Sunday, September 11, 2011

Olay Oil Minimizer Toner

Hi Lovely readers! How’s everyone? Today is skincare time and I’ll be talking one of my favorites toners.
 I was looking for a good toner last July. I was thinking of repurchasing the Body Shop Natrulift or Skinfood Gold Caviar toner but then, I was hesitating as I have to spend more than 1k for each, although both works wonderfully on my skin. (I still recommend them if you’re willing to spend more than 1k for a toner). Anyway, as I was looking for Olay products (I love OLAY just so you know) I saw this toner. I’m not aware that Olay do have toner, I haven’t seen them before in SM Manila,. Anyways, since it is Olay and Olay do works for me, I purchased it right away.

Olay says
“Tones by removing dirt, oil and makeup without stripping skin’s essential moisture”

If you tried the two toners I mentioned earlier (Natrulift and Gold Caviar) you’ll know how gentle they are on my skin, they’re not harsh on my eyes too. So, when I was reading the ingredients of Olay I was thinking that maybe I should have purchased the Gold Caviar instead since this one contains Alcohol and I just hate how most toners with alcohol hurt my eyes. Okay it’s not yet too late, I told myself. If this wont works for me, I’ll definitely buy another Skinfood toner online. 

That night after my usual facial routine, I opened the Olay Toner to try it out. I was shocked with the opening of this toner! 
 OMG! This is so freaking big! Okay, this is crazy. 
The first try was an epic fail. I poured out more than the amount I wish to have on my cotton pad. I  tried but i just couldn’t do it. Then, I tried using cotton balls instead and finally, I had just enough amounts on the cotton balls.

I really like the cooling sensation. Very refreshing! Plus, it really does removes all the dirt left on my face after washing. And you know what the best part is? Although it contains alcohol, it doesn’t feel drying on skin and you could definitely use toner on areas near your eyes! I just hate other toner that I’ve tried before since they freaking hurt my eyes! Oh, another great thing (sorry, there are lots of great things with this product) when I woke up next morning, my face looks fresh and somehow, oil-free.

Overall, for the price and for the amazing result, this is a must buy! It does remove dirts, doesn’t hurt my eyes and keeps oil at bay. I was really happy to find a product that contains alcohol but still, very gentle on my skin and eyes. Great Job Olay!

Price: Php 215 @ Watsons
(Anyway, you could still smell alcohol in it once you applied it on your face).


  1. This didn't work for me :(

    I'm super oily and I guess the alcohol stripped my skin off of all oil and moisture that it made my skin even more oily than it already is.

  2. Hi Rae, that's too bad. so sad to hear that. i guess it's true, not because it works for me.. it will works for others too. but i'm sure you can find a toner that will fit your skintype. goodluck on your journey to finding your HG toner

  3. wow! another great detailed review!
    i'm scared to try and experiment on toners..
    but hope i can loosen up and try though..

  4. Wow, thanks for this review! I was thinking of what toner to buy and Olay is part of my list. So thanks again! :)

  5. Hi Sis,
    I’m searching for this toner at LCC and Gaisano Malls pero wala akong makita. :(
    I really want to try this oil minimizing toner.
    ~Pauline @Kallony


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo