Sunday, July 10, 2011

FaceShop: Phytogenic Infinite Foundation (Free sample only)

One thing I love about Korean stores is that they give you free samples. I don’t get why most drugstores product don’t do that. With free samples, your buyers could test the product first. They will know what products will works best for them. Sometimes, we are afraid to purchase products especially if it’s expensive because you’re wondering “what if it won’t works for me??” No matter how cheap or expensive the products, you want it to works somehow. Who wants to waste money anyway? Plus, when buyers receive free samples, they are more encouraged to go back and purchase more especially when free samples did work for them.  

Okay, so the free sample that I got is their Phytogenic Infinite Foundation in NB23.
I think they do have two shades, for fair and medium. Obviously, I’m in medium shade.

I was not expecting that the shade will suits me. I’ve tried Korean bb creams and non really fit my skin perfectly. They are either a shade lighter or 10 shades lighter (haha, okay that’s just an exaggeration). Korean are known to have fair skin and flawless skin so I understand the color selection of their bb creams. The undertone of most bb creams are beige/gray. So, when I finally tried this I was surprise on how strong the yellow undertone is. For me, that’s a big YES! I do have a yellow undertone and this shade suits me!

Since it has a strong yellow undertone, the coverage was good but still, I use concealer underneath to cover my blemishes and my super dark undereye circles.  

I was expecting that it will give me a brightening effect like those on bb creams but i was disappointed that it did not.

The consistency is quite thick and not as runny as Revlon colorstay (for dry skin). When applied on my face, it felt not as heavy as other liquid foundations but you could still feel like you’re wearing a foundation.

I’ve read in some blogs that this never cakes on them. How lucky they are. It does cake on me. It really does. But you could make it works by applying primer underneath. I would definitely not wear it alone. Oh, I forgot. The staying power is good enough. I wear it like 2 pm in school and when I went home at 9:00pm, the foundation is still there but hey, I set it with a powder.

So here’s the swatch on my hands.

 Aw, Parabens! If you don't want your foundations with parabens, you might like to skip this one

Sorry for the lame shots, my camera is not focusing! Really,what happen to my cam? Oh well, atleast the last picture was better., See the yellow undertone. It is stronger in reality.
 Okay, can you guess where is the part with foundation? I'm sure you could actually tell from the pics right. See, I really mean it when I said it's cakey. :)) Spot the difference baby.


  1. I really love samples as well! I give them out in my online shop.

    It attracts more buyers that way. :-)

  2. @michelle: i agree! i like buying in stores with freebies/samples too!

  3. me too.. i love samples!!!
    and yes, i can spot the foundie baby!

  4. True. I wish stores here ca be more generous in giving out samples. :)

  5. I love how they have samples available in sachet na.

    Dati, you have to ask your own sample and pump in a ziplock or a pill case.

    They give out sachet samples in skin food too.

    I hope more makeup stores do this.

  6. For shots that close up, try using the Macro mode on your camera sis. =)

  7. @diane: haha! hindi ka man lang nahirapan? natawa ako sa "baby" mo haha!

    @pammy: yup! sana sa mga makeup booth din sa watsons

    @rae: wow! really? hindi ko na naabutan yun. grabe pala. thanks for the info

    @blckshirt13: guilty! i guess i forgot to change the mode in macro hoho! thanks

  8. hello, thanks for your comment, actually I'm fine now, will soon reviewing all the product I've mentioned on my post =D~ and this TFS foundie, I think I'm going to check whether it would suits my skin, hoho...I've never bought a foundie before, though >.<

  9. what powder did you use to set the foundation?:)

  10. This is a very helpful review but you really have to check your subject-verb agreement...

  11. Comments like mine should not be disregarded because it is only a constructive criticism of the grammar. There are so many elementary mistakes. Sayang naman yun content kung distracting yung grammar. :)


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo