Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tony Moly Dr. Tony AC Control Bubble Foaming Cleanser

You probably heard of Tony Moly, especially if you’re a Korean cosmetics and skincare addict! Just few weeks ago, I received my first ever membership card from Tony Moly and I must say, it is far better than the membership card from Etude House. I did bought few products from their store, I will do a separate blog posts for each products.

For now, I would like to do a review on Tony Moly Dr. Tony AC Control Bubble Foaming Cleanser! Woo, Title palang, pang description na! LOL! Anyway, this one I didn’t get from Tony Moly Boutiques, that’s why I didn’t received extra points for this.

 Tony moly says,
A cleansing bubble foam that removes makeup, as well as impurities of the pores

The packaging is really good as it comes in a pump so it will be easier to dispense the product.  I haven’t tried anything like this before(I mean, the bubble foam as cleanser) that is why I was really excited when I first tried it out. I’m a fan of facial washes with lots of foam and bubbles in it. Maybe because I think that facial washes that form bubbles are much better in removing makeup/ dirt. (That’s just me!) Although, in reality it does not really guarantee that more bubbles equals amazing cleansing power. 
Going back to the packaging, look how cool is the pump. Have you seen anything like this before? Well, maybe you do but I haven’t. I know this is no big deal but  sometimes it is nice to see what’s inside a pump. (Duh! Of course I know there’s a spring in it, just like click pens, LOL, but I just think transparent pump looks cooler than the typical white pumps!)

Moving on the thing I’m really bad at... describing the scent. *Sniff sniff*  Oh my goodness. I can’t describe the smell. I was about to write, it smells like bubbles then I realized, “Do bubbles have scent?” But really,it reminds me alot of bubbles. It reminds me back when I still do wash my clothes during my not-so-busy days. That smell! LOL! See, this is why I hate describing smell because I don’t know if you can totally relate to me.haha! Anyway, let’s just leave that smell and keep it as simple as this, the smell is more like oceanic smell (if does makes sense) and something not really overpowering. It doesn’t smell like old granny or alcohol  or powder. So, in short, if you’re sensitive with smell, I think you can tolerate the scent of this one.

Finally, the cleansing power! It is amazing!! I seriously think that it is a great facial cleanser. I normal hate products for face that are too expensive but this really works. It will clean your face without drying it! It can remove almost 95% of my FACE makeup, excluding mascara and eyeliner. I still use a separate eye makeup remover just so you know. 

-Comes in a pump! More convenient and hygienic
-A little goes a long way! 1-2 pumps is enough to wash my whole face with makeup
- Great cleansing power!

-Expensive(but hey, it’s a Korean brand, what do you expect. They’re always pricier compared to drugstore and local brands)

Price: Php 498.00
Would I recommend: If you are willing to spend that amount for facial wash, then, I recommend it. In fairness, atleast it is alot cheaper than TBS Natrulift Facial Wash. :)

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