Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mary Kay Concealer

I’m excited to do review on this product for two reasons:

1. Finally, a non-korean product to review
2. It works for me and for my sister!

I told you before that I got this as one of the items on my July haul because it was recommended by my sister (she’s on her 2nd tube now). I know that some beauty bloggers, reader and makeup artist are always in a hunt for a good concealer and I would say that this one is worth a try. Continue reading to know why.

Box description:
For all skin-type. Dermatologist tested. Waterproof. Non comedogenic. Fragnace-free. Suitable for sensitive skin including skin around delicate eye area.
Long lasting. Lightweight. Creamy formula.

Net wt. 8.5 grams
Shade: Beige 2

 The packaging comes in a black tube like this--- which most beauty bloggers and makeup artists  would rather choose since it is more hygienic to use. 

Tip: It is quite thick in consistency so never use it directly on your undereyes. Use mixing plate in applying this. But since I don’t have one, I first put it on the back of my hands then blend it with my fingers or brush. 

Waterproof. Yes, it is! Perfect if you’re sweating a lot

Fragrance-free. It has no scent when applied.

Suitable for sensitive skin including skin around delicate eye area. This is the only product I use to cover my ugly and dark undereye circles

Long lasting. AMAZINGLY TRUE! It is long lasting even when used alone but I prefer setting it with a foundation/powder. (Use blending brush in setting your concealer to avoid it from caking).

It looks weird sometimes especially if I don’t retouch my face powder since all my other makeup were gone at the end of the day but I still have this on my under eyes.That’s why I make sure to apply it very thinly in the morning so I don’t end up looking weird and uneven. 

Lighweight. Maybe not. since the consistency is quite thick… but it’s definitely not heavy also. I would say it’s in between lightweight and heavy weight concealer.

It does not cake when used on my eyes. The coverage is good! Beige has this yellow undertone to it, perfect for covering flaws such as scars, black undereyes circles and blemishes.

Here’s some test using red and black ink. 

Pretty amazing, huh?

And here’s a picture of my sister using the concealer on her scar.
 This is one of my sister’s best makeup buddies! She uses this to cover her scar from her surgery.

Where to buy: Mary Kay resellers and online stores. 

Overall, I highly recommend this. 

Take note, I am not a reseller of Mary Kay and I purchased this using my own money.

So, if you’re still on your journey hunting for a good concealer you might want to try this one. If you already tried this one, feel free to comment down and let me know what you think about it.


  1. Wow! It's even better than Clinique! I've read one of your posts about mixing two concealers to hide your undereye circles. You finally found one concealer to do the trick for you! Nice!

  2. Wow, sounds nice :) I've been looking for a great concealer, I usually just double up my foundation, but then again I liked the idea of just using concealer on problem areas, and screw foundation. Thanks for the great review! ^^

  3. It's cheap! I don't know much about Mary Kay. I thought it was expensive.

    How is it in pictures?

  4. if ur luking for a MK beauty consultant u can contact me at to hear from u soon..

  5. Hi, may I know who you bought your concealer from on ebay? I'd like to get one from that person as well. I think the real price for this is 395, from the Mary Kay consultants. Thanks!

  6. WOW! Thank you so much for this review!! I am currently on a hunt for a good concealer since my HG concealer (Elianto's cream concealer) went missing the other day and I cant buy another one because elianto has already been pulled out in our country. I will definitely try this out! Can you post the link on where you bought this? pleaseeeeee :) thank you so much!

  7. ikr, my sister got same scar from surgery~ 2 years ago.
    i super like this review!
    galing mo tlaga sis! *clap clap*
    miss ko na mag ebay online shopping..
    gonna check this one! thanks for sharing sissy!

  8. Swexie: Oh yes.I love this when used with powder on top.. I use my elf blending brush in applying and it works for me

    @michelle: Oh, I don't conceal that much either except for my undereye circles. for the marks, i just let it as it is. but when i need to cover it,i usually reach for this. I don't like to double up my foundation since it feels heavy on me.

    @rae: Php 250 in ebay my dear

    @rose ann: okay my dear

    @jaycee: My bad.. typo error. it was only Php 250 in ebay excluding shipping fee.

    Janica: Hi pretty. i saw your review on james cooper. i haven't tried it yet. Oh, I was thinking of buying Elianto before. Heard good reviews on that too. I got this for only php 250 my dear. here's the link

    Diane: Namomoblema kasi si sis nun and amazingly it works for her. kaya HG nya na to ngayon. here's the link sis

  9. Hi! I am an Independent Beauty Consultant from Davao. Yes! the retail price is PHP395. The consistency is thick but it feels light when applied. It's definitely lightweight. Good review, though :)

  10. Sis pwede kaya sa madming pimples toh?


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo