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Maybelline Pure Mineral vs In2it Oil Control Foundation

Foundation is one of my-can’t-live-without-makeup thing-y. I’m sure I’m not alone right ladies? If I had to bring with me only one make-up, I will definitely choose foundation.

For me, good foundation is a foundation that will not break me out, will make my skin looks healthy and bright, no harmful chemicals and is not cakey when applied.

I’ve been looking for a mineral foundation compact for quite a long time before I finally had this. I was a big fan of compact foundation because they’re much easy to bring and more convenient to use. Before, I had been using the Clearsmooth Mineral foundation of Maybelline but I find it a little inconvenient for my taste. I am a person who always in hurry (especially when I have to go to school at 8am) and sometimes, I do some of my makeup while travelling. Since clearsmooth mineral is in powder form and doesn’t have mirror in it, I find it hard to use while travelling. Although it is a great product, I just can’t stick to it since it is not convenient for me. That is the only thing that hinders me from having clearsmooth mineral as my HG (holy grail) foundation.

Anyway, you know that my Holy Grail Foundation is from IN2IT because it is a compact foundation, the color selection is great for yellow undertone and the coverage is really good. BUT I felt like my skin is getting bad with daily use of this compact. Inspite of that, I couldn’t let it go since it’s my HG Foundation and you know what HG means right? So, when I found out about the new line of Maybelline, I knew I have to try this.
 I have 2 compact and 3 refills. You'll know later the reason why I have 2 compact with me

Yes, you have to purchase the refill and the compact separately. It was a bit pricier than I expected it would be but whatever, I know I really have to get this. It is indeed rare to find mineral foundation in compact for a drugstore brand.

 The refill comes with a powder and a good quality sponge

Anyway, I would like this post to be a comparison between my Used-to-be HG and my RECENTLY-HG foundation.


 Both come in a lovely compact. You could tell that In2it is more for teenager as it comes in a pinky girly mirror-liked compact foundation while Maybelline looks more professional than the latter one.

Rear view:

In in2it compact, you could see place where you could put the sticker of the shade so you’ll be guided on the shade of foundation. Another plus, the ingredients are also written in the sticker and the wt of the product.

While in Maybelline, I just randomly put the sticker of the shade which I got from the refill packaging onto the case.

My in2it compact fell off my bags, hands etc. gazillion times already but I was still surprise that the compact is still working great! 

If you have read my tweets weeks ago, you already know that this is my 2nd Maybelline Compact foundation. I was in ACE Water Spa that time. I was trying to reach for my swimsuit when I heard a bit of a crack. Then, I saw my compact sitting on the floor. Damn it. Honestly, it took me some time before I decided to open the case. I was scared to open it as it was only 1 week  old back then. 

When I opened the compact, the foundation was all around the compact. 
 I was really sad but atleast the mirror is still intact. No cracks or anything. I was somehow relieved that I wouldn’t have to buy another compact, just the refill.
But when I tried closing the compact, it wouldn’t close. I was very disappointed! I just waste Php 699 for a foundation that wouldn’t last me a week. BUT, it was all my fault. I couldn’t blame the durability of the compact since it was 5 ft high.  But in all fairness, to see that the mirror of the compact is still at one piece, I was greatly impressed.

Amount and Price:
In2it compact is cheaper and contains more product compared to Maybelline.

In2it refill costs me Php 440. I forgot how much compact+refill really costs me but I think it’s around Php 650. One pan contains 9g.

Maybelline compact and refill are sold separately. Compact costs me Php 250 while the foundation refill is Php 449. Together, they cost Php 699. It contains 7.5g.

Coverage and Lasting Power:
Both offer great coverage. Although, I personally think that In2it is better than Maybelline in terms of coverage. But there wasn’t a big difference though. If In2it could cover 85-90% of my acne marks, Maybelline would cover 80-85%; 

In terms of lasting power, both are great too. I couldn’t really tell which lasts long but normally, I do retouch 1-2x within a day with any of the foundation.

Other special points:
I would say that considering the Price, Amount and Coverage of product, In2it will win this. BUT,  I wouldn’t say that it is something I could use for the rest of my life. My skin is getting bad with continuous use of this product. It does contain parabens too. While, Maybelline so far, I haven’t experienced any breaking out plus I felt like this is something I could use for a very long time since it is MINERAL and it does not contain PARABENS.

So in this battle, Maybelline Pure Pact Mineral WINS!

 Anyway. I'm still using the powder on my 1st compact. I transferred it on my clearsmooth minerals case. Yay! Still using it when I'm not in hurry or to retouch.

 Left: Maybelline Pure Mineral in OC2
Right: In2it Oil Control in Warm Beige
I wish shades of Maybelline is labeled with name instead of letters and numbers. It's quite hard to remember :))


  1. Oooh gotta try the Maybelline one :D

  2. yup, i think it's a great foundation. it's not as good as in2it nga lng in term of coverage but atleast, my skin feels much safer with this one. thanks Aya

  3. Thanks for the review. I tried in2it before and it broke me out after 2 days of using. I'll think I'll try maybelline's powder next.:)

  4. i didn't know in2it causes breakouts. it's under my wishlist pa naman. have to cross that out. scared of having breakouts, kakarecover ko pa lang from breakouts from shampoos..

  5. my sister loves maybelline foundie for her super oily skin.. and it doesn't give her bad breakouts!

  6. I also agree with you that foundation is super important. Im always on the hunt for a good foundation that will look good on my skin and not have harsh chemicals in it. I really like the Asian compacts for Maybelline because you can buy refills and they always look so nice :)

  7. i just bought it a few hours i got OC2,hope this one wont give me breakouts like nichido

  8. I've been using in2it 2-way cake foundation since college and until now it gives me the coverage that I wanted and the dewy effect after a few hours. And I never experience a break out.I think I will stick to my in2it foundation still.

  9. It’s really difficult to find the best primer that will not make your skin breakout. When I was in the middle of your post I thought In2it is going to win this comparison, I was surprised when you chose Maybelline. It is definitely right to choose healthy skin care products :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo