Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Etude House Happy Teatime Waterproof Lip and Eye remover tissue

You probably have seen this on my Mid-June haul. I got this during Etude House 20% sale. 

To be honest, this is my first ever eye and makeup remover. Okay, you can shoot me now. Sometimes, I wonder why I never had the chance to buy things like this, is it because I’m cheap? Maybe not. It’s just that I’m contented with using baby oil to remove my mascara. Hey, it works okay. 

Oh well, but during the sale of etude house, Hollie suggested to pick Eye and Lips makeup remover. I think it’s the one in liquid form. Anyway, I went to etude house for THREE TIMES! and it’s always the same OUT-OF-STOCK thing-y. So instead of waiting, I decided to purchase this one instead. 

So here’s my detailed review on this

Let me start with the price. Maybe, I’m not cheap at all. This costs me Php 148 for 15 SHEETS! Well, truth is i don’t know that it has only 15 sheets because if I do, I will definitely have to think first because purchasing this. Oh well, that is what I get from not reading first the packaging. Lesson learned. Forgive me, it’s my first lip and eye makeup remover haha!

So, basically, the packaging looks like the typical wet tissue that you see in supermarkets. 
The tissue/paper is quite thick which is good and it has this hole in the middle where you can slip your fingers to hold the tissue.
 The tissue is ofcourse wet but it’s not like the typical wet tissue. It has a scent of a tea tree, obviously. On my face, it’s like oil but less greasy. So no need to worry, it’s not as greasy as putting baby oil on your eyes.

For removing power, i find it pretty average. You can’t remove waterproof mascara with just one or two wipes. It takes not just 3 but almost countless wipes to remove everything on your eyes. haha! To clarify things again, yes it does remove waterproof mascaras. But you have to be patient. Before, with the baby oil, it takes only 3-5 wipes to remove waterproof mascaras. BUT, with baby oil you have to get used with the greasy feeling on your eye area. 
 Anyway, i still love this. In fact, I think makeup remover in packaging like this is more convenient. I bring this in school all the time. Why? Because being a beauty blogger means you have to try different products onhand. For instance, I bought eyeliner and used it for the first time in school. And so damn, it gives me panda eyes! Boy, I need to remove it right away! I'm so glad I had this. 

Overall, it’s a good product and very convenient to use, it is just pricey for my taste. I might try other brands. 

-The name of the product is very true to its scent
-Convenient to bring
-removes waterproof mascaras and eyeliners
-it does have a greasy feeling but it’s not like those in baby oils

-pricey, php 148/15 sheets

Store Price without sale :Php 148


  1. This will definitely be convenient for travelling. :-)

  2. agree with michelle-it is convenient for travel! i think i will love it.


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo