Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hi Ladies, I'm back with a new contest from Luview. I was really happy that the 1004 event was a success and so Mr. Han created another event for you Angels. Yesterday, I received an email about the mechanics of the contest. Since, I haven't received my products yet from Luview for my giveaway, I encouraged everyone to join this contest for now. The mechanics is quite challenging than the usual "likes and comment" but I hope you do enjoy doing your entry.

(Email from Mr.Han)


Always thanks for your powerful support on LUVIEW brand
We will start our new EVENT LOVE YOU LUVIEW photo contest
from September 7, 2011 to the date of reach to 2030 LIKEs!

Hope you will post attached banner to promote our event.

************** EVENT CONTENTS ***************

We invite you
LOVE YOU LUVIEW photo contest!!!

Dear LUVIEW angels,

Show your love to LUVIEW with your creative photos you made!

Photo can be beautiful or funny!!!

1st  prize: LUVIEW makeup full set + LUVIEW angel T-shirts
2nd  prize: LUIVEW 5 Products + LUVIEW angel T-shirts
3rd  prize: LUVIEW 3 products + LUIVEW angel T-shirts

Yes, you might get the chance to win these beautiful Luview products by Joining their contest! I told you, Mr. Han is the most generous guy I've met on Earth so far ;)
Plus, you could also win this limited Angel t-shirt. These are the proposed design by Rachelle. You could vote your preferred design by visiting Luview Wall Page and just look for the photo of this shirt uploaded by Hyokoung Park. Just comment on the photo itself

Event Period: From the date of reach to 2030 LIKES ~ 10 days
Event join

STEP 1: Click “like” of LUVIEW fan page
STEP 2: Post your PHOTO with love and description about the photo
STEP 3: Enjoy other angel’s photos and click “like” of them

HIDDEN QUIZ: What's the meaning of 2030?
Leave your creative guess on our event page in
Something special secret presents are waiting for only one Angel!

Best Regards,
Bryan Han 

Bryan Han / Director / Sales & Marketing                        
Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea (158-723)



  1. Ummm do we need a banner that says I Love Luview on the photos we post? :)

    Nice blog btw :)
    Mmmm you look familiar to me!
    I think I've seen you in person already ^_^

  2. awww so generous! love the prizes!!
    hope i can join hehe
    thank you sis for sharing..

  3. @Tinay: oh really? maybe who've seen me somewhere.

    i think yes my dear

    @dianne: oh, anyone can join naman sis


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