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EM Mask Sheet Whitening Essence

This week is so far the worst week of the year for me! Aside from the fact that my cellphone (which came from the money I earned from selling mac cosmetics, sophie martin products and my allowance) was snatched the other day, I haven’t been sleeping well too for this whole week. I was awake ‘til morning to finish all my school works and to study for my prelim exams. In fact, I haven’t had enough sleep even this morning. I went to attend a seminar at UP Diliman and so I had to wake up 5 in the morning. I’m quite dizzy right now but because I promised that I’ll be posting my review this weekend, I have to keep it atleast. Pardon me, I won’t be reviewing my Luview Cosmetics because I don’t know if I could make it. I don’t want to force myself from writing for the sake of just updating you guys. Hope you’ll understand.

Anyway, I know I have to do this reviews because I was really late! My fellow Korea Cosmetics Supporters have already done their reviews on this product. Oh well, atleast I’m just a few days late. hahaha!

Oh, anyway, I’ll just give you short background with how I got this because I know it wasn’t that clear in my last post.

Elica Yu is the owner of the fan page KOREA COSMETICS. Just a month ago, she held an event/contest where she would recruit bloggers (which she called as “supporters”) who will be reviewing products from sponsors. I know you know that even before I joined the contest, I’ve been really loving Korean products and infact that's the reason why I joined the contest. I sent her my past reviews to be able to qualify in the contest. Then, everything else just happened. I was one of the 5 winners in the contest. And that’s how I got these Korean products.

Today, I will just be doing a review on the Evome Mask Sheet I received together with my Luview products. 

Evome: EM Mask Sheet Whitening Essence
Company: Evermiracle Co., Ltd.

Note: This is not available in the Philippines but you could ask KOREA COSMETICS where you could purchase them
EM Mask Sheet Whitening Essence contain vitamin C, Tocopheryl Acetate and green tea extract, it protects and keeps the skin healthy. And component of collagen replaces rough and dry skin with elastic and transparent skin. Also, because it contains phytoncide and component of EM oil, it makes lively and healthy skin through refreshment of nature.

Tips and quick notes:
> Washoff sheets are quite cheaper compared to mask sheets. But I prefer mask sheets (a paper, cloth or tissue like cut in a face shape) for the following reasons:
1. Convenient – it comes in a pack! Plus, after applying the masks, no more washing off!
2. Not messy to apply – well, I’m pretty sure this is self explanatory ^_^
3. More hygienic! After using it, you can just throw it away.

> You can enhance the effects of your mask sheets by putting it in the fridge. Plus the cooling sensation will help you tighten your pores and makes you feel more relaxed.

>I found out that this works better when applied before doing your makeup. This will make your skin smoother.

On the product itself:

Basically, the rule for mask sheets is to use it after washing your face. Then, leave the mask on your face for 10-20 minutes. That’s the usual time but I know some who even leave it for 30 or more minutes. I don’t think it’s bad though but it will be better if the packaging will be more detailed on the directions and on how long it should be put on your face.
 The sheet mask comes in two pieces (lower part of your face and the upper). I haven’t seen two pieces mask because the usual sheet masks here are just one piece but I can consider that since not everyone have the same sizes of face right? It did not really bother me as long as the product will works for me.
 My skin after taking a bath. 100% no makeup at all, so please bear with me
After putting the face masks and taking some pictures for the sake of this review, I lie down on my bed and observed the effects on my skin.

Since I put it on fridge, I felt a cooling sensation. I just love how it feels! I felt relieved from all the stresses from school works! I just felt better. The essence in the mask was slowly absorbed by my skin. After 15-20 minutes, I removed the mask on my face. Initially, your face will look greasy and oily than usual. Don’t worry; just let your skin absorbs the essence completely. I let it dry for a while then I immediately look at my face in the mirror. Nothing really changed. My pimples are still there, obviously. But, I felt my skin was moisturized. It looks dewy and healthy. It feels smooth and soft. In short, your skin will feel better!
 I don't know if you could see the difference but you could see that this looks more dewy than the before pics

Would you recommend this for:
Oily skin? Yes! You still have to moisturize your skin even though you have oily skin. You want your skin to be clean and soft at the same time right? And you can achieve that through proper cleaning and of course, through moisturizing.

Dry Skin? Definitely! It’s a must! This will keep your skin moisturized. Do this atleast 2-3 times a week

Combination? Of course! Everyone needs to moisturize once in a while

During Cold season? Absolutely! Cold season tends to make your skin drier than usual and so, the perfect solution is to apply moisturizer and treat your skin by using facial mask sheets.

During Summer? Maybe yes maybe no. It depends. I know that some people tends to be super oily during summer and don’t want to add more greasy feeling on their faces. If you’re like that then you may skipped this product for summer,.,


  1. I like your dewy face :D I still haven't tried face masks. Haha

  2. Hi Eloisa..
    i love your dewy face.. it does a great job.
    well, i think-it shows from your photos- your skin looks healthier!
    i love face mask, it's a great alternative for busy ladies..

    btw, hope you're doing great now.. wish you well.
    study hard hun.. and goodluck!


  3. I love how dewy your face looks! I'd love to try this product soon! Thanks for the review! - Mar

  4. Another mask to try!

    Love the dewy effect!

    And I love your new layout! :D

    Btw, I've passed on an award to you. Please check it out here when you're not busy. :D


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