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Mary Kay TimeWise Matte Liquid Foundation

Hi Lovelies! Woo, finally it’s sembreak! You know what it means, more time to do reviews. Yay! Anyway, I listed all the things I need to do reviews on, then I was surprised that I just listed 30+ products to be reviewed. What the heck! I blame my school works for this... just kidding. I know, school should be the priority of every students right? Oh well, this review is a sponsored review from Jhia of Red Jhelli Shop. I actually told you about this before in this post.

In my post before about Mary Kay concealer, you see how I raved about that product. It works well in covering my acne marks. Just recently, I  had a really bad breakout (i will post a separate review) due to stress from school. I’m on the process of healing right now (finally!) but it leaves me with ugly pimple marks on my face. So even if I want to wear less makeup, I couldn’t because I can’t go out with all those marks on my face! I swear, this is the first time I felt really embarrassed on how I looked like. Now, I understand when people says pimples lower your self-confidence! I’ve never really knew how it feels until recently.

Good thing I had this foundation. If you’re interested on how it works for me, keep reading!

Mary Kay says,
“Combination to Oily Skin. Buildable coverage. Suitable for sensitive skin. Oil free and non-comedogenic”
A matte finish, oil-controlling foundation, formulated to fight the signs of ageing with a patented blend of collagen-building peptides and vitamin E, an anti-oxidant that helps stressors. Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinklesand imperfections for a perfectly flawless finish.
(Note: This foundation is matte-finish. It will works for people with oily to combination skin. If you have a flaky-dry skin, try the other variant which is the luminious wear)

I’m never a huge fan of liquid foundations just because I prefer wearing BB Creams. However, I’ve tried full sizes liquid foundations from brands like Revlon, Ever Bilena and Maybelline and some samples from Laneige and The Faceshop. Atleast I have a little background about Liquid foundations.


This comes in a squeeze tube packaging which is I think not appropriate for the consistency of the product. The consistency of this foundation is liquidy and sometimes, the product goes on the cap making your foundation looks very dirty. 

Plus, I’m a huge fan of pump tubes since it is more hygienic and less hassle compared to squeeze tubes.

Color/ Formulation/consistency/finish:

This foundation is available in wide range of color! I got myself Beige2 just because the concealer I got is in Beige2 too. However, this is slightly lighter than the concealer.

When I first swatch the two side by side (see the pic below in coverage), I was like, “Omg, this is lighter. Maybe, this will look lighter on my face.” I was surprised that it blends on my skintone very well making it look brighter instead of whiter.

The consistency of this foundation, just like what i’ve said earlier, is liquidy. (Beware: do not squeeze the packging too much or else, you’ll waste alot of products. Sayang naman, mahal pa naman! LOL!) thus, it does not feel heavy on my face.

One  big problem I had before with my Revlon colorstay is it dries really fast. Since this is liquidy, I find it easier to work with. I can spread it with ease and blend it evenly.

Upon application, it gives me a luminious glow but dries into matte finish, although it is not drying on me. You can definitely wear this with or without setting a powder but I prefer it with powder to make it lasts longer.


It is buildable. One application will not give you full coverage, add more for more coverage. Although, do not add too much product because it has the tendency to look cakey especially if your skin is not well-moisturized. I advised to wear primer prior to application of this foundation.

I did a comparison of the coverage with my mary kay concealer (as shown above)

I drew a red line using a permanent red pen.

See how well the coverage of the concealer? Ofcourse, this has no match for the concealer. It is a concealer anyway, but considering that this is just a foundation, it does a great job in covering the red ink. I did apply two coat of the foundation though.

However, on my face, I rarely apply two coats of this. Just one layer is enough to cover atleast 70-80% of my pimple marks. I use concealer to cover the marks that my foundation can’t cover.

-easy to blend
-matte finish
-controls oil
-good staying power
-does not feel heavy on my face
-instantly brightens up my face
-wide range of colors
-coverage is buildable
-expensive (not new for Mary kay products)
- the packaging is not appropriate for the consistency
- will cake if I apply more than 2 layers

Would I recommend it? Definitely! I would repurchase it again if this run out
Price: Php 750 at Red Jhelli Shop

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