Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oatmeal as Facial wash?

Guess what!
 Yes, it’s an oatmeal! You might think, “oh so now, you’re going to talk about foods too?!”.. Enkkk! 

For your info, I love watching bubzbeauty in youtube and I saw this skincare and I was like, “Oh my! I have to try this!”

So here’s the link.
Okay, I’ve been using this for almost a month now. (i guess?) I don’t love it like I can't live without it but I do like using oatmeal as my facial wash. I actually do this routine with celeteque facial wash. 

First, I wash my face with oatmeal then rinse off. Then, wash my face with celeteque facial wash. You might think that it is a bit too much. Yes, it is. But, I just love the softness of my skin afterwards. (PROMISE! you're skin won't feel dry)

In additional, I love the smell of oatmeal while putting it on my face. 

BUT, it’s a bit messy. A bit??? or maybe not! IT’S REALLY MESSY! It requires PATIENCE! If you don’t have that, might as well skip using this product.

I remember the first time I used it; oh, what a mess! oatmeal is all over the sink. 
 With the benefits on oatmeal, I have not felt any improvement other than it softens skin. It doesn’t whitens, brighten, removes acne or the likes. But I will definitely continue using it as long as it still gives me the “smooth and soft” feeling.

I don’t highly recommend this because it really doesn’t do miracles I’m sure you are all looking for. But, for ALL-NATURAL lover, you might like to give this a try. Atleast, it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals right. 
Anything that doesn’t harm our skin in any way must be a really good product.


  1. I watched this on bubzbeauty's channel too and I did try it.. It's not for everyday use for me. Once or twice a week lang kapag may time kasi it really takes time and effort to clean up the mess.

    Advisable sya for those with sensitive skin...

  2. I would think that this would be best used as an exfoliator. Isn't it abrasive?

  3. Agree with Michelle. I think it is best used in exfoliating. Try mixing it with milk and/or honey and use it as a mask, then once everything's dry, use it as a scrub. :)

  4. I watched Bubz's vid too :D And the one where she used chocolate naman. Haha wanna try that next? :P

  5. In my experience, it wasn't very abrasive, it became very mushy na parang lugaw. Still it's exfoliation, a very gentle exfoliation.

  6. Interesting! I've never tried this, but I sometimes use baking soda or muscovado sugar for the face. I do like this one soap with oatmeal bits already in it. =))

  7. Thanks for sharing! :D I've used this once or twice, it's awesome, just super messy :P

  8. Rae: Agree. Super messy eh no? Oh well.

    Michelle: Nope! super gentle, michelle

    Pammy: oh yea, i've tried using this as mask. kaso hassle lang. hehe!

    aya: i saw the chocolate din kaso hindi ko natry and ayoko ng chocolate! nakakahinayang! kakainin ko nlng hhahaa

    @of logging: yep yep! super agree!

    jackie: i tried some soap with oatmeals and it soften my skin too

    michelle: nice to hear that it works for you. well, guess sometimes you can't have best of both worlds tlaga

  9. I tried doing this years back, and you're right, I'ts supper messy! :)

    Btw, I have an upcoming blog giveaway, hope you could check it.

  10. me want to eat the oatmeal.. ahaha! i like the idea but i'm sure-I will not be able to do it =I

  11. Interesting!!
    I may eat oatmeal...
    In japan, we use a water in which we washed rice. It is little like oatmeal:)

  12. i also tried this one because of her and france bun bun :D
    it was ok but kinda odd feeling >.<
    so i didnt continue lol


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