Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Patronize Eco-friendly products

Hi lovely readers! I’m so excited to do this post.

Anyway, just as promised, here’s the update on Junk Not! Products!

If you visit Echo store at Serendra or reads my blog, I’m sure by now you are familiar with Junk Not!
Junk Not! eco creative products are now available at Ayala Museum Shop and your fave EchoStore branch

Junk Not! Is a small scale brand that promotes and produces eco-creative products. All products made under this brand will involve a community of women who are looking for an alternative means or a means of livelihood. The products are professionally and carefully designed and is envisioned to be affordable.

For each Junk Not! products you purchase, you provide livelihood to these women PLUS part of that proceeds will go to the training and development funds which will further empower this women through newly acquired skills.

Why promote Junk Not!
Junk Not! envisions to help solve two problems that our society is facing:

1. Waste management and its environmental impact
2. Lack of livelihood

Through Junk Not! we find creative ways to transform regular and everyday junk into useable items while providing livelihood to a community of women

Why buy at our online store?
We sell at cheaper prices
More convenient for busy people. You pay and we do the shipping

I just want to show you some products from the store that I personally use:
I usually put two pieces of these and I'm ready to go.

And here is a picture of me trying to model one of the bags, but unfortunately, my sister did not include this picture on the store, i guess i'm not a good model afterall! ^_^

For all the bloggers, please help me promote eco-friendly products especially Junk Not! products by:
o Liking our Facebook online store
o Posting or reposting this on your blog

Thank You so much dear bloggers and readers.


  1. how much is that bag? me likey =)

  2. Php 280 + 80 shipping within MM

    Sis, you can select other designs:


    I liked the facebook page already!! Were you the model?

  4. hahaa! yup ako nga ata yun michelle ;) para lang sa business ;p

  5. Ok. The model picture is model-y. Lovet.


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo