature is that you automatically connect your emails directly on your inbox and the most exciting part is; you could have more than 1 email account. Just like me, I have two gmail account but I can update and check them automatically without signing out. Isn’t it great?
 Plus, you could separately change your mode into Business and Personal.I forgot to take a picture of that, but yes, you can do that.

There are more things you could do other than the mentioned above like:  Very organized calendar, Ovi Maps,Nokia Ovi Stores, Share your pictures thru "share online" application, nice gallery view, Add tags on your gallery, GPS, plus loaded with applications that are helpful for business people, or even travelers. This fone is helpful also if your blind because it has a talking theme setting which basically, talks. ;) you can also adjust the setting of the speaker (girl or boy) and their speed of talking in a way that you could understand.

See, all these features plus more for only Php 8,800. 

Here’s the amateur video that I made. Very Amateur. Haha! ;p
Hope this helps you! Sorry for a very long post! 


  1. that's nice. :)
    my sister has e71
    while mine is e72..
    and my other sister has c3.

    of course. e72 is the best for me. hehe :p

  2. I'm actually thinking of upgrading my e63! Great post!

  3. @loysa: yes, among the four, e71, e72, c3 and e5.. i would say e72 is the greatest.. it's like,
    e5 features + e71 look + some additional = e72! I would also suggest people to get e72, but if you're like in a budget like me, e5 would be good enough. :)

    michelle: that's nice, you should try e5 or e72. :)

  4. wow great phone for a great price :D


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo