Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lioele pore clean & tightening pack

Sorry ladies. This will be another Korean post! I know, most of my past reviews are from Korean cosmetics forgive me! I’ll try to review soon a non-korean product, specifically the Mary Kay Concealer. My sister is at work today and I’m waiting for her because I want to show you how she covers her scar (due to surgery) using Mary Kay. She  recommended this product to me and so I purchase mine last July. I was thinking of posting my July haul but since it is already August, I decided not to. haha! Anyway, it does a great job in concealing my undereye circles plus it is longlasting. Watch out for that.

For now, I’ll do a review on the sample I got from Korea Cosmetics. This is only a sample pack so I couldn’t review on the long term effect of this on my skin. Nevertheless, hope this post could still be helpful for you ladies.
 The Lioele pore clean & tightening pack comes in a gray clay mask. Yes, it is a washoff mask. If you are fond of using Washoff masks and do not like messing up, try to look for a masque brush from Korean stores. I was thinking of getting one too. 

Okay, the consistency is quite good. Not too thick and can be applied evenly with ease. It has a grass / plant-like smell. 

The first thing I notice is the color of the mask. Like what I’ve said earlier, it is a gray clay mask. I’m so attracted with facial washes, masks, nose patch etc that are blacks or gray in color because “black attracts black” and I have high hopes that this will works as mask.

So I applied it on my face and leave it for 10-15 minutes. After few minutes, it started to dry and I could feel some tightening. 
 Then I waited for 15 minutes then wash the mask off on my face. At that instant, you could tell how clean your face is. It will give you an squeaky and tight feeling, but not drying on skin. In fact, when you touch your face, you could feel that it actually helps to smoothens your face and it feels soft on your skin.

Overall, I’m impressed with the mask. 1 sample pack is good for two usage.  


  1. cuuteeee! i like the blue. you're still pretty even with a mask on.

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  4. Hi! Seems nice facial mask! I do DIY mask actually! But for now I blog current Japanese beauty secrets and rank it, so plz check it out! ThanX!

  5. Diane: Thanks sis! Naku i'm not as pretty as you r naman sis

    AMZ88: It's actually grayish in reality. I don't know why gray looks blueish on me. haha!even in my contact lenses hahaha

    vanessa: sorry late reply my dear. no worries, i will

    @lily: wow! i must check it out! thanks for informing me

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