Thursday, June 9, 2011

Etude House Hair Bubbles in Natural Brown

Hi lovelies!

When it comes to hair, I really hate experimenting. “What if it won’t look good on me?”  I’ve been really jealous with people with brown hair. In fact, I was thinking of getting my hair color done at the salon. But my mother always tells me that my hair is already beautiful and that I should not try dyeing my hair. . And the funny thing is that even when I get my hair cut at the salon and I started asking on how much it would cost me if I would have my hair colored, the one in the salon would answered me with the price and a follow up statement that goes like this, “Pero bagay naman sayo yun black. Sayang kasi yung buhok mo pag pinacolor mo.” haha! 

Anyways, when I heard about this Hair bubble at Etude House I was very happy. It’s very cheap and I wouldn’t have to worry about wasting my money if the color wouldn’t look great on me. Atleast, deep black is also available, just in case I won't like the brown hair. ^_^ Plus, I heard this won’t make your hair dry unlike the typical hair coloring.

At Etude house, I was having dilemma whether to get the Dark Brown or the Natural Brown.  I would really like to get myself Dark Brown since the Natural Brown looks so brown! But then, I thought that since my hair is already black, I’m afraid that Dark Brown won’t show up on my hair really well.

So I ended up buying natural brown instead.
The box looks like this. 
See how brown is the color of the hair of the model in the box

Just to give you an idea, this is the hair that I wanted.
Not this.

So I thought that maybe, I could achieve the hair that I want by using only half of the hair bubble and not getting my hair all dyed.

Here’s how I do it. (If you’re wondering if I can read Korean, I can’t! I just googled it. Etude house should write their instructions in English.It is really annoying when the instruction is already there but you can’t understand it. What a waste!)

1. Open the sachet included in the box. Then, dispense off the product from the sanchet into the bottle with pump which is ofcourse also included in the box.
2. upon doing so, tilt the bottle from side to side to mix the two liquids.
3. Wear the plastic stuffs included in the box.
4. Pump the bottle until the product comes out.
5. I start applying it on the outer layer and going in. I did not apply that much inside since I opted for a highlight effect. (not totally brown). I only used less than 1/2 of the hair bubble solution but if you like your hair to be totally brown, go ahead and use all the products onto your hair.
6. Leave your hair for at least 30 mins. You can use shower cap or not. It’s up to you.
7. After 30 mins, wash your hair with the Silky Perfumed Treatment included. Use it as a conditioner, not a shampoo.
8. Let your hair dry and you’re done.

So here’s my hair. I’m actually liking it. I’m really sorry for the lame shots. 

All with flash, except for the last 4 pictures.

Oh by the way, I would also like to take this chance to say sorry to all my readers. I feel guilty for not using all the products on my hair because it felt like I did not really showed you what will be the real outcome if I put everything on my hair. I’m sure this is not the outcome you wish for. Sorry for only using 1/2 of the product, but I can’t really take the risk. I don’t want my hair to be so brown like the one in the box. I actually like it the way I did it.

Thank you for understanding.

Price: Php 378
Would I buy again? Yes, definitely! Next time since this is just temporary hair coloring.
Rate: 5/5

I highly recommend this for people:
-who still don’t know what color suits them (you could try if wine red, natural brown, dark brown or deep black). Atleast they won't waste thousands of money just to try experimenting on what color looks best on them.
-who are afraid to try hair coloring because it might damage their precious hair
-who likes to try cheap hair coloring
-who likes to dye their hair but are saving money

*Edit: It's a bit drying on my hair after few weeks. I use conditioner everyday to make my hair softer. But it's not super dry like you'll hair get frizzy and all. I just think that my hair now is a bit drying than it was before.
*How long the color will stay on? I don't know. Maybe, forever? LOL! Just kidding. It's December 30 today and people could still tell that I dyed my hair. Pretty amazing, huh? I think this is a permanent hair color thus, it will stay until it grows out (with fading). Great buy! 


  1. that's a pretty color. i wanna give this a try, but i'm still giving my hair a rest from coloring. maybe next moth or two mots from now, i'll get this. thanks for the review

  2. I saw this product at Say's blog, too! ...and it looks grrreat on you! Are there any other colors???

  3. I think I want to try this out! I want red hair! LOL

  4. WOW You did it na! Now I'm confused whether to get Natural brown or Dark brown! HAHAHA I want the same color you ended up with :))) Gaaah i don't know what to buy! LOL

  5. YAY! Thanks for posting this. I didn't know this existed. I'm planning on dyeing my hair after graduation, but I didn't want to spend money on a color I'm not sure would look good on me. This seems like the perfect solution. ^^

    By the way, do you know how long the color would stay on?

  6. Haven't visited Etude house for quite some time. Thanks for posting this. I wasn't aware they already carry Hair Coloring til I read this. I want to try that too. I want hair colors that won't dry my hair. :)

  7. wow exciting post, i will buy it for my girl, thanks

  8. I've never ever dyed my hair! that's why I've been wanting to try this, but I have no clue which hair color looks good on me... hahayz! I hope I can figure it out soon. I'm still asking my hubby's opinion if I should go with it or not. I want a burgundy-ish hair color but I don't know if it would look good on me.

  9. jackie: ohh, you really have to try this after two months. it's not drying also sis. the conditioner that comes in the package is quite good.

    bee: yes, there are 4 colors: deep black, dark brown, natural brown, wine red.

    michelle: shoot! you'll look fabulous with red hair

    aya: yes sis! i did na! and so far so happy. i haven't tried na dark brown. parang mas safe shade siya pero i'm not really sure kung magging obvious ang effect if you have a really dark black hair.

    julie: i'm not yet sure sis. but it's my 5th day today.and the color still looks great.

    morbidfrank: yes sis. i think this is a great alternative for people who likes hair coloring without making it dry

    hollie: ahaha, yes right sis. i think you have to ask your hubby. i'm sure he'll know what color will suits you. you could search google also. i saw someone blogged wine red and dark brown. :) atleast for a reference.

  10. Awarded you! :))

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  12. Visiting from GT! =)
    When I went to SM Manila the only shade available is deep black :(
    Will definitely try this out.

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  14. geez, i really like this shade! but it's always out-of stock. btw i made a review about this one too on my blog, and one more thing can you tell me where u purchased your body recipe eye cream? it seems to be a promising prodcuts. visit me at my blog

  15. Hi Rose, got it from HBC!Oh yes, i like it. especially when it's cold.

  16. thanks for this posting :) such a great help :)

  17. thanks for this review.. am i actually in search for a coloring hair.. and this is not that expensive. but uhm.. did you do the allergic reaction test?

  18. Sis, honestly that's such a healthy, silky-straight hair you have! I'm born wavy so I couldn't achieve that hair naturally and I just get mine treated. :(

    That hair color suits you too! :)

  19. a big help ♥ i like the shade . hindi masyadong matingkad ^_____^

  20. wow! BIG HELP for me! sakto need na ng hair ko magpa dye kasi medyo damo ko ng white hair sa stress and then sa age i na rin i guess haha! i'm 33 and it shows on my hair lol . Thank you Thank you!


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