Thursday, June 30, 2011

Skinfood Gold Caviar Gift Set

The moment I got this, I knew it was true love! It’s a Korean product, it is from SKINFOOD (yes, the expensive Korean store in the Manila) and the packaging is simply irresistible!

The first thing I did when I got this is to research on the internet! Everything in the packaging is written in Korean. Maybe i should learn Korean language? Well, I’m actually learning few words from watching Korean movies/dramas and it is fun to learn their culture too. Anyway, I was surprised that the site of skinfood was written in English! Yey! I was very pleased with the site because everything looks so promising!

Okay, the set I received is from their line called Gold Caviar. It is named Gold Caviar simply because it has gold and caviar as main ingredients.


A toner that softens the skin texture with gold particles that can be seen with the naked eye and with the addition of Russian caviar, it provides moisture, nutrition and resilience to the skin.
* Instruction
Take an appropriate amount on the palm of your hands after washing the face and softly absorb onto the skin through rolling according to the skin texture.

Okay, I’ll have to repeat this again! The packaging looks adorable and classy! For the packaging, I’ll give it 5/5.

When I first tried it, the first thing I notice is the consistency! It’s like a gel type toner (I’m not sure if there’s such). I poured it on my cotton and applied it on my face. It was really LOVE! You might heard me tweeting about this several times. I really like how non-drying it is! But I still love my Celeteque just so you know. I love them both. I use them for different purposes. When I feel like my face wants moisture, i reached for this as my toner.

So if you’re looking for toner that is moisturizing (toner that is moisturizing?? yes, with skinfood, it is possible!) I highly suggest that you get this. It is a bit pricey if you will buy the full size (1,200 php on ebay and more expensive in malls) but I think it is worth it. I might save my money to buy the full size or maybe, I would like to try first the collagen moistful toner from Etude House. Someone from Gtalk suggested that one. She told me that it is moisturizing toner. Korean skincare is really unique, don't they?


Next, Emulsion. It is moisturizing too. Though, it is just a typical emulsion, just like most moisturizing cream/serum available here. I don’t hate it, just to clarify things. I just find it expensive for my taste as it does the same job as other emulsions i've tried. I love the toner in this line because this is my first time to have something as unique as that. I’m not sure if there are other toners in the market that work as great as the Gold caviar since I haven’t tried anything like this before.

Anyway, for the rate? I will give it 4.5/5. A little amount will give your skin enough moisture.

These two babies are for the eyes ( i think?). I’ve been really doing alot of projects, reports, thesis and the likes lately so I was like an "owl". I’m wide awake during night and asleep during the day. I go to school in the afternoon. Yes, my concealer is not doing a great job these past few days. Hindi carry ang pagpuyat ko. Hahaha! So, I’m glad with having these with me. It doesn’t reduce my dark undereyes but it moisturize my eyes.

Among all the products, I might repurchased the toner. Everything in here work for me but toner is my favorite.

That's all for the Skinfood Gold Caviar. I will be doing more reviews in the future. Watch out for my next review on these products:
Can you guess what is this? If you're reading my tweets, you already have an idea on my future blog post
I know you have seen this on one of my recent haul
Yes, another korean brand! hahaha!
 Just a sample, but I will do my best to do my review on this! The sachet contain generous amount of product. Used this today and there are still products left.

Pardon me, another korean brand from Faceshop hahaha!
Can you guess the mascara i used? i tweeted it yesterday! :)

Price: Php 500-600? at ebay. not really sure but i'm sure it's not more than 1,000php :)


  1. This post is so Korean :D

    Can't wait for your review on that mascara! It's a revlon mascara, right? It soooo lengthened your lashes! :D

  2. @aya: yep it lengthens my lashes. i have no idea it's for lengthening. yup, i've been addicted to korean products lately. haha! it is all because of KOREAN DRAMA!

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  4. nice products!

  5. The packaging of skin food never fails. Too bad these didn't work for me. I have the gold caviar serum and gold caviar emulsion :(

    It broke me out.

  6. nice haul! everything looks goooood :)

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  8. I absolutely love the thought they put into the packaging! :-)

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  10. Love the stuff you got. Can't wait for the reviews for the others.

  11. that mascara looks great, and i love the packaging of all those products, its so adorable!

  12. The skin set looks amazing! Great review :)

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  13. Nice blog and great review!


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