Sunday, August 28, 2011

Who are the sponsors for my blog giveaway?


Woo, time sure is fast! I started blogging way back 2010, on the month of October. Oh yes, my blog is almost a year-old now. Seriously, it’s all because of you, my dear readers. 

Yay! And to give thanks to you, I will be having a giveaway very soon. It’s a collaboration giveaway contest with one of the dearest co-blogger, Tara. She is one of the bloggers that I consider to be my closest friend here in bloggers' world! She helps me a lot with many things. I met her through Korea Cosmetics. We both win in a bloggers contest and everything just happened. So please do check her site.

Today, I will not only introduce you to Tara but also, will also introduce you to the sponsors of my giveaway contest. (Okay, now I’m giving you a hint on the prizes)

Okay, let’s start!

Korea Cosmetics is an official Facebook fan page for everyone who loves Korean cosmetics. We provide unrivaled research and insight into the Korea beauty industry, covering a wide variety of Korean cosmetics companies, and their products. We want you to share your ideas about Korean cosmetics and be friends with us. We will do our best to help you to be more beautiful and confident!!

- Youtube :
- Twitter : @KoreaCosmetics

- Website :
You ladies should LIKE their page and get a chance to win their contests.

The site (provided above) is very helpful if you’re a Korean cosmetics junkie. I have learned techniques and tricks in applying makeup and taking care of my skin. Also, this is very helpful if you are looking for a reviews on a specific Korean brand. 

This is managed by the most generous guy on Earth, Mr. Bryan Han. He is seriously the most generous man I ever met so far. I know, my fellow luview angels knew that! 

Anyway, on the Luview product. I did quite a lot  of reviews on them and you know how much I love Luview. I was very glad when Mr. Han agreed to sponsor a giveaway for my dear readers! Now, you could experience Luview. 

LUVIEW is Korea based, very fast growing cosmetic brand in Asia, Targeting for from 20s to 30s career woman who is dreaming social success and the romantic love together. All of LUVIEW cosmetics are created by highly optimized formula which from the carefully selected natural ingredients and the most advanced dermatology

The oriental formula prescribed from the study of these genetic traits, adopt
...ed natural minerals and botanical tea extracts in the very clean area in the Asiaas the main ingredients for the skin friendly makeup.

Inspired by this oriental formula, LUVIEW takes cosmetics to provide natural and flawless finish while leaves skin feeling soft and supple never dry.

KFDA certified functional ingredients effectively protect your skin from the sun light, main reason of photo aging and pigmentation, and provide velvety radiant skin.
Oh by the way, please join their contest. 

Okay, even before this giveaway contest I seriously love Celeteque especially the Celeteque facial wash and exfoliating wash. I tweeted it several times already. But I won’t be giving facial wash and exfoliating wash, instead I will be giving away 2 Celeteque Advanced products. Yes! You ladies are so lucky! It’s their newest line and more expensive than their regular line. Honestly, I haven’t tried it yet but I’m still saving my money so I could buy their celeteque advanced products. Can you imagine how lucky you are? You’ll get it for free… That’s how I and Celeteque love the readers of my blog.

I was really happy when Jhia, the owner of Red Jhelli Shop contacted me and offered me to do a review on their lenses. Wow, I’m a fan of circle lenses. Infact, let me show you pictures with my GEO LENSES in ANGEL GREY

See, it’s really pretty right? So I agreed to do a review on their lenses! And ofcourse, I asked her if she could sponsor me some products for my lovely readers! 

She agreed to sponsor me 2 LENSES for my lovely readers! Isn’t she the nicest?

Aside from that, she is also selling MARY KAY products. Yes, you’ve seen my review on a Mary Kay concealer right? She found me because of that review.

 Le Faerie Cosmetics is your best source of quality makeups and brushes at affordable prices.

Bee Yu, the marketing Manager of Le Faerie Cosmetics, agreed to sponsor me 5 lipglosses for my giveaway. I got 1 for free and will be featured on my blog. I love the lipgloss. The effect on my lips is really amazing! The effect reminds me a lot of Watershine lipstick by Maybelline. It gives my lips a watery healthy finish and the staying power is not bad for a lipgloss.
Aside from Lipglosses they’re selling palettes too, which reminds me a lot of Coastal scent packaging, makeup brushes and more!

And last but not the least,

I know you’ve heard of this shop since they’re pretty popular online store here. Suyen is the owner of this online store. I think she is also the owner of Thriftshop, a store that carries assorted new, secondhand & vintage clothes, accessories, shoes & home goods. 

Anyway, on House of Flair, they were featured in Philippine Daily Inquirer Business Section (July 23, 2011). The House of Flair is your one-stop shop for shopping US online stores. They can pre-order anything available from their online stores and bring it straight to your doorstep!

The store was awarded as Top 50 Trusted Multiply Sellers (Entrepreneur Magazine October 2010) and Top 50 Merchants of (2011).


To companies and other online shops, If you want to be a sponsor for this giveaway, we can still include you on our list. Just email me at

Thanks my lovely readers! Please don’t forget to LIKE my page also and be updated with the latest happening on my blog. 

With much love.


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