Friday, April 8, 2011


Hi readers, I’m back with my new haul! I know it’s not much! ;) Got some items recently but I decided not to post it as soon as I got them. Decided to do a haul with first impression on them, so I have to try them for few days. And here I am ready for my Recent Haul with a little review! ;)

(individual pictures will be followed soon ;)

First, I GOT MYSELF A NEW FONE! It's a NOKIA E5 (reviews will be posted tomorrow). Hooray for me saving my allowances!  ;) I love this! It’s cheap and very helpful to me! If you're looking for a cheap qwerty fone with wifi and 5 MP plus loaded with very nice features, wait for my reviews tomorrow. 
Price: Php 8,800 + bubble case (Php 100) + Scratch free Screen Protector (Php 100) + Memory Card 2GB (Php 300) yes memory card is not included, though it is said in the box that it's included. Sellers here in the Philippine always do that, but it's okay since they're selling it at affordable price. Mall price is around Php 11, 000. Got this from Greenhills Shopping Center.

I also got myself few stuff, like Celeteque Oil Control Toner! I really don’t know it’s buy 1 take 1 promo.. I should’ve pick 2 so I could have 4 toners! Hahaha! It was only at the counter when the cashier told me it’s on promo and asked the other lady to get me another one since I got only 1. I’m quite shy to ask her to get more hahaha! Oh well. Until when is the promo? Can anyone tell me? 
Anyhow, I tried it already for 2 nights and I really like this more than the Celeteque Alcohol-free one. I guess Alcohol-free is made for people with dry skin because I notice that after I apply it on my face, my face becomes sticky in a way it is like being moisturized. I hope you get that. I like Oil Control one because I believe I have an oily skin, or combination? I really don’t know. Sometimes it’s so oily, sometimes it’s not. My skin is really weird.  Hoho
Price: Php 119.75

Also got myself Ever Bilena Color Pencil in Brown. I don’t know if it’s really for Eyebrows but I asked the lady for eyebrow pencil and gave this one. I swatched it on my hands and it’s waxy which I like. I tried this on my eyebrows, but it’s really pigmented compared to other eyebrow pencils. It’s a down side though. You don’t want your eye brow pencils to be pigmented right? But I think I could make this works. Just apply it very lightly and use spooling brush and tada.. decent looking brows!
Price: Php 88.00
Lastly, veet hair removal! I’ve been using this for more than years now and I really liked this! Never fails me! I usually buy the smaller one because I don’t regularly shave legs.. only the days when I have to wear shorts and skirts. I like this because this has an amazing effect on my legs! it brightens up my legs! 
Price: Php 99.75

So, that's all for my recent haul!


  1. I better grab my celeteque product while the deal is still going on!

  2. Is the Celeteque sale still on going? I have to hurry! :)

  3. oh I saw these celeteque babies on watson's last week, if I knew it was on buy one take one I grabbed it..I wish it is still on. :)

    Looking forward to your phone review.


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo