Saturday, July 30, 2011

LUVIEW Crystal Mineral Pact

Just as promised, here is a review on the Luview Crystal Mineral Pact.

Features (from

 Inspired by crystal minerals, It keeps skin flawless and radiant hour after hour
  1. Jewelry formula
    Jewelry formula measurably reduce redness and keeps skin radiant
  2. Ultra-fine satin powder glides on silky smooth, stays on comfortably, without feeling dry
  3. Optimizes skin's varying tones to create a more even appearance.
    Buildable coverage lasts for hours, yet feels like nothing at all. Controls shine. In a ready-to-go, ready-to-perfect compact. 
Perfect completion of your crystal skin makeup 13g
  • Benefit : UV protection, Mineral enriched
  • Skin types : Normal
  • Formula : Pressed powder
  • Shades : Light Beige and Natural Beige

How to use: (from

Why you should get this?

It has crystal, pearl, amethyst; etc that generate the splendid jewelry gloss to make skin looks shiny and glowing.

It has natural mineral ingredients that heightens skin friendliness and vegetable ingredients with soothing effect

It is an ultra-fine satin powder that covers  skin problems naturally and maintain the makeup just the way it is

It is a special sebum control powder that prevents lumping phenomenon and stain by excessive sebum and sweat


 Have you tried having a good product but you couldn't bring it out and use in public places because it looks so cheap? I admit! I went through with that.  And I’m glad that I won’t be going through again because this is something you would love to show off. 

Luview is very consistent with their packaging, from the BB Cream to Powder and even Eyeshadow palette. Everything looks very expensive. For me, red and gold is just a perfect combination. It is indeed very elegant and luxurious. The packaging is very true to its name. It comes in a “crystal-like” packaging that is very sophisticated. 
 The powder has two compartments so you’ll have a separate compartment for the powder and powder puff. The powder puff that comes in the packaging is oh! So soft and good! It makes the application even easier and smoother. Plus it has this lace where you slip your hands to hold on the puff while applying the powder. I usually do a “tap-ing”  motion rather than dragging the powder puff on my face. 


The only problem with Korean products is they usually offer limited shades for powders. Most of their shades are for fair to medium skintone. I’m not sure what shade I got since I can’t read Korean but I’m pretty sure I have it in Natural Beige because I think Light beige would be way lighter than my skintone. Anyway, the powder is just right for my skintone. The powder is actually good for Asian women because it has a yellow undertone to it.

The texture is smooth and the powder is finely milled.

Coverage/Oil Control/Staying Power:
  The coverage is very sheer, looks natural and skin-like. It doesn’t cake on me; just don’t try to add too much layer because it tends to cake if you add too much . It is a perfect combination for bb cream as it sets your bb cream. It doesn’t feel heavy too.

If you like more coverage, I suggest that you use concealer first. It would be much better to conceal spots rather than using a heavy coverage foundation on your face to conceal them.  

 It mattifies your face which is perfect if you have oily-skin. The powder stays only for 4-5 hours on my face, then after that I have to retouch again.  

Would I recommend this?
Definitely! I’ve been using this everyday together with my Luview BB Cream or Skin79 BB Cream.


  1. I completely agree with you on the packaging thing. Great review, this looks amazing :D and great to hear that's it got yellow undertones, I'm super yellow, and it sucks when I buy something awesome that's too pink for me. :(

  2. nice review! the only things that I'm going to complaint is just its yellow undertone >.< but it's indeed a great product as a whole ^^

  3. I love the packaging! Red and Gold! :) Where can we buy this? And how much does it cost? Hehe. I hope it's not that expensive! :P

    BTW I wanna invite you to my first giveaway!

    Hope you can join! Thanks!

  4. great review sis.
    hw mch is it and where to buy?
    thanks. ^_^

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