Saturday, September 3, 2011

Le Faerie Opaque Lipgloss

Proposal for thesis next week, Reinforced Concrete Design, Feasibility study on Transportation Engineering… and not to mention the tons of exam next week! Oh gosh! Everyday is a tiring day. I seriously miss sleeping early. Anyway, Raisa, a friend of mine back in my highschool years and who is also a reader of my blog told me that she missed my blog. Oh, she’s so sweet! And because of that, no matter how tired I am tonight (should I consider 1am a night? haha! Yes, I’m seriously writing this blog at this time) I will do a blog post tonight then will take pictures tomorrow. Then, upload it as soon as I can.

Today, I will be reviewing the *drumroll* Le Faerie Cosmetics Opaque Lipgloss in Dark Nude. This lipgloss is from one of my blog sponsors. You girls should check their site:!/lefaerie

Among all the packaging of lipgloss, I would say that this packaging is my favorite. I prefer this packaging with sponge applicator more than squeeze tube or click pen type. With this type of packaging, you could control the amount of products on your lips. 
 The applicator is very decent, stiff and not bendable.
 I like that the ingredients is written in a font that is readable.
 At the bottom you could see a number which stands for the shade of the lipgloss. 
And the net wt,
Another thing that I like about this is that it has the expiration date so you’ll be guided when to throw it away.

Product description:
These lipglosses have the consistency of famous and expensive brands. It has no irritating fruity smell and flavor, and was specially formulated to blend with all skin colors and make the lips look pouty.

The Dark Nude(top) is specially formulated to blend with morena or mocha-skinned ladies while the Medium Nude(below) is specially formulated for fair- skinned mestiza or chinita, or those on the lighter shade

Just like what I’ve said earlier, I got mine in shade of Dark Nude. According to the description, this blend with morena or mocha-skinned ladies. Well, my skintone is not really dark. I would say I’m in medium shade with yellow undertone but I was surprised that the shade works for me. So I guess, this shade can work for any skintone but ofcourse, if you still have doubt, you could just purchase Medium nude instead.

The lipgloss is unscented. So, if you hate lipgloss that are scented, this will definitely work for you.

When I first got this, I was really excited. I tried it and wow, I love it! I texted Ms. Bee Yu and told her that I like the effect on my lips plus it doesn’t feel waxy or heavy on my lips. Then, she informed me that this lipgloss has no beeswax because she had it removed. I was like, “Ohhh, I thought beeswax is good since most lipbalms have it.” Then she told me that beeswax can be an irritant to sensitive lips. Instead, they use plan derivatives as substitute for that so it’s not heavy or has no waxy feel. It’s really nice that they’re thinking for a way to make this product works for everyone, right?

Moving on,
 Though, it is opaque when swatched on your hands, it doesn’t appear to be opaque on my lips. I don’t know if it’s because of the color. It is almost like the color of my lips but only better! The firs swiped on my lips, it appears to be quite sheer color. I usually do swipe it 2-3x to achieve the color I want.
I love the effect! It gives you healthy watery looking lips, reminds me alot of my childhood where i use the oil of letchon for my gloss hahaha. Somehow, reminds me of Maybelline Watershine or maybe, Revlon Crème gloss (but less pigmented and no sparkles/shimmers). 
 If you know me for real or by just reading my blog, you’ll know how much I hate chapped or dried lips. So, this is actually my one of my on-the-go lip products. When I feel like my lips is drying and look weird, I apply this and voila! Lovely lips!

Take note, this is not a liquid lipstick so don’t expect the pigmentation to be as great as liquid lipsticks or lipsticks. The staying power is pretty average for a lipgloss too. The color does stays for 1-2 hours with no drinking, eating, biting lips or even kissing but the shine will just stay for an hour or less. So in short, the shine fades on my lips but the color would still be there for few more minutes or hours.

Where to buy: Le Faerie Cosmetics
Price: Php 299
By the way, I’ll be giving away 5 of this on my giveaway contest! Sorry, I can’t have the contest yet since Luview products are still not here with me. So, I guess we still have to wait for a week or two? It’s sad but we all to wait ,okay? Good thing comes to those who wait right? 

Have a lovely weekend!

(I’ll try to upload more pictures of me wearing it next week since I’m always hurrying for school this week.)


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