Saturday, June 25, 2011

Etude house Green Tea Nose Pack and Essence Mask

Hi ladies! This is a quick post on the recent things I've tried from Etude House.

Etude House Green Tea Nose Pack
I do have a huge problem with the blackheads on my nose. That is why during the 20% sale, I decided to get this product. 

So here's the step on how to do it . I know the instruction is written at the back of the sheet but it was incomplete. 

Wet your nose with water.Remove clear film from the pack and fasten adhesive side to nose. Remove strip when dry  Wet the nose strip on your nose with water. You have to wet the nose strip so that the product will works. If you only wet your nose and not the nose strip, you will definitely be disappointed with the result. (see picture below to know why)
Remove the strip when dry.

So here's the result 
Removing the nose strip
Notice on the left side of the strip, i did not wet the outer part of the strip with water and the result, no blackhead was removed. While on the other part, most of my blackheads were removed.

Ewww. i know right haha!
I'm quite happy with the strip. It's a bit pricier compared to the typical nose strips from Watsons but I think it is worth a try. I might buy this again or maybe not. I'm not yet sure. If I would repurchase it again, it's because it smells good. it reminds me of...of... green tea. hahaa! of course! :)) If I would not repurchase this it's because I want to try other nose pack.. I'm eyeing the charcoal nose pack from tony moly. I'm interested with products with charcoal since i know that they really work!


I haven't tried lots of mask before, in fact the only mask that I've tried is from Queen Helene. What i hate about wash-off masks is how messy they are during the application. So I know I have to settle with sheets mask as they are more convenient (but pricier).

The cutting is a bit bigger than my face but it is okay so that people with bigger faces would be able to use them.

I heard from Korea Cosmetics the effect of mask would be better if you fridge it before using it.

I left the mask on my face for 20 mins then remove it. I was happy with the result. My skin felt hydrated. I did not felt any tightness unlike when I use Queen Helene mask. My skin was smooth and soft after.

I would like to repurchase this than Queen Helene for the following reasons:
1. It doesn't contain paraben
2. Not drying on skin. 
3. Queen Helene effect: Smooth, refreshed and clean (with a slight feeling of dryness)
Ehouse mask effect: SOFT, smooth, hydrated.

hahaha! I look so funny in my pics! Okay okay! I don't like to post it originally but I had no choice! Please be nice to me. hahaha! :)

Nose pack: Php 38
Essence mask: Php 58


  1. Lol! I photographed myself once when I had a face mask and it was really funny. I didn't post it on my blog, though. Nice of you to share your experience. =)

  2. Have you tried the Purederm nose strips? They work really well! I wonder how the Etude House one compares :) Thanks for the review! :)))

  3. I hate it when it's time to take the nose strip off. It hurts!! LOL

    Btw, I did your request na for my skin care routine on my blog! :D

  4. Haha nice! I want to try that face mask.

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  5. @swexie: you're welcome sis!
    @aya: this is the 1st time I tried nose strip. thanks for suggestion, i will take note of that
    @michelle: really? yey! i'll check it out
    @d.sadie: no problem sis. i'll check it out

  6. wow the blackhead cleanser looks so good i wish i could get this! i have so many blackheads :( btw great blog im your new follower! hope you;ll follow back :)

  7. the only face mask I've tried is the one from purederm, but this is something that I'd really like to try as well. thanks for sharing.

  8. haha! you're funny :D
    the nose pack seems good, should prolly drop by EH and get some. thanks for this post :)

  9. i wanna try this! thanks for the review! new follower here! :)


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