Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Luview Crystal Cover BB Cream

Oh yes, finally! I have time to do this review! As you know me, I don’t really do reviews on the product as soon as I got them just because I want to be sure with whatever I will be posting on my blog. But since this is a sponsored review, I don’t want my sponsor to be waiting 'til forever. So, I had an idea of having an initial review with this. Yep, this review will be my “initial” meaning there’s another in the future. Let’s see when. Maybe, 1 month? 

I’ve been using this for a week now so I guess I’m ready with my initial reviews. All changes on my skin or anything that concern this product starting tomorrow will be included in my “re-visit” review.

The product I received from Korea Cosmetics is from LUVIEW company. At first, I thought it is pronounced as “LOU-VIEW” but I heard while searching youtube that it is pronounced as “Love You.” Cool right? When someone loves you, he/she takes care of you and because the product says “Loveyou”  maybe, this will be a product that will take care of your skin. Hahah!

Anyway, Luview came from words Luminous + View and was intelligently combined as “Luview.” 

Brand Story:
LUVIEW found a clue for the secret of the beautiful skin from the highly optimized oriental formula,  a unique combination of carefully selected natural ingredients and the most advanced dermatology that provide vibrant color while soothing them with comforting moisture all day long.
The oriental color makeup brand LUVIEW enables 20's radiant and natural skin with the intensive color and 30's elegant and natural skin car.

If you haven’t heard of Luview cosmetics it’s okay! They’re not yet available in our country. This was established just recently, January 2010 to be exact. LUVIEW is Korea based, very fast growing cosmetic brand in Asia, Targeting for 20's ~ 30's career woman who is dreaming social success and the romantic love together. All of LUVIEW cosmetics are created by highly optimized formula which from the carefully selected natural ingredients and the most advanced dermatology 

If you want to know more about this, watch this video


On the product review,

Let’s start with the PACKAGING as I always do.
 It comes in a pump packaging/dispenser like this, which reminds me a lot of my Skin79, only it is few inches taller. Though it is taller, it has the same amount of product (40g as stated in the packaging). For me pump tubes are the best packaging for bb creams, foundations or creams--- as it is more convenient and hygienic!

The color selection in the packaging is really great! It is so elegant and classy!
 Okay, here’s another thing I love about the packaging. Can you guess? Can you guess? Oh, it has English instructions! You know in my past reviews, I keep saying “Why is it always written in Korean!?” Oh No!
It has triple functions like my skin79 bb cream: UV Protecting spf 30, whitening and Wrinkle improvement.
 Here’s a comparison of the Luview BB Cream together with my other two bb creams: Skin79 and Missha
 From the picture, you could tell that skin79 is the lightest, followed by Luview and Missha is the darkest. 
 Missha and Luview are almost like a same shade but Luview is a tone lighter when your blended out. Although they are almost in the same shade, I like Luview better than Missha as Missha turns pinkish beige on my face when blended.

The consistency of Luview is almost the same as Skin79. 

But one thing very distinct with this bb cream is that I find it  hard to blend on my skin. The shade blends well on my skin but during the process of blending, I find that this dry fast than usual bb creams so I have to blend it as soon as I put it on my face. I prefer using my hands in blending this because my hands will warm up the product making the consistency more workable on my face.
 The finish of this bb cream is not the usually dewy looking skin. It’s more like a semi-matte finish. It’s in between a matte powder finish and a slight dewy bb cream finish, if that makes sense. 

I would say it’s in light to medium coverage. This is perfect for Korean-like beauties! I like bb creams a lot because they focus more on brightening the face rather than the coverage it will give. I’m not a huge fan of heavy coverage liquid foundations because they feel heavy on my face and they tend to melt on me making my face looks greasy and oily! 

Staying Power:
It stays 4-5 hours on me but stays longer when I set it with the Luview Pact powder which I will be reviewing soon.

Would I recommend this:
Oh yes! It’s a great product like my skin79 bb cream.



  1. I love the finish! It's glowy! :-)

  2. very nice and detailed review. and one more thing, now i know that it's pronounced as LoveYou! =)

  3. nice review! Is this available in the Philippines? I hope it is inexpensive. ^-^

  4. I like the finish if it's semi-matte. But the glow is still there. :)

  5. I really like the semi matte finish! and it look great on you too! awesome review!

  6. This BB cream provides customized coverage, from sheer to moderate with a matte finish. Of course, it’s impossible to stop time completely, but science can definitely help your skin stay soft and smooth.


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  8. i love the finish!! flawless and glowy!
    and i like the pink packaging ^,^
    great review!

  9. do you where i can buy this?


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