Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My most recent haul

No haul posts for 3 months?! Sorry! Although, I did get myself few stuff those months but wasn’t able to do a post because I am obviously busy! I bought alot of different skincare stuff (because my skin is getting worse!) and few makeup things. Plus, I also got myself a new cellphone! 
Darn it. Forgot to take a pic. This picture was taken from
Yipee! Although it is just a blackberry curve since I can’t afford to buy expensive cellphones. Maybe, someday?!

Anyway, I did a little shopping last Friday (last day of my 1st semester) and I decided to share it with you.

I went to Etude House mainly because some of my fans in facebook requested Etude House as additional prizes for my giveaway. As I was browsing around, I was like, “Omg, i don’t have enough money to buy 2 petite darling lipstick” since 1 will costs me Php 278. My actual budget for Etude House for that day is only Php 1,000 (kasi yuuungg cellphone eee, wala na kong pera wahaha!) but I spent more than my budget. I spent like php 1, 200+ (for EH alone) I guess so I wasn’t able to buy 2 lipsticks. Pls don’t kill me my readers, I will try to add something for package 5 promise! EH gave me a mask as a freebie for my purchase.

Then I went looking for Elf duo Blush and Bronzer but they’re not available anywhere. I dunno why. I even asked my sister to look for blush and bronzer on Greenbelt but it is out of stock too. Why oh why?

The two elf in the picture is a blush in peachy keen and an eyebrow kit. I already did a review on eyebrow kit, and it was actually my first ever blog post! Wow! For the blush, this reminds me alot of Ever Bilena in Brown. I will do a review on the blush soooon!

During that day also, I bought a back case for my cellphone kasi I'm the most careless person! (Kaya tuloy nanakawan LOL!)

Okay, I'm not a fan of ANGRY BIRDS! Honestly, I was not happy with this case. I was looking for a girl-y looking backcase and I saw something with Gold design at the store. I was about to buy that when my boyfriend stopped me from buying it. Then, he told me to buy this one instead. After a little talk, I decided to give in. Okay, ikaw na! Ikaw na panalo. LOL! When I came home, I was really disappointed and promised that I won't ever listened to him again. HAHAH! Just kidding! In fairness, the case wasn't bad at all, I just don't like the color. That's all. :) Btw, I got it in SM Manila at Cellboy for Php 350.00.

This next thing, I did  not purchased that day but I was just happy to share it with you because..... it is PURPLE! LOL! Purple is 2nd most favorite color *next to pink*

I purchased this bag from my classmate for Php 800. It is not an original Jansport bag but I swear, the color is very beautiful in reality! It wasn't a plain purple color. I don't know how to explain it but it is a purple with blue sheen to it. Very pretty. Plus, it's fun wearing the same bag with my College best buddies. Astig lang pag magkakasama kami ;p

What else do I need to share with you? I think that's all Watch out for my next reviews probably today or tomorror or the day after tomorrow ;p

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Kisses and huggsss!


  1. Wow, having identical bags with your buddies is so cool! :)

  2. how was your BB now? I'm planning to buy one though i have my iphone. i think it's more convenient when I'm tweeting :)

  3. @jonna: hi sis. so far ok nmn. medyo boring lang kasi madaming apps ang wala pero kung internet naman habol mo (like social ntwork) ,ayos parin ang BB


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo