Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May Collective Haul

Hi ladies! So this post is about a little collective haul that I got throughout the month of May, nothing really special. I don’t usually do hauls of the month but whatever, I feel like doing it! So please bear with me. :) Btw, I got only little stuffs to share with you because I don’t usually buy lots of things especially during summer. No school means no allowance, you know.

So let’s start!

First thing I got are these Celeteque Products because it’s on buy 1 take 1 promo. I tried Celeteque Toner before (alcohol free) and works for me so I decided to try the other products. (note: I will do a detailed review one of these days.. i need more time)

Sorry, I can't remember the prices :(

Celeteque Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash-I love this! It’s not harsh on skin unlike most facial exfoliating wash

Celeteque Facial Wash- my current favourite facial wash!

Facial Moisturizer

Celeteque Oil Control Toner

Then, I went to Paterno in Quiapo to buy myself new eyeglasses. I prefer eyeglasses more than contact lenses at home ofcourse. I like buying my eyeglasses there because it’s not expensive and the quality is actually good! I got my previous eyeglasses (forgot the name of the store, sorry!) from the same store too and is still in good condition until now. That’s 5 years long! But I decided to buy something new. ;p (Price: around Php 2,000)

This month I also purchased a handbag polish from Sophie Martin Paris. I won’t say it’s great in removing dirts and stains but somehow, it works. Just manage your expectation. It removes dirt on my bags but not ballpen stains. I like using this to polish my shoes too! Price: I think it's Php 150?? not sure. 

This month I also ordered Mac Lippies but not for personal use. I sell them. Originally, I ordered 6 lippies but someone already purchased two lippies

Then, just recently I went on Market Market and purchased few items
Shoe from Milani, (price: Php 899.75) – it’s on sale!

My school shoes from Rusty Lopez (price: Php 899.75) – I know... It looks so high school! Hohoh! BUT I prefer comfy shoes more than beautiful shoes . ;) Plus, I don’t like heels on my school shoes. Hahaha!

And lastly, right after Market Market I went to ECHOSTORE at Serendra to check out Junk Not items. 
Btw, we are not the owner of the Junk Not. My sister’s friend is the one who owns that brand and I think we are the only resellers of this stuff online. Yes, they do have online stores but I think they are not updating it anymore. Oh well. Just to make things clear.

So, anyhow. Here’s the stuff we got at the store.

A recycled bag (from Junk Not) made of newspaper (price: Php 300)

A coin purse made from wrappers (not from Junk Not) (price: Php 150)

A coin purse again made from plastic straws (price: php 100)

A very cute pencils made from newspaper(you can still  see the articles)!  (price: php 35/pack)

Lastly, a ballpen! (php 22)

I love eco products! Let's start saving the World! Use eco friendly products as much as possible. okay? :)

Other stuffs I got during the month of May:

Zen Organics Goat Milk Body Lotion

Zen Lip Balm, Php 75.00

Zen Glutathione cream

Zen Barako Coffee Body Scrub! Smells heavenly!

Zen Organic Oatmeal Soap i like this more than Venus and Mars soap because it's not harsh on skin and feels soft and smooth on my skin

Olay Body Lotions and Body Bath you can find this at Market Market 

Ever Bilena Pro-Leg Makeup (did not works for me!) Atleast I got it on sale.

Ever Bilena Pink Petal Blush, Php 110The color once applied on cheeks reminds me alot of Sophie Magic Pink Cream

Careline Lipglosses, Php 60 each at Robinsons Malls only

Me Now Concealer Pencil and Black eyepencil duo. (because I was looking for a peach color eyeliner without glitters and can’t find one so I decided to try concealer pen as eyeliner but did not works for me. But let’s see where I could use this). Php 44 at Market Market

Chapstick Lip Balm – i’m currently loving this! Moisturize my chapped lips and I like the taste, Php 76.75.

I think that’s all for the month of May! Thank you for your time reading my blog. 



  1. Great haul!! You got soo much stuff!! Love it!

  2. That is a massive haul! :)

    Niiiiice! :)

  3. Awesome Haul, I love the stuff you picked from the EchoStore, especially the pen! so cool.

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  5. love your haul!!! my goodness just like you, i can shop all day. poor credit card, been abused all too much! hahaha

  6. Wow too much shopping! Haha!

    I love Celeteque facial moisturizer! It's the only moisturizer that works well for me so far. It's water-based so does not leave any greasy feel. :)

    Btw,I recently changed my blogspot address. Please follow me at Thanks!


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