Sunday, April 3, 2011


Describe the color:
It’s not a fuchsia pink! It’s a gorgeous Barbie pink lipstick. A dupe for NYX Roundlipstick in Tea Rose

The packaging is simply adorable! It’s like Paul and Joe (b’coz of the color of the packaging and overall look) but you could still tell their differences. They’re like sisters, not twins. 
It is scented but not over powering. I actually like the smell. It smells like baby powder.

Very creamy and pigmented.

Texture/ Finish/ Consistency:
It is very creamy but less creamier than NYX Rls in Tea Rose.
Very moisturizing, in fact, sometimes I don’t wear lip balm underneath.
The finish is not matte; it’s more on glossy side because it’s a moisturizing lipstick!

Staying Power:
Average. Stays atleast 2-3 hours on me

What I love most:
The color is very nice! As you all know, tea rose used to be my favorite! Now, I found my new favorite lipstick because it has exact shade (as tea rose) but lasts longer on my lips!

What I hate most:

Php 160 only at Sophie Paris Reseller (like me!)

Will buy again?



I have read good things about Sophie Martin lippies. I guess I should try it one of these days. :P

I have never tried Sophie Martin lipsticks before! :))

you girls should try it. they're very cheap naman :)

wow this is a very pretty shade! ;)

I LOVE Sophie Lipsticks! :)

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love the colors <3 very pretty!!

Charry and Augustalolita: yes! it is a very gorgeous pink shade and it's very cheap pa

JesRoque: Hi sis, i think i already followed you already. I was searching for sophie martin reviews and found your blog. Though, i will visit it again. thanks for inviting me

this shade looks awesome! where can i purchase this? :)

this is such a pretty lippie.

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Wow! I would definitely buy the Koshize Collection in Sophie Martin Paris. The glittery cocoa looks nice too! :) I've got the Php79 Sophie Lipstick in Red Wine, and I'm gonna buy more soon!

@Melanie Ong: Thanks sis! Gusto ko nga rin i-try yung J'adore Lipstick. Lagi nga lang out-of-stock yung gusto kong shade :) Thanks for suggesting dear! :) Hope you can drop by again :))

Welcome sis! Anong favorite mong shade sa J'Adore Sophie Lipstick? I just went to Sophie Monumento Business Center yesterday!

@melanie: haven't tried them sis. pero parang gusto ko yung ice pink saka yung isa pink pang shade. nalimutan ko name . are they ok sis?

i really like it coz i'm using this for almost a year now.. u should really try this one.

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