Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Two facts lipstick-related about me: 

1. I hate lipsticks that are extremely drying
2. I hate lipsticks that do not last long on my lips

But all of the lipstick that I have right now are either drying or the staying power is not so good. 

But if to choose among the two, I hate drying lipstick the most.  I hate lipsticks that are extremely drying!! 

It will never change! I could live with a lipstick that would stay atleast 2 hours on me as long as they’re not SUPER drying! Emphasis on “SUPER.” These are the lipstick that I already tried lip balm underneath but I cannot make it works for me. I just despised lipsticks that are very drying. That’s me! I would rather live with lipbalm only than a lipstick that is very drying! 

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink In the Afternoon is a very flattering pink shade. It is very nice for everyday look.MINAKICHU uniquely described this as a lipstick that makes her look like a “Virgin.” True enough! I would say that this would be a beautiful “My Lips But Better” color just because it gives a nice hint of pink. I hope you get what I mean.
But here are the downside of this: it is extremely drying and do not lasts long on my lips. Two things I could never forgive. It makes my lipstick extremely dry. I could compare it to my Colorburst (in Baby Pink). Some might say, it’s not drying for them but really, it’s really drying on me. Maybe, my lips are too sensitive?? err. Anyhow, if you know lip balm that you think will works with this, please let me know. Some of the lip gel/balms that I already tried with this lipstick are: Mentholatum Lip Gel, LipIce Sheer, Venus and Mars Lip Balm and Nivea Lip Care.
Describe the color:
I always struggle in describing the color of a lipstick so I tried swatching them with two lipsticks that I usually used.
(Nyx Rls in Tea Rose, Revlon Pink in the Afternoon, Maybelline Angel Rose)
 In between the nyx rls in tea rose and Maybelline Angel Rose is my Pink in the Afternoon. All of them are pink lipsticks. Pink in the Afternoon is a pretty light pink color with a slight hint of coral (on my opinion). Maybelline Angel Rose hint of coral is obviously more intense than Pink in the Afternoon. 

I tried swatching Nyx Tea Rose and Pink In the Afternoon using indoor lightning. I thought they’re a close dupe. But I was so wrong. Nyx Tea Rose is a deeper pink. Pink in the afternoon is more like a pale pink.

I have a problem with the packaging. I purchased this lipstick on ebay. But when I saw the lipsticks on other people’s blogs, I was shocked that it was in a different packaging. Then I saw another seller somewhere not in the Philippines, probably one of the sites in the U.S selling the same lipstick with the same packaging as mine. I forgot the site. Sorry. But if you do know why this one comes in this packaging please let me know. 

I already asked the seller about this, and she replied, "Dalawang style po kase yung packaging nila madam, one is yung may stripe band na gold sa tube at yung isa po yung walang band. but rest assured that both has the same shade and both are authentic from revlon. Salamat po."

Anyhow, overall the packaging looks nice and sleek. 

It smells like a typical lipstick my mom used way back years ago ;p Sorry, but I can’t find words to describe it. It smells like a typical lipstick years back then. I hope you get me. ;) 

Pigmentation/Texture/ Finish/ Consistency:
It is pretty pigmented.
But, this is extremely drying on me. I tried all my lipbalms underneath. I just couldn’t make it works for me. Just like I told you before, I hate lipsticks that are very drying. I would rather go for lipstick with poor staying power as long as they don’t dry my lips like hell. 

Staying Power:
Stays 1-2 hours on me.

What I love most:
I love the shade especially for every day! Probably one of my new favorites shade!

What I hate most:
Extremely drying! 

Php 150 @ ebay

3/5. Yes the color payoff is good, the color is very flattering but not my kind of lipstick. I despised lipstick that are very drying for the nth times. It more drying than Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick
My lipstick with Venus and Mars Lip Balm
Lips with Revlon Super Lustrous (so drying )

 See how drying it is even with lip balm underneath. :(


  1. ay tlga, it's drying, haven't tried any revlon lipsticks eh. Hmmm might try other lipstick line from them na lang..hehe! Thanks for the review and the swatches, I like that MAybelline Angel Rose. :)

  2. I have a couple of Revlon Super lustrous lipsticks which come with the thick gold band packaging.

    Too bad that it's drying for you.
    It doesn't feel drying at all for me. and they lasts more than 2 hours on me.

  3. @Jenggay: yup, this lipstick is very drying. posted new lipstick swatch on my lips for reference :)

    @hollie: yup, read from other's blog that super lustrous lipsticks are not drying. hindi kaya ibang formula pag ganito yung packaging? :( it makes me feel sad tuloy buti nalang mura bili ko hehe! ;)

  4. nice review sis! I really want to try that before kaso kulang ang cash. hahaha. I tried nude velvet and medyo creamy xa compared sa pink in the afternoon. you made the right decision nga pala to buy maybelline angel rose. that lippie is gorgeous ^_^

  5. maybe it's better if you purchased it at the retail store yourself so that you can try it right then... para din yang Avon, nabili mo na bago mo msabi di pala pareho ng color sa brochure yung item.

    BTW, thanks for visiting my blog. Bago kita nakita e :)

  6. Urgh! I just saw your post after I bought Pink in the Afternoon today. I have the same comments as you. Very drying, kahit i-scrub ko yung lips ko, the dry lines still shows even if I layer it with my lip balm. I have pigmented lips so when I apply it almost same color with NYX Tea Rose lang. Good thing lang I can return it even opened and tested sa ULTA (Thank goodness). But your post is still very helpful.

  7. The packing of your lipstick is the old version (nineties packing). I have some revlon lipsticks with the same packing, but I purchased these 13 years ago...they are old now and I no longer use these lipsticks
    The new revlon super lustrous packing have a gold strip whit revlon´s logo..
    I think that maybe your lipstick is a fake


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo