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Do you know that scientists and beauty bloggers have some things in common?

We basically follow the same basic rules: creating hypothesis, experiment and conclusion.

Being a beauty blogger can be fun because you can share things that you are most passionate with. But, just like a scientist, being a beauty blogger is a difficult profession and even more difficult when your weakness is English. BUT, for me it is not only English that makes beauty blogging difficult, indeed, it is the characteristic that you have to possess as a beauty blogger. You have to be really patient, honest and observant.  Just like what I told you, you have to pretend like you are somehow a scientist. Of course before blogging you have to test the product first for atleast  few days, weeks, months or if you like even years in order to arrive in a most accurate conclusion. You have to be honest at all times. Do not cheat! If it works for you then good, if it’s not then tell the truth. Anyway, our main purpose is to inform our readers, right?

Today, I will be reviewing products that I tried religiously for a month. I must admit, it was hard for me to do a skin care review rather than makeup reviews because it requires more time and loyalty. You can review a lipstick within a day of usage but never a skin care product. You know why? Because you need alot of time to see the real effects. Plus, it’s not hundred percent accurate. Why? Because every products you’re using affects your skin in every way. For example, you might think that it’s your facial wash that softens your skin, but it’s actually your moisturizer. You get me right?

But I will do my best to be as accurate as I could in my reviews.

Let’s begin.

Oh my, I love: Facial Wash and Exfoliating Wash
Okay, just an average product: Toner and Moisturizer


For the longest time, I’ve been loyal to Pond’s Facial Washes (for more than 6 years). But when I started blogging, I started trying different brands such as St. Ives, Neutrogena, Body shop Natrulift, Olay and more. I wouldn’t say Celeteque was the best among all but considering the price; surely, it does a great job!

There are two factors why I decided to purchase this: first, it’s on buy 1 take 1 promo, secondly because of the things written on the packaging.

So, let me begin with a more organized review.

The consistency is very liquidy and runny like water but slightly thicker.

I find the tube packaging not appropriate for the consistency of the facial wash. It would have been better if it comes in a pump. What do you think? But, well it doesn’t matter. Maybe the reason is packaging like this is more affordable compared to pump one.

Cleansing Power:
It cleanses but not totally. I still see makeup on the cotton I used when I am applying the toner on my face after cleansing but it doesn’t really bother me that much. In fact, I like it that way. I know most of you might dislike this product because of that reason but we all have our own preferences. If you’re looking for facial wash that is superb in cleaning and removing dirt and everything on your face, I highly suggest that you buy Pond’s activated carbon. I will do a review on that some time in the future. One thing I hate about Pond’s is that it is so drying on skin but you could make it works for you by applying good moisturizers on. For celeteque facial wash, I like using Body Shop cleanser first (or you can try pond’s cold cream) to remove my makeup then proceed with facial wash. It works best for me.

What I love: Doesn’t make my skin dry unlike most facial washes.

Rate:  4/5

Celeteque Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash

It has beads for exfoliating; the consistency is slightly thicker than water.

Same as Celeteque Facial Wash

Cleansing and Exfoliating Power:
Before I got this, I’ve been really loving St. Ives Blemish and Blackhead control. I still love it though. I would still like to repurchase that one and ofcourse this one depending on my skin condition. You know, my skin is really complicated. Last time I checked “Skin Perfect” (3rd week of April) they told me that my skin is really dry. So, I stopped using products that will make it even drier. But now, my skin is nothing but oily. That’s why I do buy different kinds of facial washes depending on my skin condition.

When my skin is super oily, I tried using St. Ives Blemish and Blackhead control atleast 3-4 times a week. But during the time when my skin is a bit drier, I used Celeteque.

One thing I like about this is that it is an exfoliating wash but it doesn’t make my skin dry. Though, it is not advisable to use it for everyday so I alternate it with my facial wash.

What I love: If you are looking for an exfoliating wash that doesn’t make your skin really dry, try this!

Rating: 4/5


comes in a clear gel water based moisturizer  

Moisturizing Power: 
It’s pretty average since it is a gel type but yes, it moisturizes my skin but not as good as my other moisturizers. If you are oily skin and you still want to moisturize your skin without the feeling of greasiness, I highly suggest that you try this.  It is so light on skin that sometimes you forget you’re wearing one. BUT, if you have a really dry skin, I suggest that you skipped it. Try thicker moisturizers.
What I love: I love using this during hot days and sometimes when I don’t like adding more greasiness on my oily face

Rating: 3.5/5


I tried the Alcohol-free toner before and I like it. It doesn’t sting on your face since it doesn’t have alcohol content. It’s very mild and gentle like putting water on your face. Works well for people with dry skin.

But this oil control toner is advisable for people with oily skin. With my skin condition right now, I like it more. Though it has an alcohol content, it’s not too strong unlike other toner that I’ve tried. Yes, I agree that you could still smell the alcohol in it and it hurts your eyes when you apply this somewhere near your eyes but the reason is simply because it still has alcohol content.

I would say that it is just a typical toner like Belo and Pond’s Toners. Nothing really special. It is good in controlling oil especially when you put this at night. It keeps your skin oil-free when you wake up.

Rate: 3.5/5


  1. Great reviews! And I totally agree with your beauty blogger = scientist analogy. :D I might try the Celeteque facial wash when my Cetaphil runs out. Cetaphil isn't available at the supermarket near my house, and I'm too lazy to journey all the way to a mall just to get it. :))

    Don't worry about your English, I think you're doing great! Practice makes perfect!

  2. I haven't tried cetaphil but siguro someday! ^_^..

    thank you for your kind words.. isa sa reason kaya nagblo2g parin ako dahil sa mga mababaet na blogger gaya mo sis. thanks dee!

  3. I love the facial wash and the moisturizer from these! I haven't tried anything else! :)

  4. I love your beauty blogger = scientist analogy. It's true that it takes a lot of time and a great deal of effort in beauty blogging, or blogging in general. And it's just sad that the raw honesty that I used to read on some blogs are slowly diminishing. :( Keep it up, I think you're doing great. I like your honesty here. :)

    Having good communication skills is important but there is more to a person than just how good he/she is in English. :)

    I love the moisturizer though. :P

  5. I've been doing the same regimen for like 3 years already and still I don't have any problems with it :D I love that it's almost fragrance-free! ;)

  6. Hello hello!

    I think we have this brand here in Sweden. Must go check the local pharmacy. The products seem so skin friendly and my skin needs good friends these days.

    Thanks for the tips and the reviews... Now a follower!


  7. I think I'll have to try celeteque na. Thanks sa review mo, sis.

    Miss Do-it-All

  8. Celeteque moisturizer works well on me. I love that it is water-based, my skin absorbs it easily and it does not leave a greasy and heavy feel. I haven't tried the toner and cleanser,though. :)

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  10. does celeteque has a whitening cream for underarms?

  11. i started using this products for almost 1 month then it really works.. now my skin feels smoother and doesnt get dry anymore!

  12. hello sa lahat, bumili kasi ako ng celeteque products.. facial wash with natural moisturizing factor, alcohol free toner with witch hazel extract and facial moisturizer with moisturizing system.. i have oily skin kasi, hindi ko alam kung tama ba ang combination na binili ko.. kelangan ko pa buh ng sunscreen? pls help me.. ngresearch lng kasi ako.. thanks


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo