Saturday, September 17, 2011

Babyjap package for me!

Hi my lovely readers! Last Thursday my sister, who is always excited to open my package, texted me at school that I have a package at home. I was like, “Huh? Where from? I didn’t order anything online.” Then, I came home, opened the package and was really happy to see that the package came from a lovely blogger Babyjap. Yes, you probably have heard about her in Gtalk. She's the owner and writer of Pink Thought Bubble by Babyjap I got some samples from Babyjap! Yay thanks a million my dear!
 Lovely personal note from Babyjap
I'm not sure how to use this. but I saw in Babyjap's post that it is a toner(not sure though). please let me know ladies. 
a cute transparent pouch from Shiseido. My new makeup kit pouch for school. Before, I'm using the cute pouch from Clinique but then, I realized that I like transparent one better. Yay
I don't know if Babyjap knows, but I love charcoal nose patch! I really do! Yay

Anyway, I’m sure you are all curious on how I got these samples from her. But first, I would like to clarify that she is not selling these stuff. I got them all for free!

So here’s how I got them. It all started when I was looking for reviews on CURE Aqua Gel. I’m guilty, I’m a big fan of Jen of fromheadtotoe, and she’s a lovely youtube guru. In one of her videos she mentioned how great this product is. So, I went googling about it. Then, I saw Babyjap’s review on this. I think I am the one who tweeted her about this product and asked her few things. I was asking her about this and where could I purchase then. But instead, she recommended me to try Purederm Peeling Gel. She told me that it was a good alternative for CURE Aqua Gel since CURE Aqua Gel is quite expensive. I went looking for “Purederm Peeling Gel.” Honestly, I saw this Deep Cleansing Peeling gel and Nutritious Vitamin Pack in SM Manila Watsons but I did not really bother to buy it. In the first place, I didn’t know that Babyjap was referring for this . I was really looking for PUREDERM PEELING GEL, a pack that contains only peeling gel but then I saw nothing. So, I tweeted Babyjap and told her that I couldn’t find Purederm Peeling Gel. Then she replied, “ouch, ung purederm? Dm me ur addy ill send u some :)” Then, I asked if it’s for free or I have to pay for anything then she said, “nah sis, free itey. :D haha! :D ill give you a few packs muna para matry mo, saka ka na mageffort maghanap if u like it haha!” I was really surprised! She’s one of the most generous bloggers I ever met. Imagine, I don’t know her for real but she’s willing to send some items for me and for FREE! (plus, she included some other items aside from Purederm). Although I’m sure she’s not alone in this world, Of course, there are other generous bloggers... generous not only in terms of money or material things, but also with time and knowledge. I really love blogging because people like this inspire me a lot. I don’t have money to offer you ladies as I am just an ordinary student but sure thing, I will try to be generous as much as possible by sharing my time and knowledge.

Anyway, I've tried 1 pack yesterday and I was really happy with this pack. I will do a detailed review on this next time! For now, if you have questions you could leave it on my facebook fan page or twitter account and oh, please do visit Babyjap blog. I swear, you will definitely love her blog. Add her on twitter too!


  1. ang bait naman niya! followed her too. btw, the beauty credit charcoal nose patch is really good, will be doing a review of it soon/ ^__^

  2. Hi Eloisa! <333

    Im glad you love the samples I sent you. :) I love using the shiseido toner before applying makeup, it keeps oilies at bay and for some reason, it kinda brightens the complexion. :)


  3. aww! that's really sweet. what a nice surprise. =))

  4. hi again!

    i just awarded you here: !

    i hope you like it!

  5. hello i just followed you awesome blog! hehehehehe...

  6. yay! sweet! enjoy eloisa! miss you gurl.. haven't talk to you ha :(


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