Saturday, July 16, 2011


I’m so excited to do this post. I’m sure some of you are following me on twitter and you might already know this. But for the sake of my blog followers, here’s a little update. Yay!

I know I haven’t been reviewing any products except for the Faceshop Phytogenic Foundation for this month, but I promise that after I finish all my exams and things to do, I will sure make it up to you. I bought couple of things and I’m sure you’re all excited to see them on my blog.(most of them are korean products of course, but i bought couple of non korean products too).

Anyway, I joined a fan page in facebook and luckily, I was one of the chosen one. And the best part is, I will be receiving products from them for 3 months and I will be obliged to give reviews on them. I have seen bloggers who’ve already been a supporters and they do “honest” reviews. So, in short, they won’t force you to write only good things on the products.

I’m not sure if she’ll recruit more supporters for the next 3 months, but I’m sure you’ll love joining her fan page especially if you’re a KOREAN COSMETICS addict! There’s a lot of contest ongoing every month. So, what are you waiting for grab your chance to win something by liking her page.

Moving on, the other day I got a notice that my package arrived in Manila. 

I was really excited but I still have to pick it up. Too bad, the place where I’m supposed to get it is only open for Monday-Friday and the heck, I have school during that days. So, as usual, I asked my sister to pick it for me instead. And she agreed. Yay! Life is so easier with sisters like them! :)) Shoutout for my lovely and smart sister Emmeline! Yay! Thank you for picking up my package! And oh, I would also like to thank Engr. Oliver for being with her. Thank you po! ^_^ Naku pag si ate leni lang ang nandon, isusumpa ako nun forever! hahahaa

Oh well, so are you excited to see what’s on my package! 
And she's really nice to include a personal letter! She's such a sweetheart.

And here are the products that I will be reviewing.

 The packaging looks expensive no? I was planning to do an initial review on these. I will be testing them for a week or two, not sure, but after that, I will post my initial reviews. Then, after 1 month, I will try to update you on what I think about these beautiful products!
Yay! Thanks for spending time reading my blog! Have a great day lovelies!


  1. i am a supporter of korea cosmetics also, but sad to say, i haven't won any contests yet. lotsa stuff to try, goodluck!

  2. awwww! I'm inggit. :|
    sana ako din may ganyan next time. :)))
    hope to see your review soon :)
    please also help me spread my contest giveaway. please support me. PLEASE JOIN ALSO :D hahaha =p

    best regards,

  3. wow! nice! and you got it all for free cool!

  4. hope the products work for you. the packaging is nice. :)

    will be looking forward to your reviews. =)

  5. WOW kakainggit naman yun... ill be looking forward to the reviews sis, im actually quite interested with korean cosmetics, i haven't tried one. :) and im willing to.

  6. i so envy u sis!!!goodluck sa reviews!!Cannot waiiiiit!!:))


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