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Time sure flies fast! Summer is almost over. Anyway, I did have two requests for monthly favorites so I guess I still have to do it even if it’s already June! hahaha! It’s not yet too late right? ^_^

Anyway, I will not be doing like an exclusive makeup monthly favorites because I would like to include everything that I’ve been really loving for the whole month of May! If you think this is so boring and thinks that I should not do this again on my next favorites, please feel free to comment down below. Harsh words are not welcomed but your opinions are highly appreciated, just in a nice way okay?.

Let me start with the non-make up related things!

For the whole month of May, I’ve been really loving Korean movies, dramas and everything about Koreans!  In fact, that’s the reason why I don’t blogged that much anymore. Imagine, I was awake 'til 6am in the morning just to watch Korean movies/drama.

Korean stories are really nice especially the love stories. I love how they are able to show their anger without much violence, unlike the typical Filipino movies. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Filipino dramas too but hey they are always the same sampalan and aapihin ang bida. It’s rare for me to see hihilahin ang buhok hanggang makalbo in Korean stories. (though I have seen some like in Temptation of Wife) Most of their love stories are very light and makes me so kilig especially with actors like Song Seung heon (my princess), Lee Min Ho (perfect match, boys over flowers) and Kim Hyun Joong. 

And here’s what I found out:
In almost all the Korean I’ve watched since before, there are always:
1. Boy carries the girl at the back (piggy back rides!!!)
2. Lovers go to Jeju Island
3. They love mentioning the story of the little mermaid who turns into bubble
4. They always run! Especially the guys
5. Drink soju (maybe, that’s the only alcoholic beverage in Korea ^_^)
6. Cute guys don’t like girls that much
7. Sings alot!
8. At first, they hate each other, then they will fall inlove
9. When they don’t like to answer the fone, they will remove the battery.
10. The girls are typically makulit and annoying
11. There are always first love! ^_^

Oh my gee, I should have made a separate reviews on Korean dramas! hahah sorry!

Okay now, let's go to my favorite products of the month

From Left to right:
Ever Bilena Eyecolor pencil in Brown - you see i've been reaching for this everyday for the whole month. Eyebrow pencils are much easier to use especially when you are always in hurry

Careline Lipgloss in 101- my first nude (with peach hint) lipgloss . It's really gorgeous on my lips

Chapstick- I use this before applying any lipsticks

Revlon Super Lustrous in Shine City- non-sticky clear gloss

Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Park Peach Ave- the best lipstick I ever had so far (the colorsensational line). The color is very pretty as well. ^_^ 

Ellana Make It Lasts Primer

Sophie Magic Pink Cream- the best blush on ever! Stays the whole day and it's very cheap pa!

Maybelline Mineral Power concealer- I saw this on bubzbeauty and I'm really loving it!

IN2IT Foundation

 Celeteque Facial wash and Exfoliating Wash- will do a review on this soon!

Elf Mechanical Eye curler- Great eye lash curler for only Php 120! Beat that!

Marrionaud Spooling and Eyeliner brush- I love the spooling part and eyeliner brush works for my eyebrows

Olay Total Effects 

Eco Tools Brush - so soft!

Ever Bilena in Pink Petal

Elf Bronzer in Luminance - i transfered it to the elf foundation container since the packaging of luminance is really cheap. I'm inlove with this! I use it as highlighter! I will definitely do a review on this.  

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  1. Haha! The Korean list you made was hilarious. There's also "the interfering mother-in-law and/or grandmother." ^^

    I can't wait for your review on the Bronzer.

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