Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Careline Lipgloss enriched with Vitamin E

I usually do my reviews after a week or even months of testing a product. But because I love these lipglosses, I can’t wait to share them with you.

These glosses are none other than CARELINE Lipgloss Enriched with Vitamin E. I’ve never tried Careline before just because their packaging looks very cheap. But I was so wrong. Just like the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”  Haha! I just recently got these, but I am so inlove with these. I regret that I only purchased two shades. But definitely, I will be back for more.

If you know me alot, you will definitely think that the shades that I got are not my shades. I like lipsticks that suits for  everyday but it never hurts to have these adorable shades on my makeup kit. I love playing around with these lovely shades.

Moving on with the reviews.


Describe the color:

104- A very lovely pink color with warm undertone.

111- A bright orangey red color

It comes in a test tube-like container and a sponge applicator. I like the applicator alot just because it’s easier to use compared to click pen type (just like Revlon Creme gloss). I find this alot easier in controlling the amount of product in the applicator.

It smells great! In itsjudytime’s video, she describes the scent as "peachy" -like scent.
Pigmentation/Texture/ Finish/ Consistency:
Wow, this is amazing! I don’t think it’s a lipgloss, it’s more like a liquid lipstick! I really like how pigmented it is! It glides smoothly on my lips too. It’s not drying on lips. You could wear this with or without lip balm underneath.

Staying Power:
Even though the consistency is very rich and glides smoothly on lips, this stays longer than most of my lipsticks and lipglosses! It’s not forever on lips, but stays amazingly even after drinking and eating (shade 111). I really love it!

Note: The shade 111 stays longer that shade 104. 

What I love most:
This is so far the best lip gloss that I purchased. Staying power is amazing! And it’s not drying on lips! And it’s very cheap!

What I hate most:
You can only purchase this at Robinsons Mall!
Only 12 shades. More shades please

Php 60.00



  1. I have this in 103, and I agree that they're great glosses! 104 is pretty too!

  2. these lippies look so gorgeous on your lips! :3

  3. I have 2 of these and I love both of them! I am planning to get the other shades!!! :)

  4. wow i wanna try these lippies! :D 12 shades? not bad! :D both lippies look good on you ;)

  5. Hi,

    Nice review. I want to know, are there anymore Pink shades? What are the codes? Hope you can make a review for the other shades too. Thank you so much. :)

  6. yey you got yours na!! really love that 111 :)) nice no? hehe

  7. wow. those are awesome finds. I love the pink one! I'll try to grab one. :> thanks sis:))

  8. hello:)Sang branch ng Robinson ko to mabibili? Tia

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  10. i like that shade too sis (104). i haven't posted mine yet. i actually have lot of pending post to do hahaha, naipon. kinda busy caring with my son kz... u know... mom thing! :)

  11. i already got one! yey:) kaso nung nakita ng sister ko ayaw na niyang pagamit sakin nakakaitim daw ng lips.. is it true??

  12. oh really love this too but i regret that i didn't bought a lot of this..when i went to robinson's..i thought it was available anywhere.. too bad robinson's too far from our home..

  13. i never knew that this was really good until i saw your pics! nice and inexpensive too! :)

  14. One of my current lemmings! Im frustrated kung bakit parang ang hirap pumunta sa Robinsons at sobrang dali kapag sa SM? Haaay...I want 104 parang yung lipgloss lang ng Etude House na worth 400 pesos! :))

    My little new world: http://sparkliecandy.com

  15. Dee: oo nga sis.pretty nilang lahat :)))

    sugar: thanks sis

    jesroque:yay. post sa blog sis ha? :)love reading your blogs.astig ng mga makeup looks mo din

    @beautyaddict: yup kaso ang limited ng shade sa pink :(

    anonymous: i'm not sure kung ilang pinks sorry sis

    joice: yup!!! super pigmented nila.parang lipsticks!

    kathleen: grab na sis! mura lng

    sweetstarshine: kht san ata sis. got mine in ermita

    mestizah:naku, smpre sis. family first. hirap nga minsan pagsabayin ang school at blog / family & work and blog.. carry mo yan sis! go :))

    sweetstarshine: no. not true

    nessellyn: next time sis. manghoard ka pag nadaan kng robinsons

    charlene: ako rin! dati iniisnab ko ang careline. nung napnuod ko to sa video ni ms.judy... napabli ako!

    chien: tama. favorite ko tlaga to sa lahat ng lipglosses/lipsticks ko. laging nasa kikaykit


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