Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Application for Symbian S60 phones *heavy pictures*

Hi, I’m back again with another non-beauty related post. Sorry for posting another non-beauty related things here but I am trying to make my blog as informative as possible, in all aspect ^_^

Recently, my friend shared a very nice application for my cellphone since we do have the same unit. For my new followers, the phone that I’m currently using is Nokia E5. I really love this phone because it’s cheap and it’s so me. Anyway, I would like to share this application to you.

(works for Symbian S60 phones, click here to know if your fone is symbian s60)

You can download the application at Nokia Ovi Store.

This applications offer thread messaging style for sms like those on iphones and blackberry. Threaded messaging displays both sides of a text messaging (SMS) conversation on one screen, in chronological order. In this way it also groups messages from the same person together.
It also supports drag and drop, Fake SMS, schedule your messages (this means that you can time stamp your messages and the message will be dispatched at that particular time which you have already set. That can be quite a useful feature if you tend to forget things) syncing with Nokia’s default SMS manager, autostart and display them in speech bubbles.


So, I will show you where to download and how to install it on your fone..
Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Go to this LINK (nokia ovi store then search isms)
 2. Click send to mobile then type your number
 3. You will received a message to your mobile phone
 4. Open the link, be sure to have a wifi access.
 5. Click Download and install it on your mobile phone

 6. After the application has been installed, go back to your homescreen (oh yeah, Lee min ho is my wall paper! i love him so much hahaha!)
 6. Then go to your applications, or where you installed your application

 7. Open your appplication. Then, choose iphone style.
 8. Select the skin that you like most.

 8. If you like, you can put your picture as your avatar. 

There are other things you can do with this application, so what are you waiting for? try it yourself and download now...

Say goodbye to ordinary messaging for nokia.. and say hello to THREAD MESSAGING! ^_^


  1. my friend using the same unit! will definitely share this to her :D thank you!

  2. you actually posted your boyfriend's number :))))


  3. @anna anonymous: omg! you're right sis! thanks for informing.. i will definitely delete the photos.. thank you

  4. Hi do you need Wifi/3G to operate this app?


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo