Saturday, August 27, 2011


Glowing, dewy -looking skin--- is the new trend right now. I still remember how I want my face to look matte as much as possible! Dewy looking skin is definitely a NO NO to me! Then, Korean drama series came. Oh! I was amazed on how beautiful their skin!  So I went browsing google and tried looking for a Korean-inspired makeup. Korean makeup is more on highlighting the face, enhancing the eyes and framing the face (thick eyebrows).

Okay, let’s talk more about highlighting the face. 

I was not fond of using highlighters before. But then when I saw this pic, I was greatly inspired to use highlighter.

I was looking for a good highlighter in Korean store and I’ve seen a lot! Though, I did not purchase anything as I don’t want to spend Php 600 or more for ONE highlighter. It’s not my priority in life okay? I could spend Php 600 for a lipstick or foundation or gel liner or mascara but not with highlighter! hahaha So, I went to drugstore hoping I could find one and oh boy, I really found one! FROM ELF!

It was their ELF LUMINACE. To cut it short, I purchased it right away without even testing it! 

I found a very interesting review on the product. 

Since she already said everything… I would just list my pros and cons! Waaa. sorry for being so lazy today!  (Check her blog for more detailed review)

-Very cheap @ Php 130 and works well for highlighting!
-Although it’s pale beige in color it is definitely COLORLESS /TRANSLUSCENT once applied on your face! (will not change the color of your foundation)
-Gives your skin a natural glow!
- Buildable! Shimmers all you want ;p
- It looks more natural than using white shimmery eyeshadow.
-Perfect when use with small brushes like eye shading brush from Ecotools as seen below (photo from google)

- The packaging is very cheap and not durable at all!! So, what I did is, I intentionally broke it into  a powder  form then transferred it to my elf mineral foundation case.

Here's the effect on me. Hope you could see it.

I use LUVIEW EYESHADOW PALETTE in Golden Beige and Deep Brown! Seriously, this two colors are perfect combo!

  Funny, i was trying to look like Korean on this, but ~fail!~


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  2. I agree! you are so pretty! I'd like to thank you for this post because i'm on a hunt for a good highlighter and just like you i dont wanna spend that much on a highlighter only, ill definitely get this and make a review too! :)

    xoxo Rose

  3. PRETTY!!!!AND ilove ur review!:)basta ang prettylang!:))

  4. Hi just discovered your blog coz im looking for a review of this product. Great site btw, im back reading everything. Just want to know, hindi ba overwhelming ang shimmers? And ok lang ba sya sa sa kahit anong skin tone? Thanks :)

  5. Another thing, can you do tutorials on dewy Looking skin/korean make up? You look amazing sa pic mo, inggit ako sa skin mo. :)

  6. @alencious: thanks! It's quite buildable naman sis. if you put too much, medyo magmumukang discoball. I'm not sure if it's ok with all skintone but i'm sure it looks great with people na may fair-medium tone.

    No problem, I'll try to do it next time. thanks alot

  7. Pretty and Fab! (: You're from Phils, right? So am I. (: Where'd you get your ecotool brush, sis? Which one's better, the bronzer brush or the smaller one? Thanks lots! ♥

  8. Jazzzlove: it depends. i like the small brush better because i want to focus on highlighting just the little part of my cheeks. But big brushes like the angled brush from marionnaud works well too.


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo